Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Mind Behind

Because of the remarkable connections I made with both marion and Megan, the subconscious minds behind a couple of devoted subs, I've of course wondered whether I was just lucky in my choice of friends ... or had stumbled onto some special method for unlocking these hidden personalities.
Meeting "y" has given me a chance to find out. And so far... in all honesty... I think I have something here. From a chance meeting in a chat room last fall, to meeting in person just a few weeks ago, she's gone from curious submissive to hypnotic subject quite readily.
Her subconscious, whom I have creatively named "Sub", doesn't have quite the range of abilities of marion or Megan. But she's eager to please, and to learn. She of course is doing my bidding in turning y into a fine hypnoslut. I chatted with Sub last night, and asked her many of the same questions I put to marion and Megan a few months ago in the "Mind Behind" entries. I found interesting similarities and differences.
Sub has been around since birth, she says; her earliest memory is playing with dolls. She has been a fairly passive observer during y's life -- able to suggest things, and influence her decisions, but unable to seize control physically. So she's able to carry out my commands to freeze y's body, to apply sensory illustions (my fingers pinching her nipples, unusual tastes in her mouth), and to fool her memory (forgetting the number 6 for a while). She also is able to chat with me while y's mind wanders off somewhere else.
Sub's main limitation right now is that she's unable to take physical control. "Y's body will trump me every time." That explains why most of my posthypnotic commands weren't working.
How is she different from her conscious self? She prefers more extremes -- the rough stuff -- although she's warned me that anything too rough will arouse y's defenses and wake her up. Sub's desire to obey me and please me is probably what led y to meet me in the first place.
What I especially love is her answer when I asked why she'd emerged for me. "I like the way you talk to me," she said. That's pretty much the same message I got from marion and Megan. And it really validates something I do deliberately with all subs now. I assume her subconscious is listening in.
The bottom line for other doms who are playing these games: Be nice to your sub's subconscious -- compliment her directly, refer to her efforts and successes -- and eventually you will be able to say "Hello, subconscious" and get the wonderful response that I did yesterday: "Hello, Master."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Freezing Hot

Hypnoslave y likes to take little risks. Her subconscious, it seems, likes it even more.

For a little thrill, y enjoys spending the evening at home, surrounded by family, chatting with me -- miles away -- by laptop. The other day, for instance, we were bantering back and forth via IM, reliving the high points of our recent BDSM session, while her family watched TV.

In the midst of it, I typed something like, "And I love how you're unable to move."

She didn't reply ... and didn't reply ...

And thankfully I thought to type, "OK, you can move again now."

"Thank you," she said.

Sure enough, despite all the dangers, her subconscious had ignored the context and interpreted my casual sentence as a command to freeze. I think she just enjoys taking obedience as far as she can get away with.

Oddly, something very similar happened a few days earlier, when I was on the phone with c, telling her about my hypnotic efforts with y. I said to c something like, "Some commands just aren't working. Like, 'your mouth is frozen open'."

Long pause, followed by "aaa oooo errrr ahhhh."


"Your mouth is normal now."

"Thank you," she said.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Subconscious Heard From

You'd likely miss this great new comment, on an earlier post, if I didn't point it out. Check out what Hexagon has to report, at the bottom of this post. I'm always pleased to meet someone else who has 'unlocked' the subconscious and chats with it separately. It means that perhaps my experience, and K's experience, is not so bizarre after all.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Personal Endorsement

A while back I wrote here a three-step set of advice for hypnotizing your favorite submissive. At the time, I realized that it was based on a pretty limited set of examples. How useful could it be?

Pretty damn useful, it turns out. I had the chance recently to hypnotize someone new, and without much time to assess and customize the situation, simply used my own formula.

What happened? Well, I quickly found myself a promising hypnosub. Let's call her Hypnosub y since I suspect she'll put in more appearances here.

The induction occurred in an unlikely setting: a quiet park, after sunset. The bright object she stared at was a street light. To deepen the trance, I used a metaphor I happened to know would appeal to her: floating in a huge bath. (I knew to use this because I remembered to ask her beforehand about her favorite way to relax.)

