Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doing It (Part 2)

Here's the second of the three phases you can use for hypnosis. All the caveats from the first part apply here as well..

This step is all about deepening the trance you've just induced. You're trying to increase the conscious mind's focus on something else, and nudge it gently out of the way, to free up the subconscious mind.

Her eyes are now closed, so you need to giver her something new to focus on -- some sort of guided imagery. If you've seen enough movies or read enough stories, you know the sorts of thing: Take her on a mental walk down a long beach, with the waves crashing in, gulls screeching, hot sun. Or have her step slowly down a long staircase, counting each step down to zero as you go. Or send her anywhere else that she will find familiar and easy to imagine.

Wherever you send her, give her multiple "senses" to work with. Point out not just what she's seeing but also what she's hearing and feeling and smelling. You don't know which sense she's best able to "imagine" with, so try them all in concert.

I think it's important to phrase your instructions as directly as possible: "The sun is warming your skin" rather than "You're feeling warm" or "You imagine that you're getting warmer." In other words, don't use any phrases that remind her that it's imaginary.

The stair-step images are are nice because they give you a steady pace for emphasizing two things: How much more relaxed she's getting, and (very important) how much she wants to follow your lead downward. Point out that your voice is guiding her there, how your voice is the only thing she can hear now. Take your time, count the steps down.

At the bottom of the steps, or whatever goal you've set for her, she should be completely relaxed. Her conscious mind should be pretty thoroughly disengaged, and her subconscious sitting there idling, waiting to hear from you.

You may find this hard to confirm. After all, a light trance and a heavy trance both look pretty much the same, although her breathing will be almost sleeplike in the latter.

You can ask her a simple question, like "Are you comfortable" and judge how soft and distant her voice has become.

You can tell her that her arm is getting light, and watch how it drifts upward. An erratic, jerky motion is what you want to see. Too smooth a motion means her conscious mind just raised it for you.

Once again, there's no need to rush. She's unlikely to be measuring time very closely at this point, and will appreciate the calm. If it seems like she needs reassurance from you, say something like, "OK, now just float here for a few minutes until I need you again".

You'll want to pause now anyway to consider your next moves.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Doing It (Part 1)

Here is a do-it-yourself guide to the sorts of games we've been playing.

First the important caveats:

* This is not "how to be a hypnotist" any more than one recipe is "how to cook." It's an example of a classic "model" and classic technique, described in many places, that works with some people. It won't work for everyone.

* We can't take any responsibility for what you do with this information. You're on your own.

* Remember the BDSM code: safe, sane and consensual.

* You'll get nowhere if your sub doesn't already trust and obey you. You need a willing, aware subject.

* Sorry for the sexist language. Adjust the genders here to fit your own circumstances.


In case you hadn't figured this out by now, the hypnotism we practice is not a process of taking control of a sub's mind. Instead you're simply empowering your sub to be aware of her subconscious and let that part communicate with you more directly. It allows the subconscious to hand control of her mind to you -- to the extent she wants to -- just as the conscious mind has handed some control of her body to you.

The process is fairly straightforward, in three phases. First you put her into a relaxed trance. Then you deepen the trance, to the point where you're talking only to her subconscious. Then you instruct the subconscious.

Take each step separately, ask her for feedback, adjust accordingly.

I'll just cover the first step now: putting her into a relaxed, light trance. Relaxation isn't the only way to start hypnosis, but it's popular because people expect it and -- even if you get no further -- a few minutes of floaty relaxation are lovely.

In a quiet room, have her lean back in a comfortable chair. This trance induction requires her to focus her eyes steadily on something, while you talk her through a gradual and thorough self-relaxation. This concentration-while-relaxing is the key to the first phase.

Have her focus on any little shiny thing that is nearby, or any little object that stands out from its background.

Tell her to keep her eyes on it, not to let her gaze slip, not to let her eyes close, no matter how heavy her lids become, because once her lids close they won't be able to open again. Repeat that several times, interspersing that same message with instructions to gradually relax her whole body.

