Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Legend in her Own Mind

What did I say? Know your subject well, and you can give them the time of their life.

Take K. His wife and devoted slave c happens to be a passionate fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, and a fine musician too. After seeing the film Friday night, and focusing as much on the sound track as on the dialog, she sang little songs and pretended to be Jack Sparrow in the car on the way home.

She thought K was annoyed by her prattling, but actually he was scheming. He downloaded the soundtrack over the weekend, burned a CD, and had a chat with her subconscious.

Then he took c for a long drive today, with the CD in the player.

Every time the movie's theme popped up -- it's in about five of the tracks -- c turned into ... Jack Sparrow. Her face changed, her voice changed, she talked about the ship, she called him Beastie.

"Part of me knew I was me, but most of me totally believed I was actually on a ship," she says. "I was Jack Sparrow, telling people what to do, because I could see them and they weren't doing what I told them to do."

Then on the way home, K told her to drive. Whenever her musical cue came on, she turned into the captain at the wheel, steering the car like a ship.

"The other cars were like rocks I had to navigate around," she says, "although the ship was a little more responsive than most."

c admits that she'd rather be with Jack Sparrow than to be Jack Sparrow himself, but "it was great."

They're going back to see the film again tomorrow. "I am a bit obsessed," she says. No telling what will happen when the music swells ...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sensation Seeker

Eventually you learn how to wow them.

After leaving c somewhat underwhelmed by her experience with the silverware tray, I made a point of asking her what sort of waking illusion she'd really enjoy.

A rollercoaster, she said. There's one at a Six Flags resort -- she'd watched an online demo that particularly impressed her -- that she'd really like to ride someday.

I asked her to describe the ride in some detail. Something about lying down flat and spinning upside down, but I didn't pay much attention. I figured Megan her subconscious was taking notes.

OK, I said, maybe I can arrange something sometime.

Then I told her to forget that we'd talked about it. "Talked about what?" she said. Damn, that Megan is good.

Days passed, and c and I kept missing opportunities to connect again. I teased her a couple of times by saying that I had something special for her, that would take just a couple of minutes.

Finally yesterday she texted me to say she had a few minutes free. I wasn't near the computer, so I just phoned her.

I understand you're fond of Six Flags rollercoasters, I said, to give Megan a chance to cue it up. "Whaaat? How do you know that?" c said. Never mind, I said. You're going for a ride. Now.

"Whooooooah," c said. And "good thing I really like spinning around" and "Usually I close my eyes at this point, but I don't want to" and "whooooah" several times and "shhhhhhh" like she was shouting through clenched teeth and "I think I'm going to be sick." A few seconds later the ride ended, probably to avoid an accident.

"That was great!" c kept saying. "I loved it!"

Today's bottom line: Do your market research.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Trying Too Hard?

Today's installment falls into the category of: They're not always as impressed with your powers as you are.
c was in the kitchen a few days ago, making a sandwich. She glanced over to the tray where she keeps the silverware, and "they were all kind of shaking."
She thought, "Right ... OK..." and went back to buttering her bread.
Suddenly the butter knife flew out of her hand and stuck to her chest. Then all the knives, forks and spoons were flying at her, and clanging together against her breasts.
That's right. Magnetic nipples.
She spent about 10 minutes decorated that way before the cutlery all returned to its senses.
I was pretty proud of that idea, frankly.
Her response? "It was impressive, but I didn't find it arousing."
OK, OK, how about this one then?
c was looking at some hypno site listings on Google and noticed how many of them were about forced feminization.
"I'm going to go now, and read about feminization," she said.
"Not yet. Hang on," I said. The phrase "forced masculinization" came to mind.
"Have you ever had a cock?"
"For the next 10 seconds, you have a cock."
All I heard from her end were faint gasps, and "nooo" and "I'm scared."
Then her normal voice returned.
"It's wasn't very big," she said. "K's is bigger."
I give up. Back to the drawing board.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

You Are Not Alone

From the absence of "hypnosis" on most of those BDSM checklists, you might get the idea that your kink is strange and unusual, something that no one else shares or understands.

Well, I think I can reassure you that that is not the case.

Here is a sampling of the search terms that people have typed into Google, just this month, on their path to finding this site.

Is your deviance on this list?

hypnosis script bdsm
hypnotized to obey
hypnosis bondage
bladder clit wet myself orgasm
hypnotic humiliation
hypnotically compelled masturbation
hypnotist cock hypnotize
hypnosis masturbation
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play with her peehole
fully relaxed orgasm needle nipples
male hypnoslave
i want to be your hypnoslave my mistresses
"my life as a dog" bdsm
how to install a fetish in someone + hypnosis
your peehole is mine now mistress
hypnosis orgasm command
bladder clit "wet myself"
posthypnotic cum on command
peehole play
hypno dommes
kapow orgasm hypno
exhibitionism humiliation
hypno robot doll sexy girl
hypnotic command word orgasm bdsm
hypnotic transformations
hypno bondage
her peehole
humiliation cumming public
pierced my labia
orgasm on command techniques
hypnosis to change taste of cum
change taste of cum hypnosis
hypnosis humiliation
hypnotize for bed pee
hypnosis hypnotized sub trance
male masturbation ideas/techniques
mind control hypnosis pee

Yes, you're seriously twisted. I love it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Awake and Enchanted

My friends c and K have been talking about getting a new house. That gave me an idea. I was chatting via Yahoo Voice with c today, while she sat in her bedroom. I asked her what she'd like a new bedroom to look like. "A sea theme," she said, "with blue walls, and yellows and greens."

OK, it looks like that right now, I said.

Long pause. "Oooooh," she said. "But the yellow's too bright." OK, tone down the yellow, I said. "That's better." And the window now looks out on the ocean. She went over to open the curtains and look out. "This is freaky," she said. "I'm in Portugal." She didn't like the view from the first floor, so I raised the bedroom to the second floor. She missed the trees she usually sees out the window, so I added a bit of palm tree in front of the blue sky.

She seemed to like the effect so far. So I changed her clothes into a swim suit and gave her flipflops. The warm sun, the now bright room, and (for some odd reason) the carpet being changed into a sand floor, suddenly gave her an urge to relax and take a little nap. She woke up a few minutes later feeling the cares of the day long gone.

It's all an example of a hypnotic effect that gets too little use: The waking illusion.

Sure, you can give someone illusionary scenes while they're in a trance, but those memories are sometimes lost when they wake up. And while subjects are awake it's common to give them "little" illusions of things like specific objects. But this is much more vivid, and lands the subject in the middle of a scene.

I'm a big fan of the full-on illusionary scene delivered to an otherwise awake person, a sort of technicolor posthypnotic effect. I love it because it means I can talk her through it, listen to her reactions moment by moment, and steer it in whatever direction I want to as it occurs.

Besides, it's a thrill to hear her gasp and say, "What a mindfuck."