Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pain in flight

Hi all,

It has been far too long since i updated my adventures and i just wanted to let you know that i'm still exploring new areas with K and D. K has been creative as of late and has come up with a new idea for my away time....

I can FLY! I know sounds really odd but i now can soar above the sky and have flown over various landmarks and spent a long time sitting on top of Buckingham Palace the other day! In real time I'm not sure how long it lasted but complete freedom is something i have always desired and flying certainly makes me feel free.

Also this past weekend i managed to have my entire body covered in clothes pegs and never felt a thing. Honestly, i even watched K attach some of them and i was pegged from head to foot and i felt as though i was just lying there for a rest, no numbness or pinching just chilled while he covered me from head to toe. At first i believed it was illusion especially as i didn't feel anything even as i watched him remove them but the marks that appeared on my skin the next morning proved that it actually happened! Luckily they were gone after a few hours!

Any suggestions of things K, D or myself should try?

(PS: D thank you for the surprise!!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Something Missing?

Hey, here's a lesson in humility.

As you may have noticed, I'm fond of leaving little surprises for a hypno sub to experience a few hours later, after we've spoken. I'm single-handedly responsible for so many unexpected orgasms in coffee cafes that Starbucks is going to hire me as a consultant.

A couple of days ago, I quietly slipped an instruction into an early morning chat with a new Canadian friend.

"When you're out shopping this morning, you'll discover that you're not wearing any panties. And you'll find them in your purse."

That afternoon, I had a lovely report in my e-mail inbox:

"Imagine my surprise when I got out of the car at the bank today, and the wind blew my skirt. I felt the breeze on my pussy, and realized I had no panties on... Then I went into the bank and opened my purse to take out my deposit (in front of the teller), and had to very quickly push to the bottom of the purse, the lacy blue thong that was in there. I turned beet red, but I'm sure it didn't even register with her.

"I found it very exciting and decided to leave those panties off for the duration of the trip.

"Thank you for the surprise! It was so much fun."

Well, naturally I had to try the same stunt with someone else. So I slipped it into a text chat with a very obedient woman in Texas:

"Sometime this morning, you'll discover that you're not wearing panties. And you'll find them in your bag."

At lunchtime I checked my e-mail.

She was laughing at me.

She'd opened her purse, all right, and found a pair of panties all right.

But it's not like any were missing. I hadn't known this, but she doesn't ever wear them!

Took a while for her to figure out that they were part of a trick that backfired. But after she did, her message to me had a lot of lmao in it.

Back to the drawing board.