Tuesday, February 26, 2008

All of the Above

My friend K and his hypnoslave c have been on this adventure for more than a year now. Far from getting bored with it, they've simply built it into everyday life. In very clever ways.

They went to see Juno a couple nights ago. Now, as longtime visitors here know, K and c really like to play sexually in crowded theaters. The main limit on them is that c gets a little shy about behaving so outrageously in the middle of a crowd. No problem this time: The theater was empty. Not a seat was taken. Oddly, c says, she could hear a theater full of people, but she couldn't see any of them. So when the film began, it was just c and K and the film. They had a lovely time. (Apparently, so did a couple just a few seats away. c heard a belt buckle being undone. 'Do you want to see?' K asked her. 'No! What if she's sucking his cock?')

Anyway, they had such a carefree time in the empty theater that as they were walking out, c discovered that she was now wearing clamps on her nipples.

More everyday life: c drives half an hour each way to work. She commutes with Johnny Depp. He's not there all the time. Just when she turns on the music, there he is sitting beside her, big as life and smiling that spooky smile. Radio on? It's Capt. Jack Sparrow. CD? It's Sweeney Todd. He puts his hand on hers on the gear shift and sings to her. But Depp is a little unpredictable. Once he turned up as Willy Wonka. (I suspect that one was Megan's idea.)

Let's see. Then there are the wrestlers that keep showing up at her house. Me, I know nothing of wrestlers, but c does. She thinks they're pretty hot. They keep appearing at the door to come inside and fuck her. She lets them, although she reports one drawback: 'Wrestlers have muddy shoes.' I think it's this last detail that makes c just a little nervous. The scenes with the visiting wrestlers are so utterly vivid that she sometimes wonders if it's really one of the neighbors who keeps coming to visit, and just his face and body that she's remolding in her mind.

Knowing K, I would say that is extremely unlikely, but, hey miss c, did it occur to you that they might all be me?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Unstoppable

Our dear slave c has been going through some tough times at work, and she's been hit with every virus in circulation this winter. Still, she is *always* horny, and always up for adventure.

The other day I tried out my new trick on her, over the phone.

"Put your hands on your knees. OK, the right hand can slide up and down your thigh, and as it does so, it adjusts your arousal up or down. Meanwhile your left hand, sliding up and down your left thigh, controls how badly you need to pee. OK, now slowly slide both hands up your thighs."

She loved it. But before she could get her hands all the way to the tops of her thighs -- and god knows what would have happened then -- she was so turned on that her hands leaped to her pussy, where she started rubbing. She couldn't help herself, she said.

OK, so we'll try that trick again another time. Meanwhile, she clearly needed pleasuring, so I tried something else we hadn't done in a while: Unassisted phone sex. Every once in a while, we have a session where Megan doesn't step in to help at all, where it's entirely my voice and c's imagination going at it, one on one. Sort of like an "unplugged" session on MTV. Sort of.

It's nice to know that the old-fashioned methods still work, you know? She showed that she still can vividly experience, all on her own, anal sex, vaginal sex, oral sex (yeah, in that order, sort of messy), and then cum so hard that she squirts. That kind of imagination ... whew, what if we all had that?