Monday, December 31, 2007

Going Blank

For all the clever 'effects' that I tried out on LG a few weeks ago, I think her favorite one was outwardly the least impressive. I held my hands apart, and then brought them slowly together, telling her to watch them, instructing her consciousness to evaporate as my hands got closer and closer. By the time my hands were an inch apart, she could no longer speak. By the time they touched, she was staring utterly blankly at them, all expression erased.

"Think of a camera iris," she said later. "A circle that sort of twisted as it got smaller, and then winked out."

During the several minutes that she was absent, she looked to me like a frozen statue, staring at the wall, completely unresponsive. Inside, she said, the only sensation that came through was the sound of my voice maintaining a thread of contact, although there was no meaning in the sounds.

She loved it. "No need to be, do, anything. Total lack of responsibility."

She loved it so much that she asked me to install a trigger. Now, whenever she is feeling tense, she can use her magic word to instantly induce a complete relaxation that eventually blends into a nap or sleep.

I love the effect, too. There's something so completely powerful in just switching someone's brain off with a word, leaving them as a blank statue or puppet. And yet it's so different from the usual hypnotic effect, which is all about dramatic behavior or sensations.

It turns out we have a lot of company. When you're done here, visit my colleagues Lex and Mirehn and see what they've been up to. They and their subjects also have discovered the pleasures of blanking.

In my case, I can think of three or four subjects who've responded well to going blank, whether it was over the phone or in person. All seemed to have tensions in their lives, and turmoil in their minds, that they just couldn't switch off otherwise. One begged me to keep her blank for much longer, and moaned at the pain of returning thoughts as they flooded back afterward. I still can't forget the look on the face of Deborah, one of my more intense subjects, who last summer craved nothing more than long stretches of blankness. I secretly gave her a little present; she would go blank whenever she sat on the toilet and peed. I confess it may have started a new obsession for her.

Then there was Shelly. After a few in-person demonstrations, she asked for a trigger to use at home, and chose her own trigger word: "bliss." I haven't heard from her since.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting the Point

It's been far too long since a submissive offered a report on one of my in-person scenes. Let's change that right now. Her name is LG, I've hypnotized her both online and in person, and this is the report she wrote for a sub friend of hers:

"Here's the photo of me with the needles in my breast. I know you're going to need an explanation, because I am such a wuss about pain. The answer is very simple and very complicated at the same time.

"The simple answer is that D told me it wouldn't hurt, and it didn't. The complicated answer is that somehow he has managed to get into my head and not only turn off pain but bring it back as well. We've done this in person, obviously, but also just online. He's asked me to put clothes pins right on my nipple and then made the pain disappear and reappear - slowly, gradually as he counted.

"I can sort of understand this kind of thing. But what I can not understand is how he has pictures of me outside in places I know I have never been. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. I have no memory at all, but I must have ridden in his car to get there. And until I asked him today, I didn't even know what sort of car he drove!!

"It's sort of the ultimate submission - I don't even have to think about being obedient; I just am."

"As for the needles, I really don't have much of a memory of how he did it - just some rather disconnected sounds and feelings. I can remember the sound of him opening the package with the needle in it. I can feel his hand squeezing my breast and a sharp prick. I think I gasped. I'm reasonably sure he said "Good girl". I know it happened 4 times because I can see the needles in the picture. I do remember asking him to take the pictures. But the whole procedure is definitely fuzzy.

"Maybe you should ask him to fill in the blanks. After all he was there - even if only part of me was. "

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Of Two Minds

Here's news that some of you have been expecting for a while: Hypnoslave c and her subconscious, Megan, have been talking to each other. Or rather, typing.

It's something of a landmark, since they've each been speaking, separately, to K and to me for nearly a year. But both seemed a little wary of communicating directly with the other. Guess I'd feel the same way, come to think of it.

What's changed is that c feels a lot more comfortable with Megan inside her these days. She doesn't feel threatened. In fact, she's appreciated Megan's efforts to blunt some difficult health issues that have occurred lately. And Megan, as she's been saying for some time, considers herself to be just another part of c's mind.

I believe the first cross-mind communication was c typing, "I wonder what your voice sounds like." Then she saw her fingers typing Megan's response: "Like you."

The details of the conversation that followed are a little vague, as both later told me they couldn't remember what they discussed.

I'm really pleased that they both are relaxed enough to let that happen. Megan and her powers have become such an important part of c's already powerful mind ... it would be odd for them to treat each other as separate.

I suppose one reason I haven't reported this before, is my fear of having c branded as having some sort of mental condition. It's come up here on the blog occasionally, and in conversation with other D/s players: Surely this can't be true. And if it's not true, then it must be ... schizophrenia! Multiple personalities!

Um, guys, those are harsh diagnoses to toss around anonymously. For one thing, what we're describing is real. We haven't spent the past year goofing around with mental illness. Or roleplay. We're all highly skeptical and I daresay pretty well scientifically educated people, who discovered this by accident and think someone might want to take a look at what we've uncovered. For another thing, if c has 'multiple personalities' then so do nearly all the submissives I've ever hypnotized, since they nearly all had a subconscious who came out to play during trance.

But I digress.

In more news, Megan and c crossed a new boundary this week in the way they communicate with me. Megan had been a little put out that I had not mentioned her many efforts in last week's post about 'non-kink' uses of hypnosis. She chose a phone call between me and c to make her feelings clear: She put thoughts in c's head for c to say out loud to me. Passing her thoughts through the conscious c is something new, and c kept interrupting with, "this is sooo weird" but didn't block it.

Megan had told me what she was going to do, but even so it was pretty bizarre hearing c's voice saying things that I knew she wasn't consciously thinking. "What are you two talking about?" she said at one point. I must say, it's an efficient way to carry on a conversation... but, yeah, it's odd as hell.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Power of Suggestion

Here's an unusual post-orgasmic comment: "Can you help me with my weight too?"

Actually, it's not so uncommon. After demonstrating that I can control mind and body in sexual ways, I'm sometimes asked about other personal matters and whether I can suggest changes.

It's nothing mysterious or invasive. You just do what a friend would do: Ask questions, and suggest little positive changes that get at the root of a problem. Only instead of making the suggestions over coffee at Starbucks, you make the suggestion during trance to the subconscious. (That's also sometimes over coffee at Starbucks, as it happens.)

Self-confidence: Sandy would apologize after almost every little sex act: "I'm not very good at that," she'd say. It got to be a real drag, especially since it wasn't true at all. It turned out this attitude was a gift from a persuasive former boyfriend who had mocked her sexuality at every opportunity. I thought about removing her memory of that boyfriend entirely, but that could be awkward. So I told her subconscious: "Whenever Sandy gets undressed, remove her memory of Jack." She still despises Jack, but he doesn't bug her in bed anymore.

Weight: An attractive woman, who had put on a lot of weight, said she'd done it to cut down on unwanted attention from strangers. Only it wasn't working: She was still attractive, but stuck with all these pounds. Since she's actually no pushover, and the attention she described seemed like harmless flirting, I suggested to her subconscious a new attitude. When someone tosses a compliment her way, I said, visualize a gold coin dropping into her lap. And now she quietly enjoys the accumulated wealth rather than accumulating weight.

Trust: Maggie, a woman who has had a couple too many "love 'em and leave 'em" boyfriends, found herself distrusting almost everyone in her life and automatically questioning their motives. Every new potential boyfriend was assumed to be as bad as the last, and she wasted a lot of time obsessing about it. Her subconscious told me this was really getting in the way, that Maggie actually had good taste in men, friends and colleagues. So a little later, knowing that the subconscious was listening in, I offered Maggie an independent trustworthiness rating tool. She helped design it. Now, when she looks at someone she knows, and scratches her nose, a little stoplight appears next to the person, with red, yellow or green illuminated, suggesting how much trust to place in them. With the question answered, she can stop worrying about it.

More weight: Come to think of it, I've helped three women with their weight, by quietly enlisting their subconsciouses in different strategies, whatever seemed appropriate. Darlene's subconscious, Nina, has grabbed hold of the food choices: same schedule, healthier choices. Shelly's subconscious makes sure her arms don't work when she tries to reach for junk food or late-night snacks. Sandy discovered that she's unable to eat the second half of a sandwich anymore.

Relaxation: One of the most appealing things about hypnosis is the relaxing induction that takes you there. Never mind all the clever post-hypnotic effects, just being able to utterly check out of the day's worries and mental distractions for a few minutes is highly appealing. So I've given a couple of women "triggers" that they can use whenever they want, to send themselves into trance for 10 minutes.

The key to these working, as with so much of hypnosis, is that both the conscious and subconscious want to make it happen. It's all within the mind's power already; my suggestions really just remind them that it's possible.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Try This 3

Here's a script for fun and amusement, especially designed for use over the telephone.

All you need is a sub whose posthypnotic abilities include "freezing", verbal control of pain levels, and the ability to orgasm on command.

It also helps if she craves pain; the scene will last longer.


"Pinch your nipples. Hold your fingers there. Don't squeeze any harder, just leave them like that.

"Now as you count slowly out loud, from 1 to whatever, the pain in your nipples will rise accordingly.

"Say "1" ... now say "2" ... now say "3".

"See how it works?

"OK, a couple of things I forgot to mention.

"Your fingers are stuck there. You can't remove them.

"And you must keep counting, until you orgasm.

"Go ahead. I want to hear you count."