Name her body parts from the feet upward to the head. She should think about each part, feel it relaxing, melting, turning to rubber, going numb, whatever, and then move upward. Guide her.

Go slowly, give each one a chance to take hold. Add that every time she lets out a breath, out with it goes half her remaining tension.

Your words and tone are important. Be calm, confident and direct, but allow her to find her own pace; "describe" what she's to do but don't be pushy. Easy does it. If you've never talked someone into a trance before, you may be surprised at how little work you have to do.

This first phase continues until her eyes wink shut for the last time and her head flops sideways onto her shoulders. She's now in a light trance, feeling detached but listening to you. Tell her she's feeling lighter, floating up to the ceiling, hoisted by helium balloons. Let her drift; there's no rush.

Fool the Eye

One reason our illusions are so effective is that they look authentic to e. She doesn't just feel the ropes, she sees them around her legs. She doesn't just taste the strawberry, she sees it in her hand. When all your senses are pulling in the same direction, your mind tends to believe. In most cases, e reports that scenes score 9 out of 10 for believability.

It wasn't always this way. I remember that the first time I gave her labial rings, she reported they were slightly transparent at first, and then greatly faded the next day. I just told her to make them stronger again, several days in a row. That seemed to work. I also remember telling her once that when she looked in the mirror she'd see my face instead of hers. What she saw instead was my face blended with hers. Apparently it's difficult to apply your makeup that way.

Why are these illusions now so clear to her? I'm not sure. But she does have a vivid imagination. And she has a very strong memory for images. I was showing her a few photos from the web, and she was able to tell me immediately which ones she'd seen before. She has a strong memory for places; she gave me a narrated walk around her college suite one time, clearly intrigued by some of the visual memories she was recovering in the process.

Another reason her visual illusions are clear and convincing is that ... I told her so. When I'm not sure how well an effect is going to "take," I sometimes boost my odds by simply telling her that she will find it completely persuasive and real. Hey, whatever works.

The only problem comes with images of things that she's never seen before. We have this running joke about Scotland, because I once told her to go there for a few minutes. Problem is, she's never been; she had nothing to draw upon except some magazine advertisement photos in her head. She said Scotland looked very clean, tidy, immaculately composed, with perfect sheep on the hillside. ... That scene returned last week when she flew over it as a dragon. Same damn sheep.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our First Converts

Our fondest wish in presenting this blog is that other Dom/sub couples will explore mind control too. Honestly, I think that with 10 minutes of careful talk, many Doms could have their subs diving into levels of submission that they had no idea were so close at hand.

For months, I've been urging my friends K and c to try hypnosis. They seemed perfect for it. He's creative and confident; she's trusting and limitless. But they were reluctant, I think put off by images of c turning into a useless zombie. And, as he said, she already obeyed him completely, so what was the need.

Well ... they've tried hypnosis now. And they're really impressed.

What's fascinating to me is how quickly c fell into this. The standard procedure is three parts: relax her into a light trance, deepen her into a profound trance, then start giving her instructions. In c's case, she went straight to the bottom, just from the initial relaxation.

As she tells it, all she knows is that her eyes closed. Some unknown time later they opened again, with no memory of the time away. She discovered her hands stuck behind her head, the distinct feeling that her bottom had been used, and most shocking of all, needles through her nipples, for the first time.

"I don't recall any of it. It's a strange thing. It's like I leave my body or something."

But here, let K describe it from his perspective. I doubt he even thinks of this as hypnosis, since all he did was talk her into a relaxed state until her eyes closed. And even with her eyes closed, she wasn't gone.

"She was talking to me. We had a chat, then I told her my cock was in her ass and put a vibe over her clit while I used the needles. She was talking constantly then ... you should have heard the filth coming our of her mouth.

"She took the needles in without flinching. Once they were in, I told her she had to follow everything I told her to do. She went kinda quiet and a bit giggly as I told her to touch her tits and then told her she couldn't move her hands. Her hands were pushing on the needles yet she passed no comment... Then when I told her to move them she automatically put them by her sides.

