Friday, April 6, 2007

In the Moment

"Surprise me," she said. I spent a few seconds thinking about what we'd just been discussing -- a clothing sale at a local adult shop -- and so it was that a moment later she found herself standing in the middle of the store, a living statue modeling some of the clothes for some very hands-on customers.

We often talk here about the hypnotic scenes and illusions I construct for e, but in fact surprises and spontaneity are at the heart of much of our hypno play -- effects based on something that's just happened or just been said.

Whether your own interests are edgy or erotic, I recommend setting up your triggers and commands in ways that you can use them creatively on the spur of the moment.

Here are a few recent examples, to show what I mean.

* If e is just about to go off to pee (every two hours, usually in the shape of a puppy in a park), I will sometimes change the location or the circumstances... a beach, Disneyland, the White House, a snow field. The moon, once.

* e wasn't alone in the living room -- other people were there watching TV -- and she didn't want to have a noisy orgasm. So instead I had her watch herself have an orgasm, on TV...

* She has a particular fondness for pole-dancing as exercise. So ... i conjured up a pole in front of her fireplace, firmly attached at floor and ceiling, for her to use in her workouts.

* I happened to sneeze a couple times. She said "bless you" a couple times. It occurred to me that I had never tried to make her sneeze on command. Yep, it works. Now I tease her with it sometimes.

* We're always playing with food topics. She's programmed to "taste" whatever foods I name. So when she's sitting there eating an orange, I will sometimes give each bite a different flavor -- melon, cherry, grapefruit -- just for amusement. Or I'll change her drink into something else.

* We were talking about various ethnic foods, so at one point i conjured up a fortune cookie for her, which inside said something about deserving three spanks -- which she then felt.

* Sometimes when she's enjoying a cup of cocoa, I add a foamy swirl of cum to the top of it.

* We were on our webcams once, she saw that I was eating strawberries, and she wanted one. So, gentleman that I am, I passed one through my cam, and her screen, to her hand. She popped it in her mouth.

* We were wondering whether the people who saw one of her public orgasms would have heard anything. It's hard for e to tell, because for some reason she can't hear herself cumming. So ... I had her own voice played back through her ears so she could hear what that day's orgasm had sounded like.

* She has found herself coughing up dollar coins. Unable to type the letter 'e'. Possessing three breasts. Bleeding from a vampire bite. Wrapped in a black plastic bag. Hanging upside down in midroom. They each made sense at the time.

* She was feeling horny, and also regretting that she'd had to cancel a get-together with a special friend the next day. So ... I sent her mind away for 30 minutes of intense girl-girl play. (On her return, all she could say at first was, "Whoa".)

* e loves to play with her peehole, but no appropriate toys were close at hand. So ... I had her hold out her hand, and into it put a stainless steel rod that she could use on herself. The real things are expensive; the virtual version costs nothing. Her body seems unable to tell the difference any more.

* I realized that I'd nearly forgotten Valentine's Day. So I had her buy herself a card, write a greeting in it, sign it with my name, adddress it to herself, put it on her pillow ... and forget she'd done any of the above. She was touched ... and impressed!

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