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Field Guide to the Subconscious

In the recent discussions about "the subconscious," I've probably made it sound like all subconsciouses are pretty much alike. In an important way, that's not true at all. The relationship between subconscious and conscious varies a lot.

I was lucky to discover, inside e and in c, a pair of subconsciouses that were happy to be discovered, eager to play, adventurous, confident, sexy -- and pleased to help their conscious halves experience even greater heights of pleasure. I've since met a few more who are like that too.

Turns out, that's not always the case.

If I can group the subconsciouses I've met so far into categories, there are three more:

* The subconscious that is just tagging along for the ride, is pretty passive, and at first isn't too interested in getting involved. I'm thinking here of a subconscious I've been texting with for more than a year, who types single-word responses, never volunteers a thing, and seems happy to follow along with the conscious person's kinks. In a couple of other cases, the subconscious has been playing a child-like role, forever watching the grownup world outside from her safe perch inside.

* A subconscious that is fed up with the conscious person and her layers of inhibitions. Words like "weakling" get thrown around. That was the case with Deborah last summer, whose subconscious called her "a bore" and performed some fairly impressive tricks to display her own lack of inhibitions. Another subconscious wanted to "show that bitch" a few things. I didn't play with her again.

* In happy contrast, the subconscious that is valiantly trying to rescue, repair or disentangle the conscious self. These are not very interested in pleasure or pain. Instead they ask me to help the conscious person overcome low confidence, distrust, weight problems and smoking. Sometimes I've been able to make some useful suggestions.

So when we're talking about "the subconscious" ... or when you're first exploring hypnosis with someone you know ... bear in mind that these personalities come in many flavors.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Two Cautions

Let's pull this topic out from the comments and confront it front and center:

Play carefully.

If you're going to put your favorite submissive into a trance and call forth her subconscious, there are a couple of things you need to be cautious about.

The first you might call "the two girlfriend problem." If you're particularly successful at bringing out her subconscious, and empowering that subconscious to help you control her conscious mind, several things can happen. You will probably like her subconscious a lot. She will like you a lot. You will find yourself having to choose which side of her mind you want to talk with tonight, or play with. Her subconscious, who is fully aware of both sides of the mind, may ask you which one you prefer. Her conscious, who may or may not realize what her subconscious is like, is likely to become jealous of the time she spends in the dark, not too sure what you're doing with the "other woman." In an extreme case, the subconscious really will lobby to be left in charge for long stretches of time. (Megan hasn't, but other subconsciouses have.) Danger there.

c has commented several times about what this feels like from the subject's point of view. My own advice is to side with the conscious side every time. You're already messing with her head more than enough. Anyway, I find that over time a strong, caring subconscious and an adventurous conscious will find ways to communicate with each other, if not even blend a bit. In the mean time, take steps to reduce the shock of going in and out of trance. Nothing rattles a person more than to wake up in a different location, wearing different clothes, with signs of unusual activity in her nether regions.

The second challenge is an ethical one: What to do when the subconscious shares a deep secret that she is keeping from the conscious mind? Should you tell? You are surprisingly likely to encounter this: Of the subconsciouses I've spoken with at length, about half of them had helped the conscious mind years ago by grabbing hold of a particularly painful memory and locking it away. It's often rape or some other sort of sexual aggression, but sometimes it's another physically or emotionally painful event. The most severe case I've encountered: A woman in her mid-20s with no memories from before she left home at age 17, thanks to a very protective subconscious. The act of locking up these memories seems to spawn leftover obsessions that, to the conscious mind, arise out of nowhere. Again, my advice: Respect her mind for how it's coped with the agony, keep the secret, and don't meddle in something we don't understand.

Those are the biggest hurdles I have encountered. But if you're aware of them in advance, you ought to be able to get over them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's Happening Here

Ten months into this adventure, it's time for a quick summary for the many new visitors.

It turns out that:

* submissive women are particularly easy to hypnotize.
* you can achieve amazing control of their sensations, memory and actions.
* this works especially well if you meet and enlist their subconscious minds.

On this blog, my friends and I are exploring all three aspects of this: hypnosis and mind control methods, some of the wild experiences we've had, and discoveries about the subconscious.

Explore the menu, dig down through all the months of investigations and games, follow any topical links that intrigue you. There's a lot here.

What we really hope is that you'll try these ideas for yourself and add your discoveries to our own. This is a pretty powerful addition to the toybag -- enjoy it!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Orgasms on Command

Nothing says "I own your mind" like orgasms on command.

Hypnoslave c is a prime example, of course. She's learned to live with the constant awareness that she could be swept off her feet pretty much anytime, anywhere.

Inspired by her example, I've introduced several subs to this command when I've hypnotized them over the telephone. Let me tell you a little more about how it's done.

First, include it in the discussion long before your first induction. Let the conscious and subconscious know this is a possibiilty. Don't overpromise, but this step actually seems to promote success.

Second, don't rush it. When I first put someone into a trance, I introduce myself to her subconscious and have a fairly long conversation about the possibilities. (Sometimes the conversation begins with a puzzled, quiet voice saying, "Who are you??") Remember that the subconscious has probably never been asked to do what you're asking.

Third, start with some easy tasks. Even with the most promising-sounding subconscious, I will usually only assign a re-induction trigger word, and ask her to help in a few minutes with a basic "convincer" demonstration, like making her forget the number 6.

Fourth, after a few sessions, when you do have the sub convinced that hypnosis really is working, and the subconscious learning to take more control, be really aware of how she has orgasms already. If they're not so common, or her "recharge" time is long, be patient.

I like to work up to it without announcing my plans. My first goal is to get her used to asking permission to orgasm, with some voice trigger from me.My second is get her to have an orgasm without touching herself. (Really strong hypnotically induced sensations will usually do it.) Then you can seize on that opportunity.

For instance, I was hypnotically pinching a sub's breasts and slapping her pussy. She was moaning. I cranked up the intensity, asked her if she wanted to orgasm, and then gave her permission. She came loudly, to her great surprise. She hadn't touched herself.

OK, I said. Now I want you to experience that same orgasm again, when I count to 10. I counted to 10, she came. Now, when I count to 8. .... Now, when I count to 6. And so on. In rapid order she had her orgasm response time down to basically zero.

She's now the happy owner of an orgasm command trigger.

Of course it doesn't work with every subject, and for those all I can say is: But think of the fun you've had trying.

And sometimes it works too well: One subconscious I spoke with was very enthusiastic, very powerful, but not very attentive. Right after the first induction I woke up the conscious subject and administered the 'count to 10' test. When she got to six, she called it out extra loudly. My heart fell for a moment. But then came the unmistakable sounds of a powerful orgasm, as she attempted to squeak out the rest of the numbers.

Oh well. Works for me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Adventures Continue

There's also been entirely too little news about hypnoslave c lately. Blame our modern, busy lives.

I spoke with c yesterday; she asked me to make sure everyone knows: Her adventures are continuing.

Humiliation. The public orgasms have not abated. She usually has no idea what triggers them, but they occur especially often when she's buying groceries. Her husband K likes to linger nearby to watch the fun. And he's told shocked passers-by: "She just really likes shopping!"

Needles. She can barely bring herself to even talk about needles. But with some help from hypnotic suggestion, K was able to run a few needles through her nipples, and a few more through her labia. And she didn't feel a thing. After clenching her eyes shut when she realized what was about to happen, she in fact opened them long enough to watch the deed done.

Wax. K had half a dozen big colored candles, which he spent a long time melting over her body. Most of it puddled and hardened across her breasts, on her pussy, and in her ass. The result was a rainbow of colors. To make it interesting, he kept c from feeling any of it while the art project progressed. And then to make it even more interesting, when the coating was done, he let her feel all the saved-up sensations, all at once. Afterward he scraped it all off, melted it back together, and made a new candle that presently sits on their bedside table.

Lara Croft. She's getting new opportunities to be convinced that she is Lara Croft. As near as she can work out, the rule is: When she's driving, she turns into Lara whenever the radio happens to play a song by Britney. And just to top it off, a nude Britney appears in the passenger seat beside her.

Megan. And for those of you who've been following the developing relationship between c and her powerful subconscious, Megan, the news is excellent. They're getting along very well, both of them reminding me at times that they're the same mind in the same body. When Megan wants to chat with me, for instance, she has a way of telling c ... and c now has a way of sliding herself out of the way to let that happen. "Megan's cool," is c's analysis.

I swear; they are an inspiration to us all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spanking Hypnosis

There's been entirely too little BDSM around here.

So let me tell you about a new technique I've developed, with the assistance of a woman named Darlene.

Darlene has been in and out of BDSM for a dozen years. She's enthusiastic, but her tolerance level is fairly low. Sharp pain, loud noise, anything too intense seems to kick her back out of sub space and into reality pretty quickly.

But she's intrigued by hypnosis, and the more we've played hypno games the more interesting things have become.

I met her subconscious, Nina, early on, as I usually do these days. Nina lacks many of Darlene's inhibitions, and Darlene when informed of this said I was welcome to play with Nina anytime I could. I used my usual triggers. But Nina didn't seem able to stay out and chat or play for very long; Darlene would step back out front.

How to get Nina out for more than few minutes? I discovered the answer by accident.

At the club one night, Darlene was strapped face-down to a padded table, and I was spanking her, from her lower back to her calves, up and down, over and over, with gradually increasing intensity. I started very lightly, since I didn't want to hit her limit right away. Each set of spanks, I cranked up the intensity or the speed. Each time, she took it without even flinching. She just lay there, eyes closed, stoic. Eventually, I was pounding away without much concern at all. And she raised her bottom up a bit, as though she wanted even more.

