Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Pleasure Rediscovered

It was a sunny day, so i went for a walk to the park this afternoon. When i got there, i noticed some strange-looking seats attached to chains. Clearly, i had no idea what they were for.

Now, i did think this was a little strange, since i’ve been going to the park my entire life and it seemed like i really should know what they were. As i was standing there pondering what to do next, D showed up out of thin air.

This should have seemed odd, but i think in the last few months my sense of ‘odd’ has been skewed a bit, so i just went with it. He came over and gave me a hug and led me toward the strange apparatus.

"Sit down and hold on e," he said. "Let me show you how this works."

So i sat, held on, and held my breath, waiting to see what would happen next. All of a sudden i was being pushed through the air, D’s hands pressing against my back each time i fell backwards out of the sky. i started to giggle and grin ... "Hey, this is pretty fun."

"Pump your legs back and forth e, it will make you go higher."

Each trip back and forth brought me closer to the clouds, laughing, smiling, free and happy. With the wind rushing through my hair and the sun on my face, i didn’t think things could get much better.

My stomach was all fluttery from the 'new' sensation of semi-weightlessness each time i peaked at the top of my ride. The feeling started to travel lower and lower, and my giggles and grins turned to moans and whimpers.

Looking around as my face started to flush, i was relieved to see the rest of the park basically empty. I swung higher and higher, pumping my legs, D watching from the side ... smirking. Panting and wiggling, i pressed my thighs together tightly, closed my eyes and came hard, my hands wrapped snugly around the chains of the swing.


Semega said...

Quite poetic.
What a wonderous ability. The Title had me thinking something completely differnt, and then you take it off on this tangent. Wow, to experience something old as new again a a maturity that can appreciate it, limitless, new sights, feelings, sounds, how about taste? How to describe the taste of orange to someone who never had one?

HypnoMaster D said...

I love how she wrote this up. Not only had she forgotten what a 'swing' was, she had forgotten that we'd discussed this whole scenario a day or so beforehand.

So in fact she could pick out the experiences she'd like to experience anew ... which could be an interesting list, come to think of it.