Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do you remember?

Turning the tables on her husband K, hypnoslave c has  hypnotized him a couple of times recently. She sends his conscious mind off somewhere, to the pub I suppose,  while she talks with his subconscious. It's his voice, but ... sounds nothing like him. The main challenge   is that his subconscious just isn't very interested in her games. "No, don't wanna do it" seems to be one of its favorite phrases.

But his subconscious did go along with one adventure. She was able to give K an erotic scene with another woman, while he lay tranced in bed one day. Unlike c, who writhes around and cries out during hypno sex, K just lay there, she says. But she knows the scene took hold in his mind. Next day he came home and reported in all seriousness that it had occurred that day. She plans to break the news to him soon that one of his more vivid memories was entirely a creation of her wicked imagination.

Planted memories are one of the more powerful uses of hypnosis. For a long time, I was not very imaginative about the possibilities. I  planted all sorts of silly memories (someone who would never do so reporting having eaten at McDonald's... someone else who would never do so reporting peeing in desperation in a ditch), but I didn't put the power to much good use.

Then I was faced with an interesting request one day. A hypnosub I'd known for a while was going to meet up with a woman friend. She knew the friend had the hots for her. She wanted to make love with her friend, but was very, very nervous. And when she gets nervous, she freezes up. Could I help her get over her inhibitions?

The problem, I realized, was not anything about bisexuality. My friend was just very nervous about doing it the first time. So the solution was simple. I made it be her second time. 
I gave her a ready-made memory of the first time she had had sex with a woman. It was years ago, I decided, with a woman she'd known slightly at the time. It involved a late night and some alcohol, so the memory didn't have to be too vivid. She just needed to know that she and another woman had pleased each other quite happily once before.

Now the trick with planted memories is not to draw attention to them. Raise no suspicions. Let them lie there, like an ordinary memory, waiting to be accessed when appropriate. Sure enough, on her way out the door to her first date with a woman, she told me how much she was looking forward to her second date with a woman.

They had a wonderful time.