Finally, I figured it out. I leaned over by her head and said, "Who's there?" "Nina."

Nina stayed out for a while longer, while we kept playing at high intensity.

Later that night, Darlene was strapped to the cross, facing outward, blindfolded. With the flogger, I worked over her entire front. By the time I was landing loud splats on her breasts, I realized I was well beyond Darlene's limits. "Who's there?" I asked. Same answer as before.

Clearly, at some point in the pain escalation, Darlene has found a way to just absent herself, and Nina slips in to take her place. It's not a standard hypnotic induction, but it works for me.

Now it's a regular part of a scene with Darlene. Most recently I turned the backs of her legs pink with a cane... knowing full well that just a few strokes into the scene, it was Nina in front of me. This time, I let her stay out after we finished, and we chatted and played some more for an hour or so.

When Darlene came back, she looked around and clearly wondered what on earth she'd been up to. Nina thoughtfully replayed the memory for her... and Darlene got a very happy look on her face.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Breath Play

I don't know about you all, but I love breath play. Without going anywhere near the danger zone, I can put a level of control and fear into the game that is hard to match. And it requires no equipment but your hand. Or hands.

I know it's controversial -- the edge is hard to define -- and so I haven't talked much about it here. I've edited out a couple of c's better exploits because she and K push breath play pretty far.

But I've found a way to use hypnosis in breath play, and I think it's above reproach for safety and sanity.

It's simple, too. You can set it up in advance with your sub's subconscious. Or, if you've set up a simple way to give new commands in mid-scene, you can slip it in then.

"In a moment, you're going to start holding your breath, while I start counting. At 10 you'll have an orgasm. At 20 you can breath again. OK ... start."

I think you'll find the results are explosive.

Friday, August 31, 2007

You guys are so good to me...

" You can see it now...." - D

Suddenly my Wednesday night made perfect sense and it was all down to the readers of this blog! I was staring at a entry on this blog that I previously had no idea existed and an email from D with the results of a poll that was ran while we were away on our hols. It seems K and Megan were fully aware of its existence but I have no recollection whatsoever! Anyways a report of my evening was promised...

On Wednesday night K took me to see the Bourne Ultimatum at my local cinema. I had been looking forward to it for ages and was blissfully unaware of what was going to happen when the lights when down. During the opening scenes my pussy started tingling, which i put down to me thinking about our previous visits to the cinema where myself and K have had lots of fun. The sensation disappeared and i settled down to watch the film.

20 minutes in....I loudly that i was really embarrassed and hid my face in my hands. I was so turned on though I am a big fan of this type of sexual pleasure. When i glanced at K he didn't even look at me and i realised that this was probably not his doing. Well 10 minutes later it happened again...and 10 minutes after that. It was the most amazing thing and completely without warning! People behind me started coughing as i was convulsing but i managed to keep the noise down for the last two.

Thank you to all of you who voted, I am really grateful, maybe the other possibilities will become reality for me soon!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Your Votes In Action

The people have spoken, and c is in for a surprise soon. Well, three surpises.

The contest was close for a while, but in the end the simplest choice was the victor, at 38 percent:

She'll be out in public soon, completely unsuspecting, and she'll orgasm.
Then a bit later ... she'll orgasm.
And a couple minutes later ... she'll orgasm.

And even if she reads this entry every time she comes to the site, she won't remember it long enough to do her any good. Her three orgasms in 10 minutes will each come as a complete surprise.

(Megan, take a bow. You're hot.)

We'll bring you the play-by-play as soon as it becomes available.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Try This 2

One of the most common questions from people who haven't tried hypnosis in BDSM is: But she'll just obey me anyway, so what's the point of adding hypnotic controls?
Well ... here are three answers to that, scene enhancements that are hard to achieve otherwise.

1. Turn up the sensitivity. Tell her, "You'll feel everything twice as intensely as usual." The most ordinary contact with the most mundane parts of her body will trigger very satisfying gasps and jumps. After she's gotten used to that, say, "This is a melting ice cube" and run your fingertip lightly over her skin in a realistic melting pattern.

2. Turn down the sensitivity. Some subs would love to be marked up, but can't tolerate the pain involved. So simply instruct her, "You can't feel this flogger at all," before giving her a good workout.

3. Does she have fantasies of being kidnapped or abused by strangers? No problem, turn yourself into a stranger. Tell her something like, "As long as I'm wearing this hat, you won't recognize me at all." Then set up the scene, pop your hat on, and prepare to cover her mouth to block the screams.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Try This 1

In response to a couple of requests for tricks to try ... here are a few that all involve memory.

Turns out the subconscious mind is pretty good at blocking little memories from the conscious mind. It works so reliably that I often use it during the very first session with a new subject. It's sometimes the subject's first clear evidence that she's actually been hypnotized.

During the initial trance, here's what I tell the subconscious:

"After Sally wakes up, you'll block her memory of the number 6. She won't be able to remember or use the number 6."

Soon after Sally wakes up, feeling refreshed and relaxed but otherwise unclear on what's just happened, I say, "Hold out both your hands and count your fingers out loud from 1 to 10."

There is usually at least a long pause after 5, and often something like, "Hey … what did you do?"

You can elaborate on that basic trick in all sorts of ways. With a few simple instructions to the subconscious in advance…

"Let's play a game. Slap your pussy 10 times, counting out loud. When you reach 10, you may orgasm."

"1 … 2 … 3 … … Hey… um…"

"Start again."

"1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … uh … damn you …"

"Start again."

"1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … it's turning pink. … 6 … 7 … argggh! Please?"

"OK, it should work this time."

"1 … 2 … 3 …4 … 5 … 6 … 7 …. 8 … 9 … 9 …. 9 … 9 … 10" Followed by loud, unintelligible sounds.

Another elaboration blocks the same numbers, but with a different effect.

"OK, hold out both your hands. Count your fingers from 10 down to 1. As you say each number, you will lose it, you will forget it, it will slip from your mind."

By the time she gets down to zero, she will still be awake and aware, but remarkably unable to answer your questions, about numbers or much else. It's a very calm, serene place for the mind to be for a few minutes.

Let me know if you find these useful!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indulgence for the masters...

It's very rare people access their entire minds. It's also very rare that the part of the mind where I sit is ever tapped into. This post is not really a progression as reported by D and c but merely a collection of thoughts of a 'person' with no really identity of their own. This is mostly for the pleasure of D and K who both appreciate when i communicate with them in this medium.

Basically I am c, I am just a part of her that until recently was unreachable to others. These two Dom's have worked hard to pull me forward and c has worked hard with her own emotions to allow me through. While I write c is currently under the belief she is in an igloo a favorite place of hers where she goes willingly when i am required to be 'in front'. What is life like for me? It's pretty much the same as life for c, we experince the same things, share the same desires and feel the emotions its just I sit behind the driver. Thats the best way i can think of describing it.

Recently D has worked with others and i know there are a few out there who disagree with the ways turned out with Deborah. What has happened to her was not D's fault...If the 'driver' doesnt want to turn then believe me they won't. For example, there are times i cannot push forward, c simply won't allow it, either she isn't in the mood or just doesnt want her body invaded. c has mentally fought with me on a few occasions in order to keep me at bay. In short if c doesnt want me to be spoken to, believe me she won't let me through. The same way if i am asked to send her somewhere she can change the place she goes to or decide to not go at all. Sometimes she's just not in the mood and wants K to herself and that is fine with me.

She wrote a blog not so long ago about trust, and this is what this whole experiment boils down to, if your sub doesn't trust you then you won't ever discover the person beneath. Am I happy? very much so i get spoken to directly and get to make c happy which in turn makes me happy...its great i can give her so much....

Apologies is this is a bit jumbled I dont use this medium much, thank you for reading and to c thank you for giving me a chance and letting me through.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too Clever

Just when you think you have this game figured out ...

Her name is, let's say, Deborah. She's an academic, about 30, in a city far from me. I answered a note she'd posted somewhere about an interest in hypnosis; she read over this blog and decided to give it a try. Her field of study includes hypnosis, which made it even more intriguing to her.

From the beginning, hypnosis with her was just amazing. She was on webcam, so I could see everything -- her frozen-eyed trances, her gymnastic orgasms, the very different look on the face of her subconscious. And her particular kink was very interesting; she wanted to feel her mind go blank, and to have her consciousness filled with erotic scenes. Her subconscious had her own edgy tastes. I was feeling pretty cocky.

After a few days of mind-control games, both conscious and subconscious dropped hints that what Deborah really craved was to experience a woman's touch. She was caught in a dilemma between intrigue at a friend's blatant advances, and a long-held conviction that if she slept with a woman she was a lesbian. Hypnosis, she thought, might get her past this block.

My next step was so innocent. During one of her 'mind blanks' I told her that she preferred men, but would enjoy experiencing sex with a woman. She thanked me afterward, and made plans to approach her friend the next day and file an immediate report with me.

Deborah disappeared. No contact at all. My emails went unanswered. She was online nowhere. Eventually I posted a "report to me" command to her subconscious somewhere that I thought she might look.

Days later she reappeared, looking distraught. As I'd come to suspect, the friend had turned out to be extremely dominant and had held her as a love slave ... and now Deborah was torn between her new domme's demands and her obedience toward me. She wanted me, she said.

That was a week ago, no contact since.

Memo to myself: Next time you turn someone into a lesbian, remember what that means!