"Then I told her to put her hands behind her head and she wasn't allowed to move them. The I got her to open her eyes ... her hands never moved. When she opened her eyes and saw the needles she didn't freak out, she just didn't seem to understand how they got there. You could see the fear in her eyes when she saw the needles and could tell she was feeling pain when she started whimpering. She was so good though...didn't move her hands at all. Didn't really comment on the needles either, she just stared at them... then her eyes rose and she just stared at me ... I must admit, that look of fear and confusion was hot. Later she told me she was terrified when she saw them, but her mind told her not to comment."

K didn't realize that c also had "felt" the after-effects of the phantom anal sex. "That is cool," he said.

"I'm not sure how far along this road I want to take things with her, but I will admit it's an interesting game to play."


PS: I think this is my cue to start writing up some guides for how to do this yourself.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Playing Inside my Head

What's the big deal? How is being hypnotized to obey so different from simply being a very devoted submissive?

Since now i'm a bit of both i thought i'd try and tackle the subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences here.

When i first met Sir, we started things out slowly, testing the waters and building trust. Much like any Dom/sub relationship, as we got more comfortable with one another we pushed further. Being a fairly naturally obedient sub, giving over to Him came easily for me with time. There is not much that He would have asked of me that i would not have obeyed.

So ... when we started talking about trance and hypnosis, it was strange that i would be fearful. After all, i already trusted Him to guide and play with my body. After much consideration, it became clear that my fear came from the magnitude of power i would be giving up.

You may wonder why this is so different, so powerful, if i was going to obey Him anyway. For me, the difference is this ...

Before trance, it was a conscious choice to obey, and i knew exactly what i was doing every single time. As a sub, i still had my own thoughts, my own feelings, and my own objections that could be voiced at appropriate moments.

But if i was to give in to the trance, to His voice, He would have free rein to play inside my head. At a moment's notice, He could have me do nearly anything and i would literally be unable to disobey.

After weighing each side pretty carefully, i threw away all the arguments and went with my gut instead of my head like i usually do. i leapt. i gave in, and trusted that while He might push me, He enjoyed playing with me and wasn't going to do anything to ruin that.

Now i just obey, regardless. No thought, no hesitation. It just happens -- and often i don't remember until He allows me to recall it.

The difference is in that moment of hesitation. Before, i needed to think about it, process it and consciously obey. Now ... it just is.

It may seem scary. And quite often i am still in complete awe of what He has achieved, but the power of it is actually somewhat comforting. He still keeps me safe, yet can take me toe to the line, a hair's breadth from my limits, with just a few carefully placed words.

On the flip side, He can take me to a place of such deep relaxation that absolutely everything else in my life falls away. i can literally be a pet at His feet. He can take me away from laundry and dishes and taxes by turning my into a puppy whose only thoughts are of love and cuddles and pleasure. He can change my senses, withhold sensation and turn me into His complete and utter plaything at will.

Without trance this would not be possible, i couldn't have let go that completely.

He has taken me places i never thought i would go. With His words and His incredibly inventive imagination he has gotten further into my head than anyone i have ever known.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Secret Plans for My Slave

She doesn't know it, but sometime in the next couple of days e is going to walk into the bathroom and turn into a man. Convinced that she is male, she will stand in front of the toilet and pee into it. Then she'll masturbate to orgasm with her new cock. Then she'll step over to the sink, wash her hands, immediately turn back into herself and remember the whole plan.

This will become part of her daily routine: At noon, whenever she's at home, she'll repeat this ceremony, in her temporary new body. She'll let you know how it feels, I'm sure.

This addition to her daily "compulsions" comes after the suggestion of one of our readers. We worked out the logistics last night, and I installed the instructions. Then I asked her if she wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. She said yes, so ... I wiped her memory of the discussion.

(She's unable to read this entry -- except for the teasing title -- because I've planted that rule too.)

