Friday, August 22, 2008

Helping c experience new things!

Hi all, megan here your friendly subconscious of c. K has requested that i post something on this blog to assist a hypno effect that was suggested to him by wompa in the previous blog. Wompa suggested that we get you guys to add comments on things you would like c to experience and i would work to ensure that she experiences it as she reads the comments
(and then the effect/scene ends when she has finished the experience). Thing is as soon as she reads this post she will forget it's content but will remember the comments exist so she will come back and check regularly.

So some info you need before you suggest your ideas...c is pretty much limitless and enjoys pretty much everything so do not think she will not enjoy your comment because chances are she will love it. Stretch your imagination (i like a challenge) c has a very experienced master in K so any experiences that are new to her she will enjoy all the more. Make it dirty, kinky, erotic or whatever floats your boat.

I'm sure she will enjoy it, in fact, I'll make sure she does.