Saturday, January 31, 2009

The slightly strange world of erotic hypnosis

I was walking to lunch with some colleagues yesterday when my phone rang. It was my friend c, and she wanted to complain.

She was upset, she said, about the trip to the furniture warehouse store. Did I have any idea what it was like to walk around the store naked? She was so upset, she said.

Only, she didn't sound like she was upset. She sounded like she was just about to purr. Sure enough, she confessed, once her husband, who was with her at the store, assured her that she was in fact clothed, the whole thing had been unbearably erotic. She'd managed to hold off on her spontaneous orgasm until after they left the store. But she hadn't made it to the car before she lost it.

Welcome to the slightly strange (but deeply sexy) world of erotic hypnosis and mind control. I never know when I'm going to get a call like that from c. And she never knows when (or where) I'm going to remove her clothes, give her an orgasm or show up in her bed.

As regular readers know, we haven't reported many new adventures lately. Trust me, it's as frustrating for us as for you all. But for new visitors, I urge you to click deep into the archives and take a look. You may be surprised at the power of a few words from a persuasive and slightly twisted hypnotist. Or you may simply be inspired to try it yourself.