Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snapping the Magic Fingers

Master D wrote a bit about playing with my memory in relation to negotiating very edgy play, so i thought i'd elaborate a little on a few situations that are related.

He has given me magic fingers. One snap can put me into an intense situation, or completely wipe my memory of something we've previously negotiated and agreed to.

The first time we tried this, it was just my magic fingers and i still had my memory completely intact. So i knew all along what would happen as soon as i snapped my fingers. It was a relatively simple instruction...snap your fingers, and you will instantly be frozen like a statue and completely 'naked' in a public place. i quickly found out that the hardest part of completing this task was actually forcing myself to snap.

i was out at dinner with friends, and with shaking hands brought my fingers together and snapped. it was a strange sensation, but one W/we had practiced a bit beforehand. i was suddenly and immovably frozen in my seat, convinced that i was completely naked in the middle of a crowded resturant. i'm not sure i even had the ability to blush at that point, i could only sit and take in the humiliation and embarrasment.

After about 15-20 seconds, i became unfrozen and was quite relieved that He hadn't 'programmed' me for long enough for anyone to really notice that i was 'gone'. At that point though i was definitely blushing. One of my friends asked if i was allright. This was slightly edgy, though not really dangerous, just toying a bit with my emotions and self consciousness about my body.

i had that first snap instruction for a while and used it a couple times, most memorably while out to dinner with my dad and his girlfriend.

With the first try being so successful, and having progressed in His command of my mind, Sir decided to negotiate something far edgier with me. W/we have been flirting on and off with shame and humiliation, something that both terrifies and excites me all at the same time. W/we, or rather He decided that i would find a local strip mall, somewhere i wouldn't know anyone and take a little trip. i would park the car some distance away and take a walk past some of the stores. When i found a spot that was suitable, with a few people around to witness, i would stop, and snap. This was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, but somehow i managed it.

My fingers snapped and everything went blank. i completely forgot why i was standing there or what was going on. The next thing i knew... i had completely let go of my bladder and my jeans were starting to get soaked. Completely humiliated and with no recollection of the conversation W/we had to negotiate this adventure, i made my way back to my car. My face was burning red as i took care to walk quickly enough that hopefully not too many people would see my shame-- without walking so fast that i'd attract extra attention. Somewhere deep inside my brain there was a nagging feeling that Sir was somehow involved in this though, i couldn't figure out how.

Opening the car door i was really surprised to see a towel and a change of clothes, but took immediate advantage and covered the seat while hopping into the car. i sat there shaking for a minute or two, not able to believe what had just happened to me, the shame of it almost overwhelming. i put the key in to start the car and as soon as the engine turned over, O/our entire previous conversation came flooding back to me.

i gasped and giggled in spite of myself -- which apparently is how i react fairly often when Sir gives me back a memory, but that's something for Him to tell you about......


Yora Vig said...

Wow, that's absolutly incredible! i just descovered hypnosis myself, and I must say this blog makes for a facinating read. Removing memories. I didn't realize you could do that with hypnosis. I mean I know about the typical "You will remember nothing while your in this trace" that Hollywood always puts on someone being hypnotised. But actually making someone not remember chunks of time? I'm facinated. Like I said, I just descovered hypnosis. So far I'm proving incredibly hard to fall into a trance. And even when I do, I've only had one trigger successfully stick. Every other one seems to fade away the next day. I think the biggest problem I have is I'm doing all of this so far via text. Which means typing a reply when asked. Which means being focused enough to find the key. Which ruins the trance.

HypnoMaster D said...

Thanks for your comments. Hypnotists sometimes try to induce amnesia for things said and done while in trance. Subjects seem to vary in their ability to respond to this, but the movie versions aren't bogus. ... On the other hand, I haven't yet found references to memory loss through post-hypnotic triggers, which is what we're doing, so I don't know how common this is.

Since the memory doesn't truly disappear forever -- it's still there when I permit her to remember it -- I think a better term might be "blocking" memories rather than "removing" memories.

I suspect that her subconscious has to work overtime to keep her from recalling significant facts or events. So I keep careful track of what she's presently 'forgetting' and restore it within a few days if not within a few hours.

The fact that you've been able to go into trance or have a trigger installed at all, when you're just responding to text, I think is really impressive. I agree, it is really hard to stay in trance if you have to type. With e, all the significant original work was via voice. Later on, I instructed her to accept text from me as though I had spoken it, which she now does.

HypnoMaster D said...

OK, now this is interesting. e had an accident yesterday. She absent-mindedly snapped her fingers while at home, triggering the full sequence of events. Oops. But she didn't fully realize what had happened for a few hours, because the instruction was that she'd regain that knowledge only when she started her car -- and she didn't happen to use her car until several hours later. Her subconscious is very carefully playing by the rules.

Yora Vig said...

Oh my! That funny. So she couldn't remember the conversation you had. Did she remember the same thing happened at the strip mall? Or did her subcontious block that out too?

HypnoSlave e said...

My subconscious blocked out everything, the conversation we had, that this has happened to me before...everything, until the trigger that allowed me to remember, which in this case was starting my car. i was really confused for most of the morning and then got a really good laugh over it when i realized what had happened while i was on my way to the grocery store. Though, i will admit when something like this happens i generally know that He is involved somewhere....but that's a good thing.

redmollie said...

" I think the biggest problem I have is I'm doing all of this so far via text. Which means typing a reply when asked. Which means being focused enough to find the key. Which ruins the trance."

Yora Vig, I have this problem too.