A lot goes into planning something like this. For instance, she doesn't want to wet on the floor, so while her mind is standing facing the bowl, her body will be (mindlessly?) going through its usual routine. She wants to be convinced she's a man, not a woman inside a man's body. So this effect won't occur out in public, for fear that she'd walk into a men's restroom.

I expect we'll find some other things to tweak after the first few days. Stay tuned.

Your Friend is my Robot

Going public with our games, even to just one sympathetic friend, involves a certain amount of pride and trepidation. I've been overthinking this question of how we can show e's domme friend, whom we'll just call F, all the visually obvious examples of mind control that I can install. Basically, I'm turning her into a little robot with buttons for F to push.

You've sent in some great suggestions to check out. Here's a list of the things we're working on so far.

I'm focusing on effects that either she couldn't do with her conscious mind, or couldn't bring herself to do because they're so outrageous. Or both.

* First a couple of effects that don't quite work yet. I tried to get her to cry on command, but just managed to get her eyes to tear up. And I tried to make her nose run, but just succeeded in making it stuffy. We'll send these back to the developers for more work.

* If F touches e's nose, then her hands will clamp tight to her breasts, glued there, unmovable until her nose is touched again. This leaves e helpless to resist ... whatever. F already has tried this out, when they had coffee together.

* If e is touched between her breasts, her nipples will flex in and out of their own accord. Sorry we haven't been able to get single nipple response to work, just a tingle so far.

* Not sure where to put this button, but: I can command her to raise gooseflesh on her arms. I think this subtle effect might be the most impressive one of all, oddly enough.

* F can run a candle flame along the most sensitive bits of e's body, and elicit no response at all. Or she can cover her with clothes pins with no reaction.

* If e snaps her fingers, anytime, anywhere, her bladder voids on the spot. We've mentioned this before, but F hasn't seen it, and I'm thinking she'll be blown away.

* F knows e well enough to realize that she could never do this voluntarily: Converse in an outrageous French accent. (e winces every time I mention this.)

* If F touches e's navel, she's going to see something really impressive. e has now been trained to have a G spot orgasm, complete with long squirt, on command. Unlike her regular instant orgasms, this one takes a few seconds to build to release, but the sound effects during the buildup alone make it worth the wait.

* If F touches e's anus, she's in for a surprise. It will immediately open up to admit her hand. Her whole hand, just like that.

What do you think?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Chance to Control a Slave

Wow. In the past week we've had more than 800 visitors, from 35 countries. Welcome to our little corner of kink.

Let's celebrate ... with a survey ... with a twist.

Click on Comment below and tell us: What's the most vivid, compelling demonstration you can imagine, that would prove that one person had control of another person's mind?

The twist is: We'll try as many of these demonstrations as we dare, and let you know what happens.

While you're thinking about a novel hypnotism test, here's the reason we're asking.

e has told a domme friend of hers, F, about my hypnotic control. F is intrigued and wants to know more. So as soon as we can, e and I are going to arrange to show her what it's like.

That's got me thinking: I don't think F doubts us, but how would I show a skeptical person that this is for real? Let's face it, most of a hypnotized subject's outward behavior is either boring (slumped, eyes closed, making funny noises) or could be staged if she were a really fine actress.

So I've been thinking about what sorts of 'effects' would be dramatic proof that I have complete control of e's mind and body. What sorts of commands would she be unwilling or unable to obey of her own volition?

I've been experimenting with a few ideas, which I'll write about soon, but I can use some more suggestions to test.

So that's where you come in. If you were watching, what would you consider compelling proof that e is my marionette? Click on Comments, stay Anonymous if you want, just let us know.

And thanks for visiting!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dragons and Dolls

I have from time to time turned e into another creature or object for a few minutes. We have a lot more exploring to do here, because it's not all that easy to discuss what these episodes feel like. She comes back giggling quietly, saying nothing until I prompt her. I almost have to interview her, with yes/no questions, before she can describe it. My sense is that this reflects the depth to which she 'becomes' the object, so instead of monitoring the experience while it's occurring she has to recall the details later.

