Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hi All
I can't begin to say how busy and painful the past few weeks have been with work and family commitments along with the rehab on my back injury that is going too slow for my liking and i can't begin to say how sorry i am for not posting sooner.

Truth is i haven't had that many adventures, pain management has the the priority when it has come to hypnosis but that hasn't really helped much. However i had an amazing experience during one of my away times that i wanted to tell you all about. I'm sure you have all read in a previous blog about my amazing hypno present last year and i assume i was sent away so that K and megan can plan something out, i try not to think about it too much. When it comes to Christmas i am like a 3 year old i love it so much so i was sent to be an elf working for Santa! I know it sounds kooky but the hypno places i get to go to open my eyes to a world i have never seen and experiences beyond the realm of dreams. Those of you who are playing with hypnosis i urge you to give your subject a place to go to that will give them an experience they will never forget!

hope to give you more detailed accounts in the new year
Merry Christmas
c x

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for your thoughts

Hi all
Firstly thank you so much for all your thoughts over what has been a trying few months. You may be pleased to know that i am finally starting to slowly recover from the trauma my poor back sustained and although hypno is unable to help with the pain i have found (with the help of my doctors) a concoction of pain killers that make my pain manageable. I have experienced all of the ideas that you have posted on the blog and i feel honoured that you would come up with such creative ideas for little old me! There isn't one i could pick as a favorite as they are all so new and unique they were such fun to experience and intensely pleasurable too.

I'm sure we'll get back to regular posting soon
c xxxxx

Friday, August 22, 2008

Helping c experience new things!

Hi all, megan here your friendly subconscious of c. K has requested that i post something on this blog to assist a hypno effect that was suggested to him by wompa in the previous blog. Wompa suggested that we get you guys to add comments on things you would like c to experience and i would work to ensure that she experiences it as she reads the comments
(and then the effect/scene ends when she has finished the experience). Thing is as soon as she reads this post she will forget it's content but will remember the comments exist so she will come back and check regularly.

So some info you need before you suggest your ideas...c is pretty much limitless and enjoys pretty much everything so do not think she will not enjoy your comment because chances are she will love it. Stretch your imagination (i like a challenge) c has a very experienced master in K so any experiences that are new to her she will enjoy all the more. Make it dirty, kinky, erotic or whatever floats your boat.

I'm sure she will enjoy it, in fact, I'll make sure she does.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pain in flight

Hi all,

It has been far too long since i updated my adventures and i just wanted to let you know that i'm still exploring new areas with K and D. K has been creative as of late and has come up with a new idea for my away time....

I can FLY! I know sounds really odd but i now can soar above the sky and have flown over various landmarks and spent a long time sitting on top of Buckingham Palace the other day! In real time I'm not sure how long it lasted but complete freedom is something i have always desired and flying certainly makes me feel free.

Also this past weekend i managed to have my entire body covered in clothes pegs and never felt a thing. Honestly, i even watched K attach some of them and i was pegged from head to foot and i felt as though i was just lying there for a rest, no numbness or pinching just chilled while he covered me from head to toe. At first i believed it was illusion especially as i didn't feel anything even as i watched him remove them but the marks that appeared on my skin the next morning proved that it actually happened! Luckily they were gone after a few hours!

Any suggestions of things K, D or myself should try?

(PS: D thank you for the surprise!!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Something Missing?

Hey, here's a lesson in humility.

As you may have noticed, I'm fond of leaving little surprises for a hypno sub to experience a few hours later, after we've spoken. I'm single-handedly responsible for so many unexpected orgasms in coffee cafes that Starbucks is going to hire me as a consultant.

A couple of days ago, I quietly slipped an instruction into an early morning chat with a new Canadian friend.

"When you're out shopping this morning, you'll discover that you're not wearing any panties. And you'll find them in your purse."

That afternoon, I had a lovely report in my e-mail inbox:

"Imagine my surprise when I got out of the car at the bank today, and the wind blew my skirt. I felt the breeze on my pussy, and realized I had no panties on... Then I went into the bank and opened my purse to take out my deposit (in front of the teller), and had to very quickly push to the bottom of the purse, the lacy blue thong that was in there. I turned beet red, but I'm sure it didn't even register with her.

"I found it very exciting and decided to leave those panties off for the duration of the trip.

