Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi All
I can't begin to say how busy and painful the past few weeks have been with work and family commitments along with the rehab on my back injury that is going too slow for my liking and i can't begin to say how sorry i am for not posting sooner.

Truth is i haven't had that many adventures, pain management has the the priority when it has come to hypnosis but that hasn't really helped much. However i had an amazing experience during one of my away times that i wanted to tell you all about. I'm sure you have all read in a previous blog about my amazing hypno present last year and i assume i was sent away so that K and megan can plan something out, i try not to think about it too much. When it comes to Christmas i am like a 3 year old i love it so much so i was sent to be an elf working for Santa! I know it sounds kooky but the hypno places i get to go to open my eyes to a world i have never seen and experiences beyond the realm of dreams. Those of you who are playing with hypnosis i urge you to give your subject a place to go to that will give them an experience they will never forget!

hope to give you more detailed accounts in the new year
Merry Christmas
c x