So, as a couple of commenters have suggested, I briefly turned her yesterday into first, a dragon, and then a Barbie.

"You are convinced that you are a dragon" was all I said. Afterwards: Where were you? "In a cave." Did you have wings? "Yes." Did you have scales? "Yes." Did you have claws? "Yes." Did you breathe fire? "No." Was anyone else there? "No."

So then I said she was a dragon and she was flying. Afterward: Was it day or night? "Day". Where were you? "Scotland, I think... it looked like pictures of Scotland. There were perfect little sheep on the hillside."

OK, so she wasn't bowled over by the experience, and we both think it's because she has very little experience with dragons. She's not read much about, role-played, or thought about dragons. She said she felt like a "cartoon" dragon. Hey, at least she wasn't purple.

For comparison, I said: "You're convinced you're a Barbie doll, being played with by a little girl." Same quiet giggling afterward. How did you feel? "Very blonde." How were you dressed? "I wasn't; I just had on a pink top; she was taking that off." She was struck by how object-like and inanimate and manipulated she felt.

Overall, it felt much more vivid to her, and the obvious reason is that she spent some time as a girl actually playing with Barbies. I think the extent to which she has experiences or images or desires to draw upon determine how compelling the scene feels.

So there you go. We'll explore this some more and let you know what we discover.

(Last night I turned her into a Real Doll for a while. That's a story for another time.)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Out on the Edge

We've talked about effects, body modification, playing with my memory and the usual kinds of parlour tricks associated with hypnosis, i wanted to take some time to talk about something else We've been working on.

From time to time We have played with things at the very edges of my limits, going so far as to work on one major phobia in particular. i am extremely claustrophobic. This stems from a pretty serious near death experience. i can't stand being in closets or inside anything where my face is covered or i can't see out or get out on my own.

This presents some potential problems for bondage situations that Sir may want to engage in with me including hoods, complete mummification He thought, and i agreed somewhat nervously that we should work on conquering this together.

He is not a therapist but He definitely understands where my phobia comes from. We've had extensive conversations about it. i've talked through where my fear comes from and what triggers it. With His empathetic nature He is somewhat of a natural at helping me face and conquer this fear.

We started out very very slowly with Him putting me inside a bag for a couple seconds at a time, always with His voice in my ear calming me and keeping me grounded in the present instead of flashing back to past experience. It was very hard at first, being isolated like that and the first few times i think i nearly hyperventilated.

Slowly though, with His calm voice and reassurances i began to be able to spend more and more time inside the bag, eventually growing to 30 seconds or so which would have been unthinkable even a few short months ago. He and i both discussed the progress and decided it was time to continue.

He started by sitting me on the floor and surrounding me with three brick walls so i could still see out the front. Then, with His ever present voice in my ear, He closed the last wall very close around me. i nearly panicked but He quickly brought me back down reassuring me that i was safe and ok ... that He was right there with me.

It took some time to get used to that, to being so completely closed in, the wall going all the way up to the sky, and i still breathe hard and have to really concentrate in order to sit still but please believe me when i say that there is NO WAY that would have been possible before He started this with me.

We have continued to push this boundary and are now working on actual closets which is where my fear comes from so it is the most intense of 'panic buttons'. He has a very clever mind, which you may have noticed, and is always thinking of new ways to replace my fear with pleasure instead, allowing me to move forward in ways that i never imagined possible.

Once or twice He has put a trigger on my closet door so that when i walk in, and get up the courage to close the door, i orgasm. This definitely has a way of tweaking ones perspective, though i am very far from comfortable in the closet with the door closed at least i can stand in there and think about closing the door without abject panic washing over me.

We've also played with my 'younger self' in relation to this fear. He has reverted me to times where closets were fun, exciting places rather than something to be feared. We have played hide and seek several times, hiding from various friends i had when i was younger. We've also played dress up in my mom's closet, the smells and sights so familiar that they instantly calmed me.