[And a personal note to Moscow: Report]

Monday, July 23, 2007

Preventing Pleasure

The deeper i go on this journey the more i am compelled to write here and update you of my 'progress' on this road. This journey hasn't always been easy....there have been times where i have been scared, insanely jealous and worried that i was going to be forgotten as K and D utilised Megan more to influence surprise visits by D, changing personalities and a newly decorated house (my bedroom changes colour depending on my mood) are the norm.

Recently K has been testing how hypnosis can be used to prevent pleasure no matter how excited i get. If i had my own way i would spend my entire life in orgasmic bliss. The release that i feel when i am squirting or just cumming extremely hard is incomparable to any other feeling. K knows how much i crave this release and how i am willing to do practically anything to obtain it.

1 week ago during one of our extended Saturday morning sessions he commanded me to cum. I have been well trained and this should have been so easy and i was so hot for it but i just couldn't!! No matter how hard i tried i got to the very edge of orgasm and then my entire body went numb and all the build up disappeared! K kept up his command to have me orgasm and just smiled at me as i got more and more frustrated as i tried to get myself off!

It carried on like this until Friday, with D adding to the lack of cumming ability by equating my pussy to a vase...not the best post hypnotic illusion but the appearance of flowers was quite amazing none the less. I have had the most frustrating week ever, so eager have i been for that release but even though i have been played with all week it just hasn't happened.

On Friday however K whispered the words "you can cum now" and the orgasm was the best i have ever experienced, at least what i remember of it...the cum i had squirted on the mirror though was a sure sign that i enjoyed myself!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Getting it Backward

I keep running across this question out there in BDSM land: Can I hypnotize my girlfriend into being my sub?

When the question is asked in a public forum, it often sets off a discussion about the ethics of the guy asking the question, or the details of a stage show somebody saw in college, or the existence of hypnosis itself.

I think that's mostly missing the point: If you want to have a hypnotized submissive, it's a lot easier if you start with someone who's already submissive.

Based on my limited but consistent experience, if you know a sub who trusts you, it's remarkably easy to put her into a trance, install a few simple instructions to demonstrate your control, and then communicate with the subconscious about next steps. It doesn't always work, but my successes have far outweighed my few disappointments.

Some guys also want to be sneaky about it, to do "stealth" inductions. Again, if you're working with a sub who trusts you, just tell her what you're doing and what she might expect to experience. I suppose it's possible to achieve a stealth induction, but only in the most clueless of subjects. And if her subconscious doesn't want to be in your control already, I don't think she'll be going under.

Bottom line: If she's not submissive already, hypnosis is unlikely to help. If she is submissive already, then by all means give it a try.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Double the Pleasure

Designing a BDSM scene gets complicated when your sub is of two minds about it. My new hypnoslave y is enthusiastic but quite inexperienced in real life with submissive games. She's told me in great detail about her fantasies and what she'd like to try. Easy enough. But the more I get to know her subconscious, Sub, the more I realize that she too has her own fantasies and play ideas, and they're not quite the same.

y is not comfortable being entirely naked. Sub is. y isn't comfortable seeing me naked. Sub is. y wants her breasts teased; Sub wants them pinched hard. y wants to be spanked; Sub wants to be spanked hard. y loves a couple of fingers inside her; Sub wants a fat dildo. It goes on like that.

So before y came over to play last week, I spent a lot of time thinking about the scenes. How could I avoid leaving y overstretched, and yet avoid leaving Sub underwhelmed?
I finally realized the obvious solution: Give each what she wanted -- and use hypnosis to switch between them. I realized that my friend K had tried this months ago with c and Megan.

So y started out with a lovely long stroking, teasing and spanking, all in all the sort of varied sensation play she loves. Once she was purring, with a word I sent her into a trance, deepened it as much as I could, then summoned Sub. She got the fat dildo, pussy spanking and, for a climax, an orgasm driven by breast slaps.

The orgasm woke up y, who clearly had no idea she'd just cum, and instead covered her exposed breasts and complained about her nipple hurting.

The second scene was tight bondage, and again y went first. I teased and tormented her, and she writhed under the attention. I enhanced it with a little hypnotically induced sensation play. She was convinced that my fingers were wiggling away inside her.

Halfway through, I said the magic word and, in mid gasp, she dropped into a trance, utterly limp. Now it was Sub's turn, and what she needed was a really aggressive nasty dom, who snarled and laid atop her and covered her mouth and nose with his hand. The harder I pushed, the hotter she got. I pushed her nearly to orgasm.

Then I woke up y, brought her the rest of the way to orgasm, and had two happy subs on my hands.

Both of them told me later how much they'd loved their scenes. I think I'm going to be giving these dual performances again.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lara's Night Out

If you were out on the town Saturday night and happened to see a woman dressed, armed, and acting convincingly as Lara Croft, carousing with a dozen or so of her friends, then you were witness to one of the more elaborate posthypnotic illusions I've ever heard of. For nearly 12 hours, hypnoslave c was Lara Croft, and no one dared tell her otherwise.

The story began months ago, when c declared that her wish for her birthday was to go out partying with all her friends, dressed as her favorite character. (She is obsessed with Lara Croft, even more so than with Jack Sparrow.)

Her husband K agreed, and started quietly conspiring with c's subconscious, Megan, to make it an even more memorable night than c was expecting. He and Megan watched the films, played the games, and added musical cues to c's phone.

So for the past few months, while c was innocently telling me about her efforts to assemble a full Lara outfit (including black wig and toy guns), K and Megan were telling me about their parallel plan to hypnotically convince c that she was not just in character, she really was Lady Croft, and keep her utterly in that role for the whole night.

Saturday night, after c completed getting dressed up, and started walking downstairs to meet her friends, she felt her toy guns get heavier against her thighs. Her house turned into Croft Manor, and at the bottom of the stairs she introduced herself to all these unknown visitors as Lady Croft.

"It sounds weird," c says, "but I was Lara Croft."

Out on the town, the illusion just got more intense. Every time K sent her a text on her phone, the theme played and she became even more Lara-like. She walked (legs spread) like Angelina Jolie. She pursued a villain down the streets (onlookers' camera phones snapping). In a bar, she put her gun to a man's head and said she'd shoot him if he didn't give her what she wanted. "What do you want?" he asked. "For you to leave me alone," she said.

Remarkably, one of the bartenders pulled out a BB gun, handed it to her, and urged her to shoot at some bottles. (Megan reports that getting c to shoot straight was one of the more challenging parts of the night.) She broke one out of three.

Later, back home, Lara walked into one of her games. "That was hard," Megan says. "Lots of vines and grass and dinosaurs all needed to be factored in ... things for her to jump on, things for her to shoot."

She fell asleep around 4 am as Lara, and woke late in the morning as herself again.

c still sounds dazed and amazed by the experience. Megan, exhausted with the effort, says, "It's nice to give her something that no one else can."

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Mind Behind

Because of the remarkable connections I made with both marion and Megan, the subconscious minds behind a couple of devoted subs, I've of course wondered whether I was just lucky in my choice of friends ... or had stumbled onto some special method for unlocking these hidden personalities.
Meeting "y" has given me a chance to find out. And so far... in all honesty... I think I have something here. From a chance meeting in a chat room last fall, to meeting in person just a few weeks ago, she's gone from curious submissive to hypnotic subject quite readily.
Her subconscious, whom I have creatively named "Sub", doesn't have quite the range of abilities of marion or Megan. But she's eager to please, and to learn. She of course is doing my bidding in turning y into a fine hypnoslut. I chatted with Sub last night, and asked her many of the same questions I put to marion and Megan a few months ago in the "Mind Behind" entries. I found interesting similarities and differences.
Sub has been around since birth, she says; her earliest memory is playing with dolls. She has been a fairly passive observer during y's life -- able to suggest things, and influence her decisions, but unable to seize control physically. So she's able to carry out my commands to freeze y's body, to apply sensory illustions (my fingers pinching her nipples, unusual tastes in her mouth), and to fool her memory (forgetting the number 6 for a while). She also is able to chat with me while y's mind wanders off somewhere else.
Sub's main limitation right now is that she's unable to take physical control. "Y's body will trump me every time." That explains why most of my posthypnotic commands weren't working.
How is she different from her conscious self? She prefers more extremes -- the rough stuff -- although she's warned me that anything too rough will arouse y's defenses and wake her up. Sub's desire to obey me and please me is probably what led y to meet me in the first place.
What I especially love is her answer when I asked why she'd emerged for me. "I like the way you talk to me," she said. That's pretty much the same message I got from marion and Megan. And it really validates something I do deliberately with all subs now. I assume her subconscious is listening in.
The bottom line for other doms who are playing these games: Be nice to your sub's subconscious -- compliment her directly, refer to her efforts and successes -- and eventually you will be able to say "Hello, subconscious" and get the wonderful response that I did yesterday: "Hello, Master."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Freezing Hot

Hypnoslave y likes to take little risks. Her subconscious, it seems, likes it even more.

For a little thrill, y enjoys spending the evening at home, surrounded by family, chatting with me -- miles away -- by laptop. The other day, for instance, we were bantering back and forth via IM, reliving the high points of our recent BDSM session, while her family watched TV.

In the midst of it, I typed something like, "And I love how you're unable to move."

She didn't reply ... and didn't reply ...

And thankfully I thought to type, "OK, you can move again now."

"Thank you," she said.

