Saturday, March 3, 2012

Assembling a scene

Hypnotists, you know that confidence is key. And when you bring someone out of that initial trance, it's good to know beforehand which wild-ass effects are likely to work for that person.

That knowledge is not so accessible with "ordinary" hypnosis. But the Global Suggestion gives you a way to inventory the nearly limitless possibilities.

Depending on the person you're playing with, the subconscious may have control over just a few aspects of the conscious self -- or many of them.

So, to find out efficiently what you have to play with, you can ask the subconscious about the handful of physical and mental "components" or building blocks from which almost any scene can be built.

"Are you able to control her arousal? Her sensations? Her emotions? Her body? Can you make her hear things, see things, taste things, smell things? Can you block a memory? Create a memory?" The subconscious usually knows what they can do, can't do, or might be able to do with some practice.

Then the answers to those questions can guide the effects you choose for your scenes -- with some confidence that they will work.

Even a small set of controls can be turned into hours of fun. For instance, let's see what you could do with some of those single modes,  used by themselves.

Control over the body: Turn them into a doll, or robot, or piece of art, for objectification of any sort. Pose them in public, in support of exhibitionism or humiliation. Bondage of course is simple. So is endless helpless sex. (As a photographer, I can vouch for the blessing of having a subject so frozen that she does not even blink.)

Control over arousal: Play with orgasm amplification, control, or denial. Launch them into the land beyond orgasm. Eroticize any object, touch, sight, sound or smell, in any combination or sequence. (Someone I know responds quite intensely to the sight of a particular green ballpoint pen, because that's all that was within reach at the time.)

Control over sensation: Deliver pleasure or torment with warm showers or cold showers, tingling or electric shocks, spankings or canings, lemonade or just lemons. Make them feel like they're nude. Or swimming. Or flying. (I play a lot with synesthesia, deliberately converting a touch to a favorite flavor or remapping a painful sensation as pleasurable.)

Control over memory: Temporarily hide awareness of parts of your scene: Forget inserting the dildo, forget that anyone else is in the room, forget moving to the couch, forget being hypnotized at all. (In one of my recent demos, a fully awake subject spent half the time topless, entirely unaware of it until I told her to look at her breasts.)

Control over images: We're in the mall. No, we're in the street. No, we're in your office. Look outside, it's sunny with palm trees. Now it's snowing pink snow. There's a rose on your desk. OMG, look at what's on your TV. Where'd your underwear go? (One of my favorite mindfucks: "When you open your eyes, all the colors will be reversed.")

Most people have control over more than one of these modes. It's most powerful to combine them in complementary ways, for instance having them hold and taste an object (blindfold them if they can't see the illusion anyway), or putting your objectified nude sculpture on display in a glass case at the library (if they can't hear illusory sounds).

At this point, any limitations are not those of the subconscious but of your imagination.