Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Doing It (Part 1)

Here is a do-it-yourself guide to the sorts of games we've been playing.

First the important caveats:

* This is not "how to be a hypnotist" any more than one recipe is "how to cook." It's an example of a classic "model" and classic technique, described in many places, that works with some people. It won't work for everyone.

* We can't take any responsibility for what you do with this information. You're on your own.

* Remember the BDSM code: safe, sane and consensual.

* You'll get nowhere if your sub doesn't already trust and obey you. You need a willing, aware subject.

* Sorry for the sexist language. Adjust the genders here to fit your own circumstances.


In case you hadn't figured this out by now, the hypnotism we practice is not a process of taking control of a sub's mind. Instead you're simply empowering your sub to be aware of her subconscious and let that part communicate with you more directly. It allows the subconscious to hand control of her mind to you -- to the extent she wants to -- just as the conscious mind has handed some control of her body to you.

The process is fairly straightforward, in three phases. First you put her into a relaxed trance. Then you deepen the trance, to the point where you're talking only to her subconscious. Then you instruct the subconscious.

Take each step separately, ask her for feedback, adjust accordingly.

I'll just cover the first step now: putting her into a relaxed, light trance. Relaxation isn't the only way to start hypnosis, but it's popular because people expect it and -- even if you get no further -- a few minutes of floaty relaxation are lovely.

In a quiet room, have her lean back in a comfortable chair. This trance induction requires her to focus her eyes steadily on something, while you talk her through a gradual and thorough self-relaxation. This concentration-while-relaxing is the key to the first phase.

Have her focus on any little shiny thing that is nearby, or any little object that stands out from its background.

Tell her to keep her eyes on it, not to let her gaze slip, not to let her eyes close, no matter how heavy her lids become, because once her lids close they won't be able to open again. Repeat that several times, interspersing that same message with instructions to gradually relax her whole body.

Name her body parts from the feet upward to the head. She should think about each part, feel it relaxing, melting, turning to rubber, going numb, whatever, and then move upward. Guide her.

Go slowly, give each one a chance to take hold. Add that every time she lets out a breath, out with it goes half her remaining tension.

Your words and tone are important. Be calm, confident and direct, but allow her to find her own pace; "describe" what she's to do but don't be pushy. Easy does it. If you've never talked someone into a trance before, you may be surprised at how little work you have to do.

This first phase continues until her eyes wink shut for the last time and her head flops sideways onto her shoulders. She's now in a light trance, feeling detached but listening to you. Tell her she's feeling lighter, floating up to the ceiling, hoisted by helium balloons. Let her drift; there's no rush.


Semega said...

Right on! Now I have to convince her to try!

Anonymous said...

Great post cant wait to hear the rest of the DIY guide! Continue the great work

wiregrass rambler said...

hoping I can get My sub to relax enough to induce.