"Thank you for the surprise! It was so much fun."

Well, naturally I had to try the same stunt with someone else. So I slipped it into a text chat with a very obedient woman in Texas:

"Sometime this morning, you'll discover that you're not wearing panties. And you'll find them in your bag."

At lunchtime I checked my e-mail.

She was laughing at me.

She'd opened her purse, all right, and found a pair of panties all right.

But it's not like any were missing. I hadn't known this, but she doesn't ever wear them!

Took a while for her to figure out that they were part of a trick that backfired. But after she did, her message to me had a lot of lmao in it.

Back to the drawing board.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I Heart you....

Hi guys and gals,

Seems like it's been far too long since i posted an update on here so i figured now would be as good a time as any....this blog will just be a quick update as to how i'm finding all these subtle alterations to my life and how i hope things will progress from here.

K has been really imaginative lately and i know you have seen that from the posting D made recently. It's so strange being unable to tell my husband and Master that i love him (although it seems i can still type it) yet i'm still able to get the sentiment across by saying "I heart you". It is the strangest substitution and i always feel silly when i say it but it also makes me smile as it shows me he has ultimate control over me and that is something a "good girl" like me craves.

The underwater thing is a whole side of things i want to progress further. I know it's been mentioned that we do experiment with breath play but we do it consentually and while i respect peoples opinions i hope people will respect mine. I have been swimming since i was 2 and am an extremely strong swimmer, trained diving instructor and also a freediver so i already have some great breath control. I think this hypno thing will help me a lot further with the freediving as it seems to be increasing my ability to stay underwater. This is something we really want to work on!

I am at home underwater, for many months now my "escape" place has been sitting on a rock under the sea watching the ocean around me, as well as my all important igloo!

Things are just getting better and better, spontaneous orgasms, random people for me to play with and D appearing in my house randomly when i know he is elsewhere never ceases to amaze me!

Long live hypno fun!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding Your Own Hypno Slave

How can you find someone who wants to be hypnotized? Or who wants to hypnotize you?

It can be surprisingly hard. 'Hypnosis' is not found on most of the kink and BDSM check lists, so the curious don't have many opportunities to announce their interest.

Here are two happy exceptions to that:

CollarMe has long included hypnosis on its list of interests, so users can include it in their profiles, and you can search for it. I've talked with a number of submissives there who are curious about hypnosis and eager to explore.

Now there's a new and very promising social networking site, FetLife, which has added hypnosis to its fetishes list. There are more than a dozen people into hypnotism, more every day. (Also, I've just opened a discussion group there, on Erotic Hypnosis. Stop by and register your thoughts about Orgasm on Command, our first topic.)

All in all, the world of kink seems to be opening its mind to mind control.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Imagination Enhanced

K and c are just too busy exploring the world of mental illusions to send back enough reports. I have to go tracking them down to get their updates. OK, partly that's because they were on vacation for a couple of weeks, and fucking like bunnies. Partly it's because c spent a full day curled up in the cage. Without her mobile, apparently.

Anyway, the latest report shows that, after a year of putting hypnosis and mind control to work on his wife, K is far from running out of clever ideas.

* He's changed her vocabulary, made a few word-for-word substitutions. For instance, when c now tries to say "I love you," it comes out, "I heart you."

* Johnny Depp no longer sings to her from the passenger seat on her drive to work each day. No, now he shares their bed each night.

* And most intriguing, when they had a huge Jacuzzi tub on vacation, K told her to hold her breath, slide entirely under water, and stay as long as she wanted. "My heart slowed way down, I could feel it, I just relaxed, and it felt like hours and hours. It was wonderful," she says. K reports that it was actually six or seven minutes -- which itself is truly remarkable.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Here's a powerful effect that boils down to a simple idea: Don't let your subject hear what you're saying.

I'll explain more in a moment, but here's how Geneva, whom I play with online from a thousand miles away, describes the feeling.

"When I first started talking to D online, I was skeptical about how well the hypnosis thing would work for me. I soon found out just how well it does work. In the beginning I heard each word He said. He would talk to me and help me to relax. Then suggest experiences that would become very real to me. I did come to love His voice… pardon the pun. He has taken my mind to places I've never been, as well as helped me to revisit places I have, and that I miss.

