Monday, March 26, 2007

Incidents and Accidents

e hasn't been subject to much humiliation or public shame lately. But the same is not true of c. Her husband K has been applying posthypnotic commands whenever possible, to make her public life rather unpredictable.

K uses all sorts of trigger types, to keep c unaware of his methods. Sometimes it's simply a matter of his saying a particular word. Sometimes there's a time delay built in. Sometimes the trigger is an event. And sometimes when it's too complicated, he just pops her into trance and plans the whole thing out with her subconscious, Megan.

This is nothing new. Out to dinner with friends a while back, c kept having to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. She eventually figured out that the word "boxing," a topic of the night's conversation, was triggering it. Another time, she was standing in a parking lot when suddenly, she says, "I zoned out" and she found her pants soaked with urine. She wanted to jump into her car to hide ... but it was brand new and she didn't really want to soak the seats. She doesn't yet know how he triggered that one.

Her shame quotient went up considerably on Saturday. Saturday morning she went to the swimming pool by herself. Beforehand, she happened to mention to K how much the lifeguards love to watch her emerge at the end of each lap -- she's pretty busty -- so much so that they casually circle the pool deck so as to be at her end of the pool. She also mentioned how proud she is whenever she hits the half-mile mark, on the way to a full mile. She counts every lap.

So on Saturday morning, at precisely one-half mile, she orgasmed. She sank to the bottom of the deep end, mothers and children shouted, the lifeguards leaped to her assistance, and she bobbed to the surface still spasming. She reports that she swam the second half-mile much faster than usual, just to get out of there.

That afternoon, K and c were at the supermarket. He told her she was going to have some fun. Nearly done with shopping, standing by the bread, she suddenly moaned and leaned against the cart for support as she orgasmed. Once again, mothers and children pointed and shouted. K told one concerned man that she has these spells occasionally, and that she'd be all right. She was deeply embarrassed; this is their neighborhood store. K says she was a little louder than he intended, but the results were gratifying. Again, she's not aware of the trigger, and I'm not going to tell.

Then that night, they went out out to the movies, to see "300". He'd been working all week with Megan to script this one. As c sat down, she noticed me coming into the row and sitting down right beside her. This shocked her, as she happened to know my plans for the night, many many miles away, and couldn't believe I'd have come to visit. (In fact, she texted me: "How could you be in two places at one time?")

Still, she was convinced. I reached into her wraparound dress, started playing with her, and then hoisted her onto my lap, where I slipped into her bottom. K leaned over to tell her that she had to make me cum before the trailers were finished. She succeeded. Then she says, I pixelated and disappeared. Didn't anyone notice her humping an empty seat? Well, apparently. She says there was lots of pointed "coughing" aimed in her direction.

K and Megan seem to have quite a repertoire of triggers and effects all lined up. I was on the phone yesterday with c, asking her about the day's events, when she gasped and demanded to know what was squirming in her pussy. Damned if I know.


Anonymous said...

wow what a great partnership, its great they can experience it. cant wait to hear more of their triggers

Semega said...

Ok, I'm a little disturbed by the swimming pool incident. Her sinking to the bottom in orgasm only to have to be saved by a lifeguard seems very dangerous.

L.E. said...

So soon after your posting about limits and trust,you post about experiences that seem to trample all over limits.Are K&C really cool with all this,or does K not care?
I'm more inclined to a gentle touch...

c said...

Hi there guys....i'd like to respond to these comments if you will allow me. Thanks for the comment anonymous im sure D will pass on more of my adventures. Semega, D exaggerated a little the guards didnt jump in although they did come to the side of the pool, my safety was never an issue as i am a strong swimmer and i wasnt under for long! I cum quickly lol :)

l.e - i seriously dont have any limits conscious or otherwise. K informs me he has spoke to Megan at length and now knows that when i say i am limitless i am telling the truth. Sure i have my fears but K makes me feel safe and thats all i need to try all these. I do so enjoy things happening in public i like him to show his control over me. K loves me deeply and would never hurt me and he is also gentle to me! Believe me i am completely happy with my adventures so far...hope you recall the limits blog was about e not me!

Hope this helps

L.E. said...

Glad to hear you're OK with it.
I'd love to have a busty hypnoslave who'd let me do as I pleased with her,but for every power taken over a sub one must assume responsibility for her well-being...and these public incidents seem to run substantial risks.My experiments would likely be subtler.

HypnoMaster D said...

Here's how I ease my mind about these things: It's Megan's body too, and she's fully capable of safely giving herself an orgasm while swimming, and of obeying K's command not to cause harm to c.

As long as "do no harm" is part of the standing orders, I am inclined to trust both Megan and marion to carry out edgy instructions.

On the other hand, e has specifically asked not to be made to do something like the swimming pool orgasm.

So ... hers will be occurring somewhere else.

I really appreciate the discussion of this; we are all learning as we go.