Monday, October 15, 2012

Playing with Personalities

"Please put your fingers in me," Gloria said in a rush. "Please, please, please."

This was not the Gloria I knew. This was Gloria the Bimbo, who could not think straight unless she was being filled. We'd just met. "Please, I need that," she said.

Gentleman that I am, I complied. Also, it was the only way to get her to settle down. She settled.
"What if my fingers weren't available? What would you otherwise do?"

"I'd find the closest thing within reach," she said, calmly. "It's what I need. This hunger is really strong."

Naturally, I pulled my fingers out, to see what would happen.

Gloria gasped, looked hurriedly around, grabbed the telephone handset, and swiftly shoved most of it inside. It was well-embedded, an impromptu G-spot dildo. I reached down and disconnected the curly cord for her.

This is why I love personality play -- to see who you are and what you're capable of doing, when I've isolated and distilled one narrow aspect of your character. You see, Gloria the Whole is strong, independent and smart, but all those things can disappear in a flash with some creative subtraction. In this case, I had suggested that Gloria the Whole still existed, but only when she was sliding something into herself. The rest of her existence became an addict's desperate need to do the filling, to stay whole.

In personality play, the results depend entirely on what you've removed. A few minutes earlier, I had met Gloria the Sex Servant, after subtracting her awareness of who, what, when and where -- but leaving intact all her memories of sexually pleasing people, whoever they were. As far as this Gloria knew, she had a single mission in life, she was trained for it, and she was very good at it. This utter devotion to service, and her ability to deliver on that, made her feel very calm and secure.

There is a strength and authenticity to these personalities that goes well beyond role-playing or acting out fantasies. Instead I am helping a subject to temporarily unveil one real component of their complex whole. It's akin to a sculptor's notion of exposing the object trapped inside a piece of stone. The results are pure and powerful, if a little stereotyped.

For instance, a trance partner I'll call Lillith is one of the most progressive, flexible and uninhibited people I know. Yet at one point in her life she embraced fundamentalist Christianity. Today's Lillith has no apparent traces of that trait. But it's still in there somewhere. And when I switch off everything else she knows and believes, out pops the fiercest, most sincere gospel thumper you have ever met. Hell, she even converses in lines from scripture. I mockingly call her Bible Lady, but seriously she is one scary true believer. (She is quite sure I'm Satan.)

Or, I can filter Lillith's life collection of ideas an entirely different way, leaving only this one notion she once found useful, that the man must always be treated as though he's infallible. Bingo: She is a fair replica of a Stepford wife.

"You're good at that.You're good at everything," the Stepford wife says breathily. (As I am doing evil things to her breasts.)

I learned a lot of this approach from another trance partner, who through hypnosis has identified parts of her own personality that specialize in her beauty, creativity, lust and so forth. In her case, the filtering is achieved by a novel method: fisting her to different depths. Summoning each facet in turn makes for a wild evening for everyone.

How can you call out one of these personalities?

First, I recommend this only for people with strong core personalities, who will be confident of returning, whole, afterward. It's unwise to play this game with someone whose self-identity is already subject to fragmentation.

Second, take advantage of the Global Suggestion, so you can fully discuss this with both the subconscious and the conscious self beforehand. Work out any concerns or details before you put the filters in place. Use clear and unique start/stop triggers.

Third, start with simple filters, to see how they play out. "Anal sex has never occurred to you before." "You are aroused now only in the garage." "Nudity still makes you blush."

Fourth, talk it over afterward. Gloria the Whole is still trying to wrap her head around Gloria the Bimbo.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Now free: the Global Suggestion hypnotic induction

Tell your friends: Now they can experience the Global Suggestion hypnotic induction, all 15 minutes of it, entirely for free. It's at my mp3 hypnosis site, After listening to the recording, they will know whether the method appeals to them and their subconscious.
Let me know what you think of it!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Assembling a scene

Hypnotists, you know that confidence is key. And when you bring someone out of that initial trance, it's good to know beforehand which wild-ass effects are likely to work for that person.

