Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All Good Things ...

Friends, this is a difficult note to write.

e needs very much to focus on some challenging health issues that have come up suddenly in the past month. She has withdrawn from our relationship to put all her energies elsewhere. As painful as it might be to me, it makes good sense for her to do this.

I am confident that her health will rebound, but I do not know whether she and her subconscious, marion, will be posting here again.

I expect to resume the blog in a while, obviously with a different approach, after I've had some time to think about things.


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Memory and Mind Control

One of our regular visitors asked whether we'd noticed any commands or instructions diminishing over time, and whether I need to reinforce the older ones.

That's interesting, because it's basically a test of the memory of e's subconscious, marion, to see how long she can keep something going between reminders.

So far, with one interesting exception, we haven't noticed any lapses or declines. But the way I've set up her commands may have helped us avoid the problem.

I know some other doms and dommes install many different "triggers" in their hypnotic subs. Typically the way you do this, while your subject is in a trance, is to give instructions of this sort: "After you're awake, whenever I say the word 'starfish,' you will feel an intense tingling in your genitals."

That's fine, unless you build up a huge catalog of trigger words, each with its own set of effects. I don't have experience with this, and I'd be curious to hear from others, but I would bet that you could overload some subconsciouses with too many seldom-used commands. (On the other hand, the two subconsciouses I know both tell me that they have unusually good memories.)

With e, the permanent commands aren't too numerous. There are the permanent physical effects in place -- her labia rings for instance -- which are reinforced through constant awareness. And her daily compulsions are not likely to be forgotten.

I do have a smaller set of shortcut words I use for some of her illusion scenes, which marion has memorized. For instance, one of e's favorite scenes has her being penetrated in three places at once, but unable to orgasm. There's a single word for that.

Another shortcut word sends her immediately into the woods, where she is strapped nude with her back against the rough bark of a treee, subject to my torments.

The vast majority of my effects are a different sort, and don't require much memorization. A long time ago when e was in a trance I told her that, after she was awake, she would obey any instruction preceded by a particular trigger word. I now use that word many times a day, for whatever whim is on my mind right then. It's so much easier than installing separate triggers for each one.

The one command whose effects have changed over time is a very old one. When I was busy wrapping e's life in traces of me, I told her that all voices on her car radio would be mine. For weeks, that was true -- I covered every song, I read the news and the ads. Then she came back from a trip, and oddly enough I now was filling in only for the male voices. That's the way it still is today.

I asked her subconscious about that yesterday. Turns out it was something that marion did on her own, an act of mercy. It was making e feel really weird to hear me as a woman. She much prefers me as a man.

Works for me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Come Here Often?

This week's theme has been hypnotically induced orgasms in public.

We've mentioned them before. But I swear they're as addicting as candy... for both of us.

The basic setup is the same each time... I chat with e about her plans for the next day or two, think of a time and place where a knee-rattling orgasm would make the day special, discuss it with her subconscious, marion, and install the instruction.

Then I sit back and wait for the news. "Um, I was out shopping just now, and, um..."

Probably the least-disruptive one occurred while she was shopping for a new bra. She was in the changing room, with the door closed, when it hit. It's possible someone heard, but there's no way to know; she didn't see any funny looks when she emerged a few minutes later.

In contrast, the most intimate one occurred while she was getting her monthly "waxing" at the salon. She deeply adores the hot wax on her pubes, gets incredibly turned on, and often has difficulty standing up afterward. Well, this time I arranged for the wax to push her over the edge. She had a lovely orgasm in mid-procedure. This led to a more involved scene that e will probably write about later ... Still, that was all behind a closed door, with just one happy witness.

Her most public orgasm was at the adult shop. I mentioned the other day that they had a clothing sale. Well, later I sent her there with a very specific instruction. She was to go try on some fetish clothing, and in the process arrange to let people see her breasts. She actually exceeded the instruction -- she arranged for the changing room door to swing open when her top was off and her bottom nearly so. Several men had a good look. All of this was a simple instruction to my sub, no hypnosis involved.

What she didn't know about was a second instruction, known only to marion. At the front counter, as e paid for some lingerie ... gasp! A nice sharp orgasm. The clerk looked up, smiled, and asked if she was OK. She was so ashamed, and so turned on. And very thankful that none of the customers loitering nearby unzipped themselves.

Friday, April 6, 2007

In the Moment

"Surprise me," she said. I spent a few seconds thinking about what we'd just been discussing -- a clothing sale at a local adult shop -- and so it was that a moment later she found herself standing in the middle of the store, a living statue modeling some of the clothes for some very hands-on customers.

We often talk here about the hypnotic scenes and illusions I construct for e, but in fact surprises and spontaneity are at the heart of much of our hypno play -- effects based on something that's just happened or just been said.

Whether your own interests are edgy or erotic, I recommend setting up your triggers and commands in ways that you can use them creatively on the spur of the moment.

Here are a few recent examples, to show what I mean.

* If e is just about to go off to pee (every two hours, usually in the shape of a puppy in a park), I will sometimes change the location or the circumstances... a beach, Disneyland, the White House, a snow field. The moon, once.

* e wasn't alone in the living room -- other people were there watching TV -- and she didn't want to have a noisy orgasm. So instead I had her watch herself have an orgasm, on TV...

* She has a particular fondness for pole-dancing as exercise. So ... i conjured up a pole in front of her fireplace, firmly attached at floor and ceiling, for her to use in her workouts.

* I happened to sneeze a couple times. She said "bless you" a couple times. It occurred to me that I had never tried to make her sneeze on command. Yep, it works. Now I tease her with it sometimes.

* We're always playing with food topics. She's programmed to "taste" whatever foods I name. So when she's sitting there eating an orange, I will sometimes give each bite a different flavor -- melon, cherry, grapefruit -- just for amusement. Or I'll change her drink into something else.