Sure enough, despite all the dangers, her subconscious had ignored the context and interpreted my casual sentence as a command to freeze. I think she just enjoys taking obedience as far as she can get away with.

Oddly, something very similar happened a few days earlier, when I was on the phone with c, telling her about my hypnotic efforts with y. I said to c something like, "Some commands just aren't working. Like, 'your mouth is frozen open'."

Long pause, followed by "aaa oooo errrr ahhhh."


"Your mouth is normal now."

"Thank you," she said.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Subconscious Heard From

You'd likely miss this great new comment, on an earlier post, if I didn't point it out. Check out what Hexagon has to report, at the bottom of this post. I'm always pleased to meet someone else who has 'unlocked' the subconscious and chats with it separately. It means that perhaps my experience, and K's experience, is not so bizarre after all.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Personal Endorsement

A while back I wrote here a three-step set of advice for hypnotizing your favorite submissive. At the time, I realized that it was based on a pretty limited set of examples. How useful could it be?

Pretty damn useful, it turns out. I had the chance recently to hypnotize someone new, and without much time to assess and customize the situation, simply used my own formula.

What happened? Well, I quickly found myself a promising hypnosub. Let's call her Hypnosub y since I suspect she'll put in more appearances here.

The induction occurred in an unlikely setting: a quiet park, after sunset. The bright object she stared at was a street light. To deepen the trance, I used a metaphor I happened to know would appeal to her: floating in a huge bath. (I knew to use this because I remembered to ask her beforehand about her favorite way to relax.)

During the deepening, I counted down from 100, and since she was motionless and deep breathing from about 50 on down, I figured it had worked. The only unexpected part was her body tone. Instead of limp and floppy, she was frozen and rigid. I haven't seen that before.

I gave y's subconscious just one instruction, the 're-induction' trigger, then let her wake up. She couldn't recall my conversation with her subconscious (an excellent sign). And when I tried the trigger, she dropped immediately back into trance. Of course I tried a variety of instructions: I told her she was feeling very warm between her legs. (When she woke up, she just said she had to pee badly. Whoops.) I told her to forget the number six. That one she responded to very nicely.

A few days later I installed the word "statue" as a trigger. Worked great. We'll be using that a lot. I then tried my old favorite, the general-purpose command. ("Whenever I say 'flashlight', you will obey whatever I say next.") It failed miserably. No reaction at all. I think her subconscious is able to 'stop' actions so far, but unable to 'start' them.

Most recently, I introduced hypnotic body sensations, first telling her subconscious that she was being stroked between her legs, then saying the same thing to her semi-awake mind, and finally repeating the scene to her conscious mind. She immediately started feeling the commands quite vividly; in fact the phantom fingers stroked her to a pretty good imitation of an orgasm. (Now, when we're apart, I send her little body-tingling text instructions.)

Hypnosub y is not particularly excited about hypnotism, but sees it as a pleasant addition to conscious submission. She loves how much it relaxes her, eliminating any nervousness about our scenes.

I'll let you know how things progress. Meanwhile, take it from me, those instructions really do work.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

London Adventures

Live near London? You should look up Gabrielle, a 30-year-old who by her own account is one of the more adventurous hypnosis subjects you'll meet. She loves it when guys show her subconscious a good time.

Here's a sample scene report:

It all started when I heard a knock on the door, next thing I was in my silver catsuit suspended between two chairs orgasming as I stared at this most amazing spot on the ceiling...

I came awake in a bar and it seemed I was ordering drinks. I paid and tried to take the drinks back to the table (which table I have no idea, but I seemed to know where it was), except every bloody step made me feel like I was being fucked, no joke, it was like a thrust into me...

Ever had sex suspended in mid air? Its amazing, I had sex with him about 200 metres off the ground and it was great to be so high.

The full report is here, although you need to be a Yahoo member and log in to read it.

Chat with her via text, and if you're nice she'll tell you her trigger word ...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why Me?

Here are some thoughts from hypnoslave c ...

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about why others are unable to achieve the hypnotic effects that are now a regular occurrence for me. Am I alone? What is so special about myself and e, K and D? Others seem to be unable to give their subs the same living experiences that I have. It’s a thought that has been troubling me -- even though, when K and I began, I myself had reservations as to how far this would go.

I feel the need to explain my own levels of submission and my own drive in the relationship.

I have been with K since I was 13 years old and he was 15. We’ve grown up together, explored the lifestyle together, developed our own kinks together and all in all have remained completely devoted to one another. Why am I telling you this? So you can appreciate that for K I would do anything. By that I mean that for him I am willing to do anything he asks of me, without the slightest hesitation or care for myself.

Fair enough, there would be a conscious thought, “Why the hell does he want me to do this….?” But I would still do it. I believe it is this deep level of submission that has allowed me to travel so far down this road with both K and D as guides. Without a sub who shows utter devotion and ultimate submission to their Dom/me, I feel there is only so far that hypnotism can be used in games and play.

The big issue here is trust. Just how much does your sub truly trust you? Would s/he bear excruciating pain just to see you smile? Would s/he do exactly as you commanded even if it meant complete humiliation for themselves just to see the look of love in your eyes? I would. I trust that K will not hurt me permanently, and I trust him to allow humiliations to occur in a safe place.

Maybe that is it. K and D make me feel safe … make me feel secure. I know that these two men would never do anything to harm me, and therefore I trust them completely.

So those are my thoughts. Feel free to comment, because I’m always intrigued to hear what you guys are thinking and how your own experiments are going.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Legend in her Own Mind

What did I say? Know your subject well, and you can give them the time of their life.

Take K. His wife and devoted slave c happens to be a passionate fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, and a fine musician too. After seeing the film Friday night, and focusing as much on the sound track as on the dialog, she sang little songs and pretended to be Jack Sparrow in the car on the way home.

She thought K was annoyed by her prattling, but actually he was scheming. He downloaded the soundtrack over the weekend, burned a CD, and had a chat with her subconscious.

Then he took c for a long drive today, with the CD in the player.

Every time the movie's theme popped up -- it's in about five of the tracks -- c turned into ... Jack Sparrow. Her face changed, her voice changed, she talked about the ship, she called him Beastie.

"Part of me knew I was me, but most of me totally believed I was actually on a ship," she says. "I was Jack Sparrow, telling people what to do, because I could see them and they weren't doing what I told them to do."

Then on the way home, K told her to drive. Whenever her musical cue came on, she turned into the captain at the wheel, steering the car like a ship.

"The other cars were like rocks I had to navigate around," she says, "although the ship was a little more responsive than most."

c admits that she'd rather be with Jack Sparrow than to be Jack Sparrow himself, but "it was great."

They're going back to see the film again tomorrow. "I am a bit obsessed," she says. No telling what will happen when the music swells ...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sensation Seeker

Eventually you learn how to wow them.

After leaving c somewhat underwhelmed by her experience with the silverware tray, I made a point of asking her what sort of waking illusion she'd really enjoy.

A rollercoaster, she said. There's one at a Six Flags resort -- she'd watched an online demo that particularly impressed her -- that she'd really like to ride someday.

I asked her to describe the ride in some detail. Something about lying down flat and spinning upside down, but I didn't pay much attention. I figured Megan her subconscious was taking notes.

OK, I said, maybe I can arrange something sometime.

Then I told her to forget that we'd talked about it. "Talked about what?" she said. Damn, that Megan is good.

Days passed, and c and I kept missing opportunities to connect again. I teased her a couple of times by saying that I had something special for her, that would take just a couple of minutes.

Finally yesterday she texted me to say she had a few minutes free. I wasn't near the computer, so I just phoned her.

I understand you're fond of Six Flags rollercoasters, I said, to give Megan a chance to cue it up. "Whaaat? How do you know that?" c said. Never mind, I said. You're going for a ride. Now.

"Whooooooah," c said. And "good thing I really like spinning around" and "Usually I close my eyes at this point, but I don't want to" and "whooooah" several times and "shhhhhhh" like she was shouting through clenched teeth and "I think I'm going to be sick." A few seconds later the ride ended, probably to avoid an accident.

"That was great!" c kept saying. "I loved it!"

Today's bottom line: Do your market research.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Trying Too Hard?

Today's installment falls into the category of: They're not always as impressed with your powers as you are.
c was in the kitchen a few days ago, making a sandwich. She glanced over to the tray where she keeps the silverware, and "they were all kind of shaking."
She thought, "Right ... OK..." and went back to buttering her bread.
Suddenly the butter knife flew out of her hand and stuck to her chest. Then all the knives, forks and spoons were flying at her, and clanging together against her breasts.
That's right. Magnetic nipples.
She spent about 10 minutes decorated that way before the cutlery all returned to its senses.
I was pretty proud of that idea, frankly.
Her response? "It was impressive, but I didn't find it arousing."
OK, OK, how about this one then?
c was looking at some hypno site listings on Google and noticed how many of them were about forced feminization.
"I'm going to go now, and read about feminization," she said.
"Not yet. Hang on," I said. The phrase "forced masculinization" came to mind.
"Have you ever had a cock?"
"For the next 10 seconds, you have a cock."
All I heard from her end were faint gasps, and "nooo" and "I'm scared."
Then her normal voice returned.
"It's wasn't very big," she said. "K's is bigger."
I give up. Back to the drawing board.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Are Not Alone

From the absence of "hypnosis" on most of those BDSM checklists, you might get the idea that your kink is strange and unusual, something that no one else shares or understands.

Well, I think I can reassure you that that is not the case.