"My sexual experiences under hypnosis have been phenomenal! But my experiences have changed. Where I used to hear every word spoken, now His words seem to melt into the experiences. Yes, melt is a good description. I will be talking with Him and suddenly His voice is melting into me. It's as if I can actually feel it. I am transported from where I sit to another place. I can see, hear, feel things that weren't there the moment before. I hear Him… but I don't at the same time."

The key to the technique is for the subconscious to be able to block memories. (I know that's something that c's subconscious does readily, and so did e's. Geneva's subconscious turns out to be able to do that too.)

Here's how it came about. Geneva loves the sensations and gyrations and visual illusions that I tell her subconscious to produce. But it finally occurred to me that these effects were being 'filtered' a bit, as she would first hear me give a command, then have a few moments to think about it consciously before it occurred. So it was still a little artificial.

How much more vivid, I wondered, if she never saw it coming?

A lot more vivid, it turns out.

I told her subconscious: From now on, any time I give a specific instruction for Geneva to feel or do, just carry it out without letting her conscious mind grasp the words.

Now, in mid-conversation with me, without warning, she finds herself flying. Or bent over the couch. Or strung up somewhere. Or serving anonymous strangers. I direct the scene with a few words, but her subconscious fills in all the blanks -- and all her holes.

"I hear you, but I don't hear you," is how she describes it. "And sometimes you're completely gone."

Then I tried the same effect with LG. Even after I described it, she was pretty skeptical. In deepest trance she uses the sound of my voice, if not my actual words, as a sort of lifeline that she holds on to. She thought she couldn't give up on the sound of my voice. Also, her subconscious happens to resist any instructions that aren't directly related to sex, food or sleep, and memory play has never really worked.

Well. Turned out that LG's subconscious was interested after all. After a few words of instruction, and waking LG up again, I'm now able to give her verbal instructions that she can't hear at all, and simply experiences without warning. The gasps of amazement are worth all the trouble.

Has anyone else tried the same thing?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Girl, Bad Girl

My method, such as I have one, is to keep doing the things that seem to work. One thing I find myself saying really often, in mid-scene, is, "Good girl!" It always seems to get a good response.

But, why is that? Just seeing the words written down, they feel like a paternalistic put-down, something last said at age 7. But we're not playing with age here. The subs I've played with are not into pet play or being minimized. Several over the years have commented on it themselves: "I wonder why I like it so much when you say that?"

I asked c the other day what it feels like to be called a good girl.

"This is so weird," she said, giggling. "Just hearing you say the words made my shoulders go back, made my boobs go up, and put a really big smile on my face!"

As it happens, her husband K had raised the same topic last week, she said. "He asked me whether I had any idea how my body reacted when he said, 'Good girl,' " c told me. "He says my eyes change, and my face relaxes."

c thinks it's a built-in approval-seeking desire that we all have, that's particularly strong in submissives.

"It makes me feel happy and proud," she said.

I've asked a few other subs about it. "It's not about my father," one said. "I disowned him."

"I'd never tolerate anyone else saying that to me," another one said. "But in the middle of a scene, it just makes me feel like I'm doing everything right."

The opposite phrase produces an equally opposite reaction.

"I'm not a bad girl," c says. "K can call me a naughty girl, or anything else, it makes me hot. But if he says, 'Bad girl,' I just freeze up."

I'll try to learn from that too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All of the Above

My friend K and his hypnoslave c have been on this adventure for more than a year now. Far from getting bored with it, they've simply built it into everyday life. In very clever ways.

They went to see Juno a couple nights ago. Now, as longtime visitors here know, K and c really like to play sexually in crowded theaters. The main limit on them is that c gets a little shy about behaving so outrageously in the middle of a crowd. No problem this time: The theater was empty. Not a seat was taken. Oddly, c says, she could hear a theater full of people, but she couldn't see any of them. So when the film began, it was just c and K and the film. They had a lovely time. (Apparently, so did a couple just a few seats away. c heard a belt buckle being undone. 'Do you want to see?' K asked her. 'No! What if she's sucking his cock?')

Anyway, they had such a carefree time in the empty theater that as they were walking out, c discovered that she was now wearing clamps on her nipples.