* We were talking about various ethnic foods, so at one point i conjured up a fortune cookie for her, which inside said something about deserving three spanks -- which she then felt.

* Sometimes when she's enjoying a cup of cocoa, I add a foamy swirl of cum to the top of it.

* We were on our webcams once, she saw that I was eating strawberries, and she wanted one. So, gentleman that I am, I passed one through my cam, and her screen, to her hand. She popped it in her mouth.

* We were wondering whether the people who saw one of her public orgasms would have heard anything. It's hard for e to tell, because for some reason she can't hear herself cumming. So ... I had her own voice played back through her ears so she could hear what that day's orgasm had sounded like.

* She has found herself coughing up dollar coins. Unable to type the letter 'e'. Possessing three breasts. Bleeding from a vampire bite. Wrapped in a black plastic bag. Hanging upside down in midroom. They each made sense at the time.

* She was feeling horny, and also regretting that she'd had to cancel a get-together with a special friend the next day. So ... I sent her mind away for 30 minutes of intense girl-girl play. (On her return, all she could say at first was, "Whoa".)

* e loves to play with her peehole, but no appropriate toys were close at hand. So ... I had her hold out her hand, and into it put a stainless steel rod that she could use on herself. The real things are expensive; the virtual version costs nothing. Her body seems unable to tell the difference any more.

* I realized that I'd nearly forgotten Valentine's Day. So I had her buy herself a card, write a greeting in it, sign it with my name, adddress it to herself, put it on her pillow ... and forget she'd done any of the above. She was touched ... and impressed!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


My life has gotten a bit unpredictable lately. Since i met D, things have become very interesting. i never seem to know on any given day exactly what might happen to me. Lately it seems that things have become even more surprising.

i got out of my car the other night, and as soon as my left foot touched the ground i found myself in the middle of a very intense orgasm. i gasped, my head spinning with the third instant surprise orgasm of the week.

i was very, very glad that i was still holding onto the door, as my legs started to shake. One or two people heard me making noise. i quickly had to tell them that i was just fine and had just stepped into a hole.

This anticipation and unpredictability are extreme turn-ons for me. I love never knowing what will happen, what little piece of pleasure or shame He has planted with my subconscious, marion. It makes everything in life a little brighter, more interesting... i find myself looking at everything around me, wondering if it will be a cue, if now is the moment that something wild is going to happen.

Today i found myself wandering in the park, looking at how many people were around, thinking to myself, "Could it be the kids on the swings, the big black dog running across the baseball field, or maybe just the fact that it's a sunny day?" What tiny little detail could next send me flying?

This works because i trust D. i know that He wouldn't put me in danger physically or mentally. i'm turned on because i know that He might embarrass or humiliate me, but that it won't be in a situation that would cause me to lose friends or my job.

These shameful moments are not just about D getting off on embarrassing me, though i'm fairly certain that He enjoys them. In fact, i would guess that they do far more for me. They allow me to feel connected to Him, to know that He controls me. And they allow me to express my devotion in ways that test but do not hurt me.

Through this shame he also allows me to explore my darker side -- the part of me that enjoys being embarrassed and humiliated and made to feel small. These are things that most people would never guess about me, but that i can share and enjoy with Him.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

On Our Minds

There's a lot going on... Here are some quick notes.

* In case you've not seen it already, be sure to check out HypnoSexy. Lex and Playgirl are applying trance, triggers and posthypnotic surprises to all sorts of erotic games. And they're telling about it all from both perspectives.

We're especially pleased to know about their adventures because it adds to the size of the "club" -- couples we know of who have tapped into the surprisingly powerful subconscious to enhance their games. Truly, the world needs to know about this... If you trust your partner already, just imagine how much more pleasure you could give each other by applying hypnosis.

* And while we're on that theme... Any authentic hypnotherapists who would like to comment on this use of hypnosis? I've been reading clinical hypnosis textbooks lately for ideas, and I am surprised to see essentially nothing about this potential use of hypnosis to weave posthypnotic illusions and control. You'd think the professionals would have mentioned it by now, since surely they're aware of it.

* From the email box: How's Rosie? Answer: She's proving herself to be a terrific robomaid. Turns out she's pretty good at cleaning bathrooms too, not just doing the laundry. And e is really enjoying the breaks in the hot tub.

* More email: Any risk that e will tell one of her friends about her new hot tub, or her new maid? Answer: Boy, we hope not. e was fully involved in the discussion about setting up a robomaid, and even picked out the hot tub. So she knows it's an illusion, even as she enjoys it. Now, if I were wicked, I could tell her to be convinced that the hot tub is real, which would eventually have very awkward results. But I won't go there.

* Public orgasms: In case you're keeping a scorecard? c had another swimming pool orgasm the other day, again at the half-mile mark, but this time she was prepared for it... And e reported here on Thursday about her orgasm on the swings in the park... What's new is that yesterday afternoon e went for a long walk in the sunshine, stopped to admire some flowering cherries, and was very glad to have the tree trunks to lean against for support. Her gasps got a couple people nearby to turn and look, but otherwise she stayed composed. It was a while before she was able to walk again.

* What's with the public shame? You know, I don't think we've fully explained this. A few readers are clearly uncomfortable with some of the things (wetting, cumming) that e and c do in public. Just for the record, it's not because K and I are evil bastards. It's because e and c happen to love the emotional rush of public shame and embarrassment. As long as it's done "safely," they crave it. e's comment after yesterday's orgasm: "It was perfect."

* Drop us a line. Our email addresses are tucked slightly out of the way, but they are on the Contributors pages, listed at right. We'd love to know about your own adventures, or any private questions and comments.