Friday, October 2, 2015

Creating a Living Doll

"Fuck my brains out," Lillith said.

"That can be arranged," I said.

And so was born another hypnotic effect.

I'd thought occasionally about turning a partner into a floppy, mindless warm object, and this was my opportunity.

It didn't take long. I gave her subconscious a couple of instructions, resumed my labors, and with each stroke pushed more of her thoughts