More everyday life: c drives half an hour each way to work. She commutes with Johnny Depp. He's not there all the time. Just when she turns on the music, there he is sitting beside her, big as life and smiling that spooky smile. Radio on? It's Capt. Jack Sparrow. CD? It's Sweeney Todd. He puts his hand on hers on the gear shift and sings to her. But Depp is a little unpredictable. Once he turned up as Willy Wonka. (I suspect that one was Megan's idea.)

Let's see. Then there are the wrestlers that keep showing up at her house. Me, I know nothing of wrestlers, but c does. She thinks they're pretty hot. They keep appearing at the door to come inside and fuck her. She lets them, although she reports one drawback: 'Wrestlers have muddy shoes.' I think it's this last detail that makes c just a little nervous. The scenes with the visiting wrestlers are so utterly vivid that she sometimes wonders if it's really one of the neighbors who keeps coming to visit, and just his face and body that she's remolding in her mind.

Knowing K, I would say that is extremely unlikely, but, hey miss c, did it occur to you that they might all be me?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Unstoppable

Our dear slave c has been going through some tough times at work, and she's been hit with every virus in circulation this winter. Still, she is *always* horny, and always up for adventure.

The other day I tried out my new trick on her, over the phone.

"Put your hands on your knees. OK, the right hand can slide up and down your thigh, and as it does so, it adjusts your arousal up or down. Meanwhile your left hand, sliding up and down your left thigh, controls how badly you need to pee. OK, now slowly slide both hands up your thighs."

She loved it. But before she could get her hands all the way to the tops of her thighs -- and god knows what would have happened then -- she was so turned on that her hands leaped to her pussy, where she started rubbing. She couldn't help herself, she said.

OK, so we'll try that trick again another time. Meanwhile, she clearly needed pleasuring, so I tried something else we hadn't done in a while: Unassisted phone sex. Every once in a while, we have a session where Megan doesn't step in to help at all, where it's entirely my voice and c's imagination going at it, one on one. Sort of like an "unplugged" session on MTV. Sort of.

It's nice to know that the old-fashioned methods still work, you know? She showed that she still can vividly experience, all on her own, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex (yeah, in that order, sort of messy), and then cum so hard that she squirts. That kind of imagination ... whew, what if we all had that?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Attending the Party

Wow....reading Megan's entry sure makes me appreciate more the effort that K puts into making these incredible experiences....

For a long time now i have had a big fantasy about being with a large group of men but have never chased that for a few very obvious reasons but K still found a way of letting me experience it.

Intense? Exhausting? Incredible? All words i could use to describe my day with all those wonderfully skilled men yet none of them seem to do it justice....

Writhing was a word that Megan used and K has told me i did a lot of that but all i recall is lots of cock and cum....everywhere.... I could feel it on my skin, slipping down my throat and filling my pussy and ass...The orgasms (some of them squirting) were incredible and yet part of me knew that this "day" was not real but i sure as hell enjoyed it.

The look on K's face when i awoke from exhaustion was the best Christmas present of all...I can't wait to see what these guys have planned for me next....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creating a Party

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except ... up in her bedroom...c was writhing around in endless lust.

More about her shortly.

Things have been pretty chaotic for me lately, with the progress I've made on communication "through" c, holiday events, and c and I both being ill. But what really exhausted me was preparing for c's Christmas present.

K wanted to get her a special present this Christmas, as it will have been almost a year since I was factored into their relationship. We spent a lot of time working out the ultimate gift.

c has always wondered what it would be like to be fucked by a lot of men (20 to be precise), and K requested that she could have that as part of her Xmas present. He told me I was to have 20 men appear (the men being c's favourite men to look at) and have them play with her for roughly 2 hours or until she was not able to cum any more.

And so it happened. Into a couple of hours on Christmas Eve, I crammed a full day worth of sex for c. I ensured that she was kept amused for the whole time, while K watched the action.

K says: "Watching her writhe around, her mouth, pussy and ass opening to receive invisible cocks, was the most impressive trick I have ever tried or seen. She spoke to each person, who ranged from D to Brad Pitt and David Boreanaz, and described what was happening to her in detail to me, as she was aware that I was sitting watching her. Afterwards she said…"thank you sir" and then fell asleep lying in a pool of her own cum with a big smile on her face."

This was a hard thing for me to do, and I was lucky she responded so well. I'm sure c will fill you in soon on the experience from her point of view.