Most recently we were in the closet playing 'seven minutes in heaven' which i don't think i've played since about the 8th grade. It was fun kissing Him as my younger self and giggling about what everyone outside was thinking. This has definitely helped change my perception of what the closet is and is somewhat more related to traditional 'therapy' ... though i don't think you're supposed to make out with your therapist.

This is not something to be taken lightly or "played" with. A phobia or trigger this serious needs to be dealt with in a calm and rational manner and should never be used to scare or tease a sub, but with careful planning and tiny baby steps it can be worked through and the line pushed ever so gently forward.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeing Things

If you're ever on a plane, taxiing for takeoff, and the woman sitting next to you is paying a lot more attention to the safety video than is justified... that just might be e.

Don't tell the FAA, but she's watching a different video. She's watching me masturbate. She has a particular fascination for that. Her mind seems to go blank, she really can't talk, she has been known to drool.

It was a simple enough instruction, given before a flight a couple of months ago, and now her subconscious obeys it every time she flies, whether I specify it or not. It's always me up on that screen.

That's not the only place I show up in her line of vision. All the photos and artwork in the living room -- they've been magically converted to my cock, framed.

And since she spends so much time looking at her laptop, I'm there too, lurking on the desktop image behind everything else.

OK, so I'm being a bit, um, cocky. But it's effective. She's hooked.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Weird Interesting Thing

Eclectivity has kindly referred to us today. He's declared this blog a "Weird Interesting Thing" and "deeply NSFW," both of which are high praise.

On the other hand, he's tagged his own post with "fictionality" and "woo-woo," which... we'll let pass.

We completely welcome his intrigued skepticism, and yours. It's very much our own approach to this as well. We're pretty deeply reality-based individuals ourselves, and aren't entirely sure what we've stumbled onto here. That's why we're describing it as carefully as we can.

Read deep, and please add your Comments. Perhaps together we can work out the mind's true possibilities.

And we'll get back to you about the dragon.

Body Modifications

Another area we've explored is the illusion of body modification. e has mentioned some of these already -- her collar, piercings, nipple shields, transparent clothing. Those are all permanent changes. She wakes up in the morning, and there they all are, ready to go for another day.

(They're so permanent that the term 'illusion' doesn't fit. How about 'body modifications that only she can feel'?)

I use temporary body modifications as part of our play. Some are D/s related, others are for fun, yet others (especially early in our explorations) were simply to test ideas.

Here's a quick sampler.

* 'You have a tongue stud' ... I swear I could hear it clicking against her teeth.

* 'You have three breasts' ... She thought that was pretty cool, especially when I told her to suck on the middle nipple.

* 'You have a buzz cut' ... She didn't like that one at all; she'd just had her hair cut perfectly and didn't appreciate my change.

* 'When you run your fingernail over your skin, it will slice open and bleed' ... She breathed heavily during this, but because she knew it was an illusion was able to process it pretty well.

* 'You're a Brussels sprout' ... I asked her later how she felt. 'Small and green.'

* 'Your skin is a red checkerboard color' ... She said something about being ready for a picnic.

* 'Your eyes are now in the back of your mouth' .. I think this one was seriously disorienting; she sounded queasy.

* 'There's a button in your left armpit' ... When she presses it, it goes 'ding-dong' and gives her a jolt of fresh energy and alertness.

* 'You're a puppy.' ... This is a regular thing that I expect e will write about.

You might have noticed that my instructions to e are all positive affirmative statements. I don't say "Imagine you have a tongue stud" or "It feels like your arm is floating." The more direct and confident a declaration, the less reason she has to even consider the alternatives.

You might also be wondering about safety and safewords. (Might be awkward to spend the day speaking in dog.) It's worth a longer discussion sometime, but the short version is: We're very, very careful. I usually put a time limit on each of these body modifications, so if communication is cut off she reverts to normal on her own.

Meanwhile, we hope this inspires you to pursue your own hypnotic body modifications.