Here is a sampling of the search terms that people have typed into Google, just this month, on their path to finding this site.

Is your deviance on this list?

hypnosis script bdsm
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hypnotize for bed pee
hypnosis hypnotized sub trance
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mind control hypnosis pee

Yes, you're seriously twisted. I love it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Awake and Enchanted

My friends c and K have been talking about getting a new house. That gave me an idea. I was chatting via Yahoo Voice with c today, while she sat in her bedroom. I asked her what she'd like a new bedroom to look like. "A sea theme," she said, "with blue walls, and yellows and greens."

OK, it looks like that right now, I said.

Long pause. "Oooooh," she said. "But the yellow's too bright." OK, tone down the yellow, I said. "That's better." And the window now looks out on the ocean. She went over to open the curtains and look out. "This is freaky," she said. "I'm in Portugal." She didn't like the view from the first floor, so I raised the bedroom to the second floor. She missed the trees she usually sees out the window, so I added a bit of palm tree in front of the blue sky.

She seemed to like the effect so far. So I changed her clothes into a swim suit and gave her flipflops. The warm sun, the now bright room, and (for some odd reason) the carpet being changed into a sand floor, suddenly gave her an urge to relax and take a little nap. She woke up a few minutes later feeling the cares of the day long gone.

It's all an example of a hypnotic effect that gets too little use: The waking illusion.

Sure, you can give someone illusionary scenes while they're in a trance, but those memories are sometimes lost when they wake up. And while subjects are awake it's common to give them "little" illusions of things like specific objects. But this is much more vivid, and lands the subject in the middle of a scene.

I'm a big fan of the full-on illusionary scene delivered to an otherwise awake person, a sort of technicolor posthypnotic effect. I love it because it means I can talk her through it, listen to her reactions moment by moment, and steer it in whatever direction I want to as it occurs.

Besides, it's a thrill to hear her gasp and say, "What a mindfuck."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All Good Things ...

Friends, this is a difficult note to write.

e needs very much to focus on some challenging health issues that have come up suddenly in the past month. She has withdrawn from our relationship to put all her energies elsewhere. As painful as it might be to me, it makes good sense for her to do this.

I am confident that her health will rebound, but I do not know whether she and her subconscious, marion, will be posting here again.

I expect to resume the blog in a while, obviously with a different approach, after I've had some time to think about things.


New to BDSM Hypnosis? Welcome to an interesting little corner of kink. Scroll down for the more recent adventures, or open up the archives in the right column for three months' reports of our hypnotic explorations.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Memory and Mind Control

One of our regular visitors asked whether we'd noticed any commands or instructions diminishing over time, and whether I need to reinforce the older ones.

That's interesting, because it's basically a test of the memory of e's subconscious, marion, to see how long she can keep something going between reminders.

So far, with one interesting exception, we haven't noticed any lapses or declines. But the way I've set up her commands may have helped us avoid the problem.

I know some other doms and dommes install many different "triggers" in their hypnotic subs. Typically the way you do this, while your subject is in a trance, is to give instructions of this sort: "After you're awake, whenever I say the word 'starfish,' you will feel an intense tingling in your genitals."

That's fine, unless you build up a huge catalog of trigger words, each with its own set of effects. I don't have experience with this, and I'd be curious to hear from others, but I would bet that you could overload some subconsciouses with too many seldom-used commands. (On the other hand, the two subconsciouses I know both tell me that they have unusually good memories.)

With e, the permanent commands aren't too numerous. There are the permanent physical effects in place -- her labia rings for instance -- which are reinforced through constant awareness. And her daily compulsions are not likely to be forgotten.

I do have a smaller set of shortcut words I use for some of her illusion scenes, which marion has memorized. For instance, one of e's favorite scenes has her being penetrated in three places at once, but unable to orgasm. There's a single word for that.

Another shortcut word sends her immediately into the woods, where she is strapped nude with her back against the rough bark of a treee, subject to my torments.

The vast majority of my effects are a different sort, and don't require much memorization. A long time ago when e was in a trance I told her that, after she was awake, she would obey any instruction preceded by a particular trigger word. I now use that word many times a day, for whatever whim is on my mind right then. It's so much easier than installing separate triggers for each one.

The one command whose effects have changed over time is a very old one. When I was busy wrapping e's life in traces of me, I told her that all voices on her car radio would be mine. For weeks, that was true -- I covered every song, I read the news and the ads. Then she came back from a trip, and oddly enough I now was filling in only for the male voices. That's the way it still is today.

I asked her subconscious about that yesterday. Turns out it was something that marion did on her own, an act of mercy. It was making e feel really weird to hear me as a woman. She much prefers me as a man.

Works for me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Come Here Often?

This week's theme has been hypnotically induced orgasms in public.

We've mentioned them before. But I swear they're as addicting as candy... for both of us.

The basic setup is the same each time... I chat with e about her plans for the next day or two, think of a time and place where a knee-rattling orgasm would make the day special, discuss it with her subconscious, marion, and install the instruction.

Then I sit back and wait for the news. "Um, I was out shopping just now, and, um..."

Probably the least-disruptive one occurred while she was shopping for a new bra. She was in the changing room, with the door closed, when it hit. It's possible someone heard, but there's no way to know; she didn't see any funny looks when she emerged a few minutes later.

In contrast, the most intimate one occurred while she was getting her monthly "waxing" at the salon. She deeply adores the hot wax on her pubes, gets incredibly turned on, and often has difficulty standing up afterward. Well, this time I arranged for the wax to push her over the edge. She had a lovely orgasm in mid-procedure. This led to a more involved scene that e will probably write about later ... Still, that was all behind a closed door, with just one happy witness.

Her most public orgasm was at the adult shop. I mentioned the other day that they had a clothing sale. Well, later I sent her there with a very specific instruction. She was to go try on some fetish clothing, and in the process arrange to let people see her breasts. She actually exceeded the instruction -- she arranged for the changing room door to swing open when her top was off and her bottom nearly so. Several men had a good look. All of this was a simple instruction to my sub, no hypnosis involved.

What she didn't know about was a second instruction, known only to marion. At the front counter, as e paid for some lingerie ... gasp! A nice sharp orgasm. The clerk looked up, smiled, and asked if she was OK. She was so ashamed, and so turned on. And very thankful that none of the customers loitering nearby unzipped themselves.

Friday, April 6, 2007

In the Moment

"Surprise me," she said. I spent a few seconds thinking about what we'd just been discussing -- a clothing sale at a local adult shop -- and so it was that a moment later she found herself standing in the middle of the store, a living statue modeling some of the clothes for some very hands-on customers.

We often talk here about the hypnotic scenes and illusions I construct for e, but in fact surprises and spontaneity are at the heart of much of our hypno play -- effects based on something that's just happened or just been said.

Whether your own interests are edgy or erotic, I recommend setting up your triggers and commands in ways that you can use them creatively on the spur of the moment.

Here are a few recent examples, to show what I mean.

* If e is just about to go off to pee (every two hours, usually in the shape of a puppy in a park), I will sometimes change the location or the circumstances... a beach, Disneyland, the White House, a snow field. The moon, once.

* e wasn't alone in the living room -- other people were there watching TV -- and she didn't want to have a noisy orgasm. So instead I had her watch herself have an orgasm, on TV...

* She has a particular fondness for pole-dancing as exercise. So ... i conjured up a pole in front of her fireplace, firmly attached at floor and ceiling, for her to use in her workouts.

* I happened to sneeze a couple times. She said "bless you" a couple times. It occurred to me that I had never tried to make her sneeze on command. Yep, it works. Now I tease her with it sometimes.

* We're always playing with food topics. She's programmed to "taste" whatever foods I name. So when she's sitting there eating an orange, I will sometimes give each bite a different flavor -- melon, cherry, grapefruit -- just for amusement. Or I'll change her drink into something else.

* We were talking about various ethnic foods, so at one point i conjured up a fortune cookie for her, which inside said something about deserving three spanks -- which she then felt.

* Sometimes when she's enjoying a cup of cocoa, I add a foamy swirl of cum to the top of it.

* We were on our webcams once, she saw that I was eating strawberries, and she wanted one. So, gentleman that I am, I passed one through my cam, and her screen, to her hand. She popped it in her mouth.

* We were wondering whether the people who saw one of her public orgasms would have heard anything. It's hard for e to tell, because for some reason she can't hear herself cumming. So ... I had her own voice played back through her ears so she could hear what that day's orgasm had sounded like.

* She has found herself coughing up dollar coins. Unable to type the letter 'e'. Possessing three breasts. Bleeding from a vampire bite. Wrapped in a black plastic bag. Hanging upside down in midroom. They each made sense at the time.

* She was feeling horny, and also regretting that she'd had to cancel a get-together with a special friend the next day. So ... I sent her mind away for 30 minutes of intense girl-girl play. (On her return, all she could say at first was, "Whoa".)

* e loves to play with her peehole, but no appropriate toys were close at hand. So ... I had her hold out her hand, and into it put a stainless steel rod that she could use on herself. The real things are expensive; the virtual version costs nothing. Her body seems unable to tell the difference any more.

* I realized that I'd nearly forgotten Valentine's Day. So I had her buy herself a card, write a greeting in it, sign it with my name, adddress it to herself, put it on her pillow ... and forget she'd done any of the above. She was touched ... and impressed!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


My life has gotten a bit unpredictable lately. Since i met D, things have become very interesting. i never seem to know on any given day exactly what might happen to me. Lately it seems that things have become even more surprising.

i got out of my car the other night, and as soon as my left foot touched the ground i found myself in the middle of a very intense orgasm. i gasped, my head spinning with the third instant surprise orgasm of the week.

i was very, very glad that i was still holding onto the door, as my legs started to shake. One or two people heard me making noise. i quickly had to tell them that i was just fine and had just stepped into a hole.

