Sunday, January 31, 2010

A hypnoslave's adventures continue...

Hello dear friends,

I am sorry i have been away from the blog for a long time but i/we are back and here to stay. My adventures in the world of hypnosis still continue, i still have the igloo where i spend time whilst K spends time with my subconscious megan planning my next adventure.

I find having a powerful subconscious such a benefit, i am able to overcome great mental obstacles and enjoy powerful illusions all at the same time. This christmas their gift to me was over 100 men all different shapes sizes and colours for me to spend an afternoon playing with. K informs me that this is his favourite illusion to watch as he can actually see my pussy and ass opening to accept invisble cocks.

I also am a lover of invisible bondage. Through hypnosis i never have to take off my collar. It used to be something we saved for home play to avoid complications at work but now i wear it all the time even if sometimes its just an illusion. My favourite game at the moment is having a bell added so that it tinkles as a constant reminder of my submission. Walking round work with tit bondage nobody else can see is also extremely erotic!

There are a few drawbacks with megan being so powerful. Sometimes it is like she has her own separate emotions and i get confused when i feel something (happy/sad/jealous) and have no idea why. i will go into more detail about this on a different blog.

i guess we still have plenty to discover....

c xxxx

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hypnosis is all about my words and someone's mind, working together. But over the years, I've found that some words are simply more powerful than others.

I've mentioned before the power of saying, "Good girl." And I've added some oomph to the phrase "Smile for me."

Here's how I found another powerful one.

Women who ask me about hypnosis often say they'd like to use it to remove ... um ... "some inhibitions."

Oh yes? Tell me more, I say. That's a bit of unfair torment. I already know where they're going: They have inhibitions about anal sex and deep throat.

Now as a gentleman, I am happy to help out however I can to make it easier for them to manage both of them. The subconscious generally has fewer inhibitions than the conscious mind, so hypnosis is an ideal method for removing those hurdles.

The first few times this came up, though, I wasn't sure how to proceed.

I knew not to take a negative approach. "Don't gag." "It won't hurt". That's like saying "Don't think of a purple elephant." Hypnotic instructions work best when phrased in the positive. For a while I would say, "Your throat can't care." That was OK, but not really to the point.

By accident, as usual, I hit upon a couple of phrases that really worked well. They can be adapted lightly for use with all, um, holes.

"Your bottom is utterly relaxed. It's sooo hungry."

"Your throat is utterly relaxed. It's sooo hungry."

That seems to be exactly what the body wants to be told.

When I use these over the phone, I usually hear a gasp at the other end. When I use them in person, well, you can imagine. I've seen a very large, rugged dildo disappear smoothly into a formerly nervous backside -- without a sound.

What's your favorite phrase?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Invisible bondage

I was talking to my friend Alice yesterday. She was headed  to the home improvement warehouse for something innocent. But I couldn't resist turning the conversation kinky. I like to call the place Dom Depot. So I rattled off some of the wonderful pervertibles you can find in its aisles, including an amazing variety of rope, chain and shackles.

Alice thought that was silly. After all, she and Shelly are both extremely adept at hypnosis.

"I can use trance to bind her. So we don't need the accessories."

All she does is push her finger against the inside of Shelly's wrist, and Shelly's arm is stuck there, wherever she's put it. Shelly simply can't move, no matter how extreme the torment.

Afterwards, "There's no mess to clean up. All I have to do is say, "release." "

Unless Alice forgets. "I have actually left the room for a bit, and come back, and she asked for the release. I had forgotten to tell her to stop!"

Alice is right. Hypnotic ropes really are a wonderful thing to have handy. 

For instance, last week I was working at my desk, but was watching my friend Lindsey's cam in the corner of my screen. She had her headset on and was talking animatedly with a hot guy she likes. Lindsey has this wonderful habit of leaning back in her chair and clasping her hands behind it, and I could see she was doing that again.

Seizing the opportunity, I typed, "Your hands are tied there behind your chair." I saw her glance at the screen, get a puzzled look, and then realize what had happened. She was immediately smiling and writhing and blushing simultaneously. She really doesn't like to admit how much control I have over her body, but she couldn't do anything about it. I just left her that way long enough for her to wonder how long it would last. I'd made my point.

I have no idea what she told the guy.