During the deepening, I counted down from 100, and since she was motionless and deep breathing from about 50 on down, I figured it had worked. The only unexpected part was her body tone. Instead of limp and floppy, she was frozen and rigid. I haven't seen that before.

I gave y's subconscious just one instruction, the 're-induction' trigger, then let her wake up. She couldn't recall my conversation with her subconscious (an excellent sign). And when I tried the trigger, she dropped immediately back into trance. Of course I tried a variety of instructions: I told her she was feeling very warm between her legs. (When she woke up, she just said she had to pee badly. Whoops.) I told her to forget the number six. That one she responded to very nicely.

A few days later I installed the word "statue" as a trigger. Worked great. We'll be using that a lot. I then tried my old favorite, the general-purpose command. ("Whenever I say 'flashlight', you will obey whatever I say next.") It failed miserably. No reaction at all. I think her subconscious is able to 'stop' actions so far, but unable to 'start' them.

Most recently, I introduced hypnotic body sensations, first telling her subconscious that she was being stroked between her legs, then saying the same thing to her semi-awake mind, and finally repeating the scene to her conscious mind. She immediately started feeling the commands quite vividly; in fact the phantom fingers stroked her to a pretty good imitation of an orgasm. (Now, when we're apart, I send her little body-tingling text instructions.)

Hypnosub y is not particularly excited about hypnotism, but sees it as a pleasant addition to conscious submission. She loves how much it relaxes her, eliminating any nervousness about our scenes.

I'll let you know how things progress. Meanwhile, take it from me, those instructions really do work.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

London Adventures

Live near London? You should look up Gabrielle, a 30-year-old who by her own account is one of the more adventurous hypnosis subjects you'll meet. She loves it when guys show her subconscious a good time.

Here's a sample scene report:

It all started when I heard a knock on the door, next thing I was in my silver catsuit suspended between two chairs orgasming as I stared at this most amazing spot on the ceiling...

I came awake in a bar and it seemed I was ordering drinks. I paid and tried to take the drinks back to the table (which table I have no idea, but I seemed to know where it was), except every bloody step made me feel like I was being fucked, no joke, it was like a thrust into me...

Ever had sex suspended in mid air? Its amazing, I had sex with him about 200 metres off the ground and it was great to be so high.

The full report is here, although you need to be a Yahoo member and log in to read it.

Chat with her via text, and if you're nice she'll tell you her trigger word ...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why Me?

Here are some thoughts from hypnoslave c ...

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about why others are unable to achieve the hypnotic effects that are now a regular occurrence for me. Am I alone? What is so special about myself and e, K and D? Others seem to be unable to give their subs the same living experiences that I have. It’s a thought that has been troubling me -- even though, when K and I began, I myself had reservations as to how far this would go.

I feel the need to explain my own levels of submission and my own drive in the relationship.

I have been with K since I was 13 years old and he was 15. We’ve grown up together, explored the lifestyle together, developed our own kinks together and all in all have remained completely devoted to one another. Why am I telling you this? So you can appreciate that for K I would do anything. By that I mean that for him I am willing to do anything he asks of me, without the slightest hesitation or care for myself.

Fair enough, there would be a conscious thought, “Why the hell does he want me to do this….?” But I would still do it. I believe it is this deep level of submission that has allowed me to travel so far down this road with both K and D as guides. Without a sub who shows utter devotion and ultimate submission to their Dom/me, I feel there is only so far that hypnotism can be used in games and play.

The big issue here is trust. Just how much does your sub truly trust you? Would s/he bear excruciating pain just to see you smile? Would s/he do exactly as you commanded even if it meant complete humiliation for themselves just to see the look of love in your eyes? I would. I trust that K will not hurt me permanently, and I trust him to allow humiliations to occur in a safe place.

Maybe that is it. K and D make me feel safe … make me feel secure. I know that these two men would never do anything to harm me, and therefore I trust them completely.

So those are my thoughts. Feel free to comment, because I’m always intrigued to hear what you guys are thinking and how your own experiments are going.