Click on Comments and add your thoughts.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Senses and Sensations

Used to be, when I thought of "sensation play" I meant floggers or ice cubes or my bare right hand. That's so limiting. After all, there are at least five senses, and it turns out that hypnotic commands let you play with all of them.

After a bit of practice, and after you're done with the clearly silly stunts, you can construct remarkably persuasive scenes.

For us, skin and body sensations are still the major element.
* "I'm sitting behind you, reaching around and rubbing your breasts."
* "You're tied tight over the spanking bench, and I'm flogging you."
* It's easy to make pain come and go. She can attach a dozen real-life clothes pins to herself and not feel them until I permit it
* I should probably make a bigger deal of this, but ... she hasn't felt any menstrual cramps for months now. I banished them.

Vision is huge too
* "You're invisible." ("Whoa," she said.)
* "Your clothes are transparent." (That one we've kept permanently.)
* "Whenever you go to Costco, I'm on all the TV screens." (That order is interesting because her subconscious remembered it for two months before needing to invoke it for the first time.)

Taste is subject to my whims:
* I've turned a glass of her fresh pee into a glass of water, and then into the best mojito she's ever tasted.
* Cheap chocolates taste much better when I turn them into Godiva truffles.
* Whenever I say the name of a food or drink, she tastes it on her tongue.

* Her car radio has a novel feature. All the men's voices sound like me. Apparently I sound especially great singing Abba tunes.

Smell? Yep. Hypno poop stinks.

As in the real world, the various senses are often combined, making the event seem that much more real.

* During hypnotic sexual acts, she sees, feels and hears me, quite convincingly.
* She can simply watch my hands, miming the stroking and tugging of her nipples, to feel them in action.
* I've inserted a dozen illusionary needles in her breasts. Both seeing and feeling them triggered an orgasm.

But I can also disable sensations, or redirect them:

* The other day, she dripped candle wax onto her own chest, feeling each drop not there but instead as a tongue-lick against her clit. First time I've known someone to cum just from candle drippings alone.

* I turned off all her sensations for 10 seconds. I don't know where she went, but when she came back she was very quiet for a while.

If you have any suggestions for new sense-twisting effects, let us know in a Comment. We'll do some experimenting and get back to you with the results.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snapping the Magic Fingers

Master D wrote a bit about playing with my memory in relation to negotiating very edgy play, so i thought i'd elaborate a little on a few situations that are related.

He has given me magic fingers. One snap can put me into an intense situation, or completely wipe my memory of something we've previously negotiated and agreed to.

The first time we tried this, it was just my magic fingers and i still had my memory completely intact. So i knew all along what would happen as soon as i snapped my fingers. It was a relatively simple instruction...snap your fingers, and you will instantly be frozen like a statue and completely 'naked' in a public place. i quickly found out that the hardest part of completing this task was actually forcing myself to snap.

i was out at dinner with friends, and with shaking hands brought my fingers together and snapped. it was a strange sensation, but one W/we had practiced a bit beforehand. i was suddenly and immovably frozen in my seat, convinced that i was completely naked in the middle of a crowded resturant. i'm not sure i even had the ability to blush at that point, i could only sit and take in the humiliation and embarrasment.

After about 15-20 seconds, i became unfrozen and was quite relieved that He hadn't 'programmed' me for long enough for anyone to really notice that i was 'gone'. At that point though i was definitely blushing. One of my friends asked if i was allright. This was slightly edgy, though not really dangerous, just toying a bit with my emotions and self consciousness about my body.

i had that first snap instruction for a while and used it a couple times, most memorably while out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend.

With the first try being so successful, and having progressed in His command of my mind, Sir decided to negotiate something far edgier with me. W/we have been flirting on and off with shame and humiliation, something that both terrifies and excites me all at the same time. W/we, or rather He decided that i would find a local strip mall, somewhere i wouldn't know anyone and take a little trip. i would park the car some distance away and take a walk past some of the stores. When i found a spot that was suitable, with a few people around to witness, i would stop, and snap. This was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, but somehow i managed it.