This anticipation and unpredictability are extreme turn-ons for me. I love never knowing what will happen, what little piece of pleasure or shame He has planted with my subconscious, marion. It makes everything in life a little brighter, more interesting... i find myself looking at everything around me, wondering if it will be a cue, if now is the moment that something wild is going to happen.

Today i found myself wandering in the park, looking at how many people were around, thinking to myself, "Could it be the kids on the swings, the big black dog running across the baseball field, or maybe just the fact that it's a sunny day?" What tiny little detail could next send me flying?

This works because i trust D. i know that He wouldn't put me in danger physically or mentally. i'm turned on because i know that He might embarrass or humiliate me, but that it won't be in a situation that would cause me to lose friends or my job.

These shameful moments are not just about D getting off on embarrassing me, though i'm fairly certain that He enjoys them. In fact, i would guess that they do far more for me. They allow me to feel connected to Him, to know that He controls me. And they allow me to express my devotion in ways that test but do not hurt me.

Through this shame he also allows me to explore my darker side -- the part of me that enjoys being embarrassed and humiliated and made to feel small. These are things that most people would never guess about me, but that i can share and enjoy with Him.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

On Our Minds

There's a lot going on... Here are some quick notes.

* In case you've not seen it already, be sure to check out HypnoSexy. Lex and Playgirl are applying trance, triggers and posthypnotic surprises to all sorts of erotic games. And they're telling about it all from both perspectives.

We're especially pleased to know about their adventures because it adds to the size of the "club" -- couples we know of who have tapped into the surprisingly powerful subconscious to enhance their games. Truly, the world needs to know about this... If you trust your partner already, just imagine how much more pleasure you could give each other by applying hypnosis.

* And while we're on that theme... Any authentic hypnotherapists who would like to comment on this use of hypnosis? I've been reading clinical hypnosis textbooks lately for ideas, and I am surprised to see essentially nothing about this potential use of hypnosis to weave posthypnotic illusions and control. You'd think the professionals would have mentioned it by now, since surely they're aware of it.

* From the email box: How's Rosie? Answer: She's proving herself to be a terrific robomaid. Turns out she's pretty good at cleaning bathrooms too, not just doing the laundry. And e is really enjoying the breaks in the hot tub.

* More email: Any risk that e will tell one of her friends about her new hot tub, or her new maid? Answer: Boy, we hope not. e was fully involved in the discussion about setting up a robomaid, and even picked out the hot tub. So she knows it's an illusion, even as she enjoys it. Now, if I were wicked, I could tell her to be convinced that the hot tub is real, which would eventually have very awkward results. But I won't go there.

* Public orgasms: In case you're keeping a scorecard? c had another swimming pool orgasm the other day, again at the half-mile mark, but this time she was prepared for it... And e reported here on Thursday about her orgasm on the swings in the park... What's new is that yesterday afternoon e went for a long walk in the sunshine, stopped to admire some flowering cherries, and was very glad to have the tree trunks to lean against for support. Her gasps got a couple people nearby to turn and look, but otherwise she stayed composed. It was a while before she was able to walk again.

* What's with the public shame? You know, I don't think we've fully explained this. A few readers are clearly uncomfortable with some of the things (wetting, cumming) that e and c do in public. Just for the record, it's not because K and I are evil bastards. It's because e and c happen to love the emotional rush of public shame and embarrassment. As long as it's done "safely," they crave it. e's comment after yesterday's orgasm: "It was perfect."

* Drop us a line. Our email addresses are tucked slightly out of the way, but they are on the Contributors pages, listed at right. We'd love to know about your own adventures, or any private questions and comments.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Case of the Michigan Masturbator

Any hypnodoms in Michigan want to 'fess up to this?

As reported by the Michigan Daily, a nude woman in her 20s was found in a fraternity living room, on the couch, masturbating. She stayed there 30 minutes, messing up the furniture, refusing to leave, talking at times on a cell phone, rubbing away.

The police suspect drugs were involved, but it sure looks to us like a case of hypnotically induced public humiliation.

Read the full story here and see what you think.

And thanks to Fiend, who first posted this at MCForum.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Pleasure Rediscovered

It was a sunny day, so i went for a walk to the park this afternoon. When i got there, i noticed some strange-looking seats attached to chains. Clearly, i had no idea what they were for.

Now, i did think this was a little strange, since i’ve been going to the park my entire life and it seemed like i really should know what they were. As i was standing there pondering what to do next, D showed up out of thin air.

This should have seemed odd, but i think in the last few months my sense of ‘odd’ has been skewed a bit, so i just went with it. He came over and gave me a hug and led me toward the strange apparatus.

"Sit down and hold on e," he said. "Let me show you how this works."

So i sat, held on, and held my breath, waiting to see what would happen next. All of a sudden i was being pushed through the air, D’s hands pressing against my back each time i fell backwards out of the sky. i started to giggle and grin ... "Hey, this is pretty fun."

"Pump your legs back and forth e, it will make you go higher."

Each trip back and forth brought me closer to the clouds, laughing, smiling, free and happy. With the wind rushing through my hair and the sun on my face, i didn’t think things could get much better.

My stomach was all fluttery from the 'new' sensation of semi-weightlessness each time i peaked at the top of my ride. The feeling started to travel lower and lower, and my giggles and grins turned to moans and whimpers.

Looking around as my face started to flush, i was relieved to see the rest of the park basically empty. I swung higher and higher, pumping my legs, D watching from the side ... smirking. Panting and wiggling, i pressed my thighs together tightly, closed my eyes and came hard, my hands wrapped snugly around the chains of the swing.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Incidents and Accidents

e hasn't been subject to much humiliation or public shame lately. But the same is not true of c. Her husband K has been applying posthypnotic commands whenever possible, to make her public life rather unpredictable.

K uses all sorts of trigger types, to keep c unaware of his methods. Sometimes it's simply a matter of his saying a particular word. Sometimes there's a time delay built in. Sometimes the trigger is an event. And sometimes when it's too complicated, he just pops her into trance and plans the whole thing out with her subconscious, Megan.

This is nothing new. Out to dinner with friends a while back, c kept having to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. She eventually figured out that the word "boxing," a topic of the night's conversation, was triggering it. Another time, she was standing in a parking lot when suddenly, she says, "I zoned out" and she found her pants soaked with urine. She wanted to jump into her car to hide ... but it was brand new and she didn't really want to soak the seats. She doesn't yet know how he triggered that one.

Her shame quotient went up considerably on Saturday. Saturday morning she went to the swimming pool by herself. Beforehand, she happened to mention to K how much the lifeguards love to watch her emerge at the end of each lap -- she's pretty busty -- so much so that they casually circle the pool deck so as to be at her end of the pool. She also mentioned how proud she is whenever she hits the half-mile mark, on the way to a full mile. She counts every lap.

So on Saturday morning, at precisely one-half mile, she orgasmed. She sank to the bottom of the deep end, mothers and children shouted, the lifeguards leaped to her assistance, and she bobbed to the surface still spasming. She reports that she swam the second half-mile much faster than usual, just to get out of there.

That afternoon, K and c were at the supermarket. He told her she was going to have some fun. Nearly done with shopping, standing by the bread, she suddenly moaned and leaned against the cart for support as she orgasmed. Once again, mothers and children pointed and shouted. K told one concerned man that she has these spells occasionally, and that she'd be all right. She was deeply embarrassed; this is their neighborhood store. K says she was a little louder than he intended, but the results were gratifying. Again, she's not aware of the trigger, and I'm not going to tell.

Then that night, they went out out to the movies, to see "300". He'd been working all week with Megan to script this one. As c sat down, she noticed me coming into the row and sitting down right beside her. This shocked her, as she happened to know my plans for the night, many many miles away, and couldn't believe I'd have come to visit. (In fact, she texted me: "How could you be in two places at one time?")

Still, she was convinced. I reached into her wraparound dress, started playing with her, and then hoisted her onto my lap, where I slipped into her bottom. K leaned over to tell her that she had to make me cum before the trailers were finished. She succeeded. Then she says, I pixelated and disappeared. Didn't anyone notice her humping an empty seat? Well, apparently. She says there was lots of pointed "coughing" aimed in her direction.

K and Megan seem to have quite a repertoire of triggers and effects all lined up. I was on the phone yesterday with c, asking her about the day's events, when she gasped and demanded to know what was squirming in her pussy. Damned if I know.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Let's talk about "limits". If you're into BDSM, you've probably spent a lot of time discussing them, probably early in a relationship. You've probably filled out one of those "lists". And with any luck, you and your partner have a sane, solid agreement on where the lines are drawn.

So what happens when it turns out that a sub's subconscious, hypnotically conditioned to obey the dom, may be playing by different rules?

In our case, e has a few hard limits. Back when we both thought this was something mediated entirely by her conscious self, she said: no extreme pain, blood, needles, scat or full confinement (severe claustrophobia). I was perfectly fine with all of those, although I'm working with her on her claustrophobia and have done some illusionary blood, needle and scat play.

But her subconscious, marion, has different limits. She doesn't have claustrophobia, and I suspect she loves needles.