That knowledge is not so accessible with "ordinary" hypnosis. But the Global Suggestion gives you a way to inventory the nearly limitless possibilities.

Depending on the person you're playing with, the subconscious may have control over just a few aspects of the conscious self -- or many of them.

So, to find out efficiently what you have to play with, you can ask the subconscious about the handful of physical and mental "components" or building blocks from which almost any scene can be built.

"Are you able to control her arousal? Her sensations? Her emotions? Her body? Can you make her hear things, see things, taste things, smell things? Can you block a memory? Create a memory?" The subconscious usually knows what they can do, can't do, or might be able to do with some practice.

Then the answers to those questions can guide the effects you choose for your scenes -- with some confidence that they will work.

Even a small set of controls can be turned into hours of fun. For instance, let's see what you could do with some of those single modes,  used by themselves.

Control over the body: Turn them into a doll, or robot, or piece of art, for objectification of any sort. Pose them in public, in support of exhibitionism or humiliation. Bondage of course is simple. So is endless helpless sex. (As a photographer, I can vouch for the blessing of having a subject so frozen that she does not even blink.)

Control over arousal: Play with orgasm amplification, control, or denial. Launch them into the land beyond orgasm. Eroticize any object, touch, sight, sound or smell, in any combination or sequence. (Someone I know responds quite intensely to the sight of a particular green ballpoint pen, because that's all that was within reach at the time.)

Control over sensation: Deliver pleasure or torment with warm showers or cold showers, tingling or electric shocks, spankings or canings, lemonade or just lemons. Make them feel like they're nude. Or swimming. Or flying. (I play a lot with synesthesia, deliberately converting a touch to a favorite flavor or remapping a painful sensation as pleasurable.)

Control over memory: Temporarily hide awareness of parts of your scene: Forget inserting the dildo, forget that anyone else is in the room, forget moving to the couch, forget being hypnotized at all. (In one of my recent demos, a fully awake subject spent half the time topless, entirely unaware of it until I told her to look at her breasts.)

Control over images: We're in the mall. No, we're in the street. No, we're in your office. Look outside, it's sunny with palm trees. Now it's snowing pink snow. There's a rose on your desk. OMG, look at what's on your TV. Where'd your underwear go? (One of my favorite mindfucks: "When you open your eyes, all the colors will be reversed.")

Most people have control over more than one of these modes. It's most powerful to combine them in complementary ways, for instance having them hold and taste an object (blindfold them if they can't see the illusion anyway), or putting your objectified nude sculpture on display in a glass case at the library (if they can't hear illusory sounds).

At this point, any limitations are not those of the subconscious but of your imagination.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Methods: After "hello"

Once you've said hello to a subconscious, what do you say next? A hypnotist who read my Global Suggestion manual still feels awkward talking directly to a subconscious asked me for some tips.

My main tip: I have phrases that I use all the time, but that's just habit. It's not about the scripts or exact word choice, it's about your attitude and approach.

You and the subconscious are both checking each other out. The subconscious wonders if you're trustworthy. You're hoping to enlist the subconscious as an ally, and to do that you want to find out what what motivates them, what goals they try to achiev, and what methods are at their disposal.

The challenge for you is that the subconscious is usually not used to speaking with anyone, and may initially have few conversational skills. So if you make statements instead of asking questions, you may get silence. If you ask yes/no questions, you probably will get yes/no answers.

Instead, think of the subconscious as that shy person you draw out into conversation about themselves at a party. Keep drawing them out, one step at a time. And try the command form:

"Tell me what role you play in her life."
"Tell me what challenges you're helping her with."
"Tell me what she really craves."
"Tell me what you really crave."
"Why did you encourage her to seek out a hypnotist?"
"What can I do to help with that?"

Those should naturally lead in interesting directions.

I often throw in positive reinforcements: "That must be hard work... Good for you... That impresses me." But I don't expect a verbal response to these.

Then when I sense that the subconscious and I are communicating pretty well, I start asking about their ability to carry out the waking effects I want to achieve.

"When I tell her that my fingers are sliding up and down her spine, you can make that so. Yes?"

