Thursday, March 1, 2007

Doing It (Part 3)

Here's the third phase of instructions you can use for hypnosis. All the caveats from the first part apply here as well.

OK, you have just brought your sub into deep trance, and we'll assume it's for the first time ever.

You'll be tempted to immediately act out your favorite sex puppet fantasy, but I recommend that you use this first trance for some important setup work. Install two simple instructions, one at a time. For each of them, tell her that after she awakes, her conscious mind won't remember or even hear the instruction when it's given, but that she will obey it without hesitation or thought. It's a good idea to slowly repeat each instruction a couple of times.

The first instruction is an "anchor" that you plant right here, so you can bring her back to full trance whenever you need to. For instance, tell her that whenever you touch her forehead, or say "sleep," she will immediately return here.

The second instruction is designed to be a "convincer" for after she wakes up the first time, to show her immediately the power of her own mind, in a non-threatening way. A classic is to have her hand float up and stick to her forehead, but you can improvise here.

End this first trance (she'll be back here in a minute) by repeating the instructions, telling her she'll be refreshed and alert when she wakes up, but pointing out that her hand should stay glued to her forehead. Then wake her up gently with "at the count of three" or whatever.

When she wakes she will stretch, smile, say that was nice, and then notice her hand. Tell her to try to remove it... She probably won't be able to. Point out how this demonstrates the potential of her subconscious to control her body. Be kind, not gleeful. Tell her that you'll put her arm back to normal by putting her back into a trance. Then before the conversation goes on much longer, invoke the trigger to take her there.

(Few things are as hot as watching a sub collapse into trance at the sound of a single word.)

Repeated wake/trance cycles seem to help the mind practice this dive, getting better at it each time. It's a good idea to reinforce it with a few gentle words reminding her of the great relaxation here and how her conscious mind is busy elsewhere.

But you're probably eager to get on with interesting effects, so while she's here in the second trance let's install some.

* Some commands are meant to be scenes right here, in trance. She will act them out as though experiencing the illusions ("you're a hungry kitten"), but may not remember them when she wakes later.

* Other commands are meant to be "post hypnotic" triggers, meaning they take effect after she wakes up. Things like "after you awake, every time you hear your name, you'll laugh" fit this category.

* My favorite is the global trigger. Install it like this: "After you're awake, whenever you hear me say 'ocelot', whatever order immediately follows, you are to obey it without hesitation." As with the others, she should be told that her conscious mind won't even record the orders she hears; she will simply obey. The benefit is that you don't need to put her back into trance every time you have a clever idea.

Look through our other postings to get an idea of the kinds of instructions you can use -- altering sensations, behavior, memory, even gender.

Keep all these things simple and clear. You're addressing her subconscious, and you don't yet know how well it memorizes instructions, which senses it has the most control over, or how willing it is to obey.

Whatever instructions you install, remember to install a way to reverse them!

Now, give a final run-through of all instructions, tell her that her conscious mind will have no memory of the trance, and tell her to wake up fully alert on the count of three.


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Anonymous said...

What if a person is already sleeping? Can you use that as some kind of "shortcut" to hypnosis?
If that is the case, it might be a help for people having difficulty being hypnotized.

Semega said...

Interesting concept, at least in placing the deep trance command at that point during sleep.

Semega said...

Another question...can someone be "stuck" if a reverse command is not given?

Marc said...

Very nice guide i look forward to trying it someday

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi, I think the answer about sleeping is 'no', although I admit I've never tried to hypnotize someone then.

Sleep and trance are not the same -- in trance the mind is quite awake and active, even if the body is fully relaxed. So I have no idea whether the same voice instructions would register at all.

But hey, if you experiment and get some results, let us know.

HypnoMaster D said...

Can someone get "stuck" with a hypnotic command in effect?

I don't intend to find out, so I've given e a safeword good for canceling any command anytime in an emergency.

But yes I can picture a scenario where that could happen. If you forgot to "end" an effect, and the subconscious decided it was desirable to keep following the command, it could overrule the conscious mind.

There's no question that e has had occasional 'accidents' where an effect had inadvertent consequences because her subconscious kept it switched on. The time she wet herself in the kitchen is a good example.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that a person cannot be "stuck" unless they want to be. If they're in trance and there's no further input (the hypnotist quietly has a heart attack or something) at worst the trance will become a nap, from which they'll wake up anyway. If they're "stuck" in a post-hypnotic suggestion, eventually either it will fade or the "hidden observer" part of their subconscious will kick the suggestion to the curb - or reinterpret it to allow what needs adjustment.

Anonymous said...

As for sleep trancing, I've not actually tried that directly, but, with one particularly good subject a while back, a late night session had (as planned) ended with us sleeping (just sleep!) together (she having fallen asleep at my suggestion). I woke up first, and watched her sleep for a while. I said "dream" and she immediately started rapid eye movements; soon after that, I said "wake" and she woke up - at which point I dropped her into trance with her trigger. So there seems to be some access, but, like I said, I haven't tested further...


Anonymous said...

Regarding sleep trance, somewhere on the internet there is an ebook with a whole chapter (or maybe more) on inducing hypnosis while the subject is asleep, providing them with commands and anchors etc before explainign how to wake them up. I used to have a copy but cannot for the life of me locate it at the moment.

Cecily DeVille said...

I developed a similar system to this through my own experience and have gotten much inspiration from your blog, Thanks D!

Anonymous said...

This guide worked as an utter charm, thank you for your help in making my and several former lovers days.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks I think I can use what you never here to make my sub more under control and feel things more real