My fingers snapped and everything went blank. i completely forgot why i was standing there or what was going on. The next thing i knew... i had completely let go of my bladder and my jeans were starting to get soaked. Completely humiliated and with no recollection of the conversation W/we had to negotiate this adventure, i made my way back to my car. My face was burning red as i took care to walk quickly enough that hopefully not too many people would see my shame-- without walking so fast that i'd attract extra attention. Somewhere deep inside my brain there was a nagging feeling that Sir was somehow involved in this though, i couldn't figure out how.

Opening the car door i was really surprised to see a towel and a change of clothes, but took immediate advantage and covered the seat while hopping into the car. i sat there shaking for a minute or two, not able to believe what had just happened to me, the shame of it almost overwhelming. i put the key in to start the car and as soon as the engine turned over, O/our entire previous conversation came flooding back to me.

i gasped and giggled in spite of myself -- which apparently is how i react fairly often when Sir gives me back a memory, but that's something for Him to tell you about......

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Messing with Memory

It's a standard stage hypnotist trick: The subject wakes up, feeling alert, still not sure about this hypnosis stuff. "OK, now count to 10 on your fingers." But it's hard to do that, when you've forgotten the existence of the number 6.

That's a key moment, when the new subject first feels lost and puzzled, suddenly suspecting that the hypnotist really can take over mental control. The hypnotist restores the number, the subject is relieved, then the hypnotist plunges them deep into trance again, with some confidence that any natural resistance to hypnotic suggestion will have been weakened.

Messing with your sub's memory... something not to be done lightly ... turns out to be one of the subtler and yet more powerful effects you can have. Personally, e and I usually play with just recent, fairly irrelevant memories, to be safe. But after you've altered, removed, restored and even constructed your sub's history a few times, she'll come to think of you as being in charge of such fundamental things as "did that really happen" and "is that really the time?"

OK, examples.

* In one of our very first sessions, I removed the number 6, with the usual results. e was puzzled, but not all that impressed. She never liked numbers that much anyway. Then... I removed her middle name. That got her attention.

* In another post, she's written about her intense need to pee every even-numbered hour, precisely on the hour. One time, when she'd just returned from doing so, I told her to forget the preceding five minutes. Suddenly it was just one minute to the hour... and her bladder was bursting again, the urge to go unstoppable. After nearly a minute of this torture, I restored her memory of those five minutes, and the urge evaporated again with the return to standard time.

* One morning, as part of a relaxation exercise, she slipped a large candle into her bottom. She was happily humping it when I abruptly removed 10 minutes of memory. She stopped dead... went very quiet... and in a pale voice asked, "uhhhh, how did that get there?"

* "Sometime today you will get your long, flexible dildo, put one end in your ass and the other end in your pussy, and fuck both holes at the same time. You will then forget about this entirely, until I tell you to remember." She giggled when the memory flooded back, a few hours later.

* Memory wipes are a convenient tool for maintaining consent rules. We've negotiated some fairly edgy scenes, then I've removed her memory of the discussion, so when it occurs it's a complete surprise to her.

* When she carries out some humiliating public act, like the time she removed her bra and panties in the mall food court and set them on the table beside her, I usually remove her memory of it, and then restore it a few days or hours later, so she can relive the fresh, delicious shame all over again.

* I'm proudest of the memories that I've completely invented for her. I guess the idea of installing apparently permanent thoughts in a person's brain appeals to me. You have to be reasonable with these. I told her that she'd bought a Corona at a particular store one night, but she just got a sudden quizzical look, and said, "Huh, that makes no sense." Turns out she knew that store didn't sell Coronas. I've had better luck since then, installing memories that she absorbs with no comment, but refers to weeks later in passing.

I'm sure we'll mention other memory-bending examples in other posts, so you can see how we mix it in with other effects.

Meanwhile, whenever something outrageous occurs now, she almost immediately asks me, meekly, "Did that really happen?" She's losing the ability to tell for sure, when I'm involved. She comes to me for her reality checks. Sometimes you just have to trust people.