Notice the several ways that's different from:
"If I tell her to feel fingers running up and down her spine, can you make her feel that?"

Cast everything in as declarative and positive a form as you can, remove any "distancing" words like "feel," "appear" or "seem", and give the subconscious every chance to see success ahead.

When it's time to wake the conscious self back up, I tell the subconscious that I enjoyed talking with her and that I look forward to talking more soon.

At least these are the approaches that work for me.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now you can try this at home

Ever wondered what my hypnoslaves and hypnosluts have been experiencing? Now you can find out.

After years of popular demand -- well, a polite  request here and there -- I have finally captured the Global Suggestion induction in a recording. And just for fun I've recorded another dozen or so "advanced effects" as followups to the induction.

They are here in all their erotic hypnosis mp3 glory. Orgasm on command. Enhancing obedience. Deep trance. And useful things like hypnotic help with self-esteem, insomnia and menstrual cramps.

For hypnotists, I've added an instruction manual, so you can add Global Suggestion to your toybag. 

And for you faithful followers who have put up with the long gaps in this blog, here is a discount coupon code I'm listing only here. $5offBeforeFeb14 .

New: In response to popular demand: a free sample hypnotic trance induction

Erotic hypnosis for women at

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Going Global Again

Tams was sitting beside me, her right hand stuck firmly to the top of her head, her fingers wiggling impatiently while she waited for me to remember to undo the command. I have no idea what she was thinking.

Here's what I was thinking: "Damn, it works!"

I was in the midst of my second-ever public demonstration of the Global Suggestion, this time for an erotic hypnosis group in the Bay Area. And Tams had just helped me nail it.

After my first demonstration, last spring, I'd concluded that, for any future demos, having a subject already familiar with the Global Suggestion was crucial. I'd also decided to present the technique in reverse order -- to show off the impressive results first, before turning to the more subtle business of the induction and placement of the suggestion.

It was a perfect job for my hypnosub Shelly, who could not be more familiar with the ins and outs of this technique,  already knows some of this group's members and would cheerfully perform for me in public.

But to her frustration and mine, Shelly couldn't be there. I was going to have to trust that someone at the meeting would volunteer and respond well, for a method they'd never heard of.

Then, a week before the meeting, fortune smiled. Or Yahoo beeped, anyway.

It was Tams, on instant messenger, saying hi. We'd never met face to face, but four years earlier  I had tranced her online and installed the global suggestion. We'd played with it a bit, but reality intervened, our contact dwindled, and our last hello had been more than a year ago.

Now here she was again. She remembered me. I could bet that her subconscious remembered me. And she happens to live in the Bay Area. I suggested she attend the demonstration and help with my demo.

So that night, there we were, 15 of us in a big room, sitting in comfy chairs in a circle, with pizza in the middle.

I described the Global Suggestion  -- "Whatever I say, make it so". One of the merits, I said, is that, unlike many complicated hypnotic suggestions, it is so simple that the subconscious can remember it for years without reinforcement.

And to demonstrate that, here was my long-lost friend Tams.

I opened with a little scene. Imagine you're sitting next to each other at Starbucks, in a crowd, I said. Imagine you want to put a hypnosub through a little torment in public.

I told Tams to set her palms on the table ... and that they were stuck there. I told her that the smell of coffee was gradually raising her arousal. I told her that the sound of the espresso machine frothing up a drink was making her clench. And that each time I said "bang" she would feel a flogger across her upper back. Tams, very much a sensation fiend, felt every one of those things, immediately and vividly.

She responded so vividly that I had to admit to the group that I had tried out these little effects already, when I met her just before the meeting.

So then I threw in an effect that I was sure that Tams and her subconscious had not heard before.

Freeing her hands from the tabletop, I picked up her right hand and pointed to the palm. "Velcro," I said. Then I tapped the top of her head. "Velcro." Then I slapped her hand to the top of her head.

Bingo. She was stuck.

Damn. It works. It's really that simple.

And for the rest of the demo, I did not lack for volunteers.