What's more, marion has said that she'll obey any instruction, regardless of the consequences. She has warned me that she is extremely literal in her obedience to commands.

This isn't to say that she wants to override e's limits. "They're important to her. i wouldn't want to hurt her emotionally, even if she could handle something physically."

But what if I gave her an order that violated one of those limits? What would marion do?

"i don't really know ... i'd try to work out a way to get around it, look carefully at Your language ... don't know if the struggle would wake her or not, though i doubt it. i might ask a question, but ... i have a hard time saying no to You."

So I suppose it's an obvious question: Whose limits are in force now?

The answer is pretty easy for me. This isn't a game of "gotcha". Marion might not enforce e's limits, but I will. Just as any dom can choose to ignore his sub's limits, and promptly lose her trust, I could ignore hers. But I'd be a fool to do so.

I asked marion what she thought of this.

"People need to respect their partners ... and the reasons they have limits. Hypnosis isn't an excuse to blow through them."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Careful What You Ask For

This is e's subconscious, although you can call me marion, as D has given me that name now.

I wanted to take some time while e was 'away' to make a quick post myself. There have been so many interesting things going on lately that i thought i should add my two cents in, coming from a somewhat unique perspective.

I thought that it would be good to talk a bit about do's and don'ts as far as hypnotizing is concerned, and things that you'd definitely need to keep a close eye on. Keep in mind that i'm not an expert and can only speak for myself and e.

It's really important to make sure you as the Dom or Domme or Hypnotizer, whoever you might be, keep very good track of what's going on with the hypnotizee. I think that D keeps somewhat of a running list of the major 'programs' that He's installed with me. This is really important so that one isn't giving conflicting messages. It will also help you avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls.

We luckily haven't run into a big conflict yet, where D tells e to do one thing that is in direct conflict with another, so i'm not quite sure what would happen. Either the new command would override the first, or the first having already been in place would stick, or some strange new combination would appear, having completely unpredictable results.

Another thing you want to keep very good track of is trigger words. When you implant a trigger for some specific activity, i highly suggest that you; 1. Use unusual words that your hypnotizee won't likely encounter in every day life and 2. WRITE THEM DOWN!!! It would be really unfortunate if you or someone else accidentally triggered something at a dangerous or embarrassing moment. Forgetting might be just as bad -- as weeks or months later you could use it unintentionally.

Both D and e have mentioned her "accidental pee" in the kitchen. This is a great example of another possible hazard with permanent triggers. e was programmed that when she snapped her fingers i would blank out the memory of what would happen and she would wet herself. There weren't any conditions put on this trigger, so she snapped and i delivered in technicolor.

Choose your words carefully; think about what you want to say before you say it. i'm fairly certain that D often writes out His commands before they are given to us to avoid any mistakes or unexpected turns. A few badly placed words and your hypnotizee could be in an unpleasant situation. You wouldn't want to frighten or hurt her, unless of course you meant to.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Changing Her Mind

I’ve asked our friend c to bring us up to date on her experiences with hypnosis and mind control. Things have been moving pretty quickly for her; she’s been discovering in the space of just a couple of weeks many of the things that e has learned much more gradually.

A lot of changes have happened for me over the past month or so. It was D who talked me and my husband K into trying hypnosis. I was afraid to try, mainly because I tend to be self-conscious. And in my eyes it was impossible: I have always thought of myself as being very much in control of my body and my mind.

The first time K tried the technique it was like I had left my body, I have never felt more relaxed. To come back to find needles in my nipples was scary, and yet it was erotic to know K did that to me without my knowledge. I have an immense fear of needles, and K has never used them in an area that I can see before.

I was not able to put my thoughts into words, but he informs me the fear in my eyes was a thrill he won’t forget. This really impressed me, and for the first time I thought, maybe they are onto something here.

Since then, we have tried many different things that have been well-documented here, including the conversations with both my and e’s subconsciouses. (I refer to my subconscious as ‘Megan’, as that is apparently the name that I gave her many years ago.)

To tell you the truth, reading those conversation excerpts, and recently the whole conversation, scared me. To know there was this person inside me (K says she’s aggressive, assertive and “permanently PMSing”) is quite something to get my head around.

What both K and D were asking me to do was accept all this without proof. When all this info was first revealed to me in this blog, I recall thinking, “How can all this be true?” The next day, however, I had proof myself that Megan was in fact there and eager to prove her existence.

I appreciate once again that between the “6” of us we are asking you to go on faith and take what we document to be true. This next bit is going to push that faith a little further, but bear with me please.

During an IM conference among us last week, Megan decided to make her presence felt in the strangest of ways. While in conversation I found myself compelled to type words and questions that I would never ask or type. The compulsion to type was so intense that for the smallest amount of time I gave in and just typed. What is weird is there was no conscious thought and the words on the screen were as complete a surprise to me as they were to D and e.

This was terrifying for me… I had lost control of myself and I was quite distressed. Through conscious thought I got control and stayed away from the keyboard, but it played on my mind all day. What was this thing inside me? Why did I give it control? What else can it do?

That night, I was informed that Megan was upset that she had distressed me. She assured both K and D that she wouldn’t push me like that again…at least the person inside me considers my feelings.

That brief scare hasn’t slowed us down. D is able to create illusions so powerful that I can orgasm and squirt without touching myself. And my pussy and ass are able to open up to fists that are not there.

K has used Megan mostly to heighten our fun. In fact, D appeared in our house while I was doing the laundry with K -- I was convinced he’d flown out to visit and been invited to our house. The experience of two men, especially one of them being D, was so amazing and intense. It was only when D disappeared into thin air that I realized it was an illusion.

e has visited me in my dreams, with some very wet mornings as a result. And D has been able to remove my clothes, tie ropes around my breasts and pull on them -- all with the click of a few buttons on his keyboard and an IM screen. The mind truly is a powerful thing.

This whole experience has been such a weird and wonderful discovery. It has changed my perspective on who we are inside. We probably all have this hidden person inside, waiting to get out. I am excited that I have come to know mine through her conversations with K and D -- and even more excited to see what will happen next.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Leisure Time

My slave e opened the closet and looked inside.

"One of us has a twisted mind," she said.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell this in the proper order.

As she has mentioned here once or twice, e is not particularly fond of doing the laundry. In fact, a couple of our hypnotic effects have been aimed at making up for the drudgery of that part of her day.

But one of our readers, L.E., came up with a brilliant suggestion last week.

"Have you tried developing a 'housework robot' persona for her so she can do the chores as an entity not bothered by them,and then return to herself to find those things done with no memory of having done them?"

Now, I wasn't sure e would go for something like that. It would be a mistake to call her a Puritan, but she usually isn't a big fan of using hypnosis for shortcuts around the inevitable tough parts of life. For instance, I've given her a button she can push for an extra jolt of energy, and another to help her fall back asleep in the middle of the night, but she's not used either very much.

But a laundry robot? She loved the idea immediately. She especially loved getting to decide where she would 'go' while the maid was working.

So after just a bit of discussion, I gave her subconscious a new set of instructions. A robot maid would sit in the closet in the laundry room. When e was confronting a menial task, she could press the green 'start' button', and the maid would take over. Meanwhile, e could turn, walk to the bedroom, and join me in the (previously non-existent) hot tub while the work was being done.

When I finished installing the instructions, e was sitting on the couch. I suggested she go look in the closet

One look, and that's when she accused somebody's mind, either hers or mine, of being twisted. Yep, humming away in the closet was: Rosie, from the Jetsons.

And you know what? Rosie's pretty good, to judge from her first assignment yesterday. After a happy half-hour soak in the hot tub, e returned to the laundry room to find a pile of folded clothes and more in the washer and dryer.

"She's good at matching socks," e said.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Taking Trips

With all the impressive effects available to the creative hypnotist, it's easy to overlook one of the nicest things you can do for your hypnoslave: Send her on a little vacation.

Just 10 minutes elsewhere, utterly elsewhere, will do wonders for the soul, especially since these trips require no packing, no passports, no travel time at all. They are simply the essence of the trip, served up with a few words.

So far, e has found herself

* on her favorite rollercoaster ride (sitting alongside her brother, an unexpected feature),

* sledding on a snowy mountaintop.

* face down on a massage table.

* on a yacht in mid-ocean.

* tied naked against a tree, in a thick forest.

* on a warm, sandy beach.

That last is her favorite destination; she has a number of beaches she prefers, particularly one on Oahu.

I find it works best to specify as little as possible about the destination. Her own mind (or maybe it's her subconscious, I'll have to ask sometime) fills in all the missing details from memory.

I've sometimes resorted to showing her some photographs first, and then placing her in the scene. Those are especially useful for complicated BDSM scenes that I'd like her to experience. She has a good memory for those sorts of details.

But occasionally I don't specify anything at all, and simply tell her to spend 10 minutes at a "random somewhere." So far, these rolls of the dice have never come up losers. She's never landed in an industrial swamp for 10 minutes. Still, we try to reserve this command for when she's in a good, confident mood.

One variant, when time is short, is to tell her subconscious to compress the 10 minute experience into 1 minute of real time. So far, that hasn't harmed the experience. When I ask e afterward how long her trip lasted, she usually estimates pretty close to the intended time..

I know many hypnotists use this sort of illusion when their subject is in trance. But I rarely plan that far ahead. So I'm much more likely to use the general post-hypnotic trigger I've installed, and while she's awake tell her on the spur of the moment to fly away somewhere.

She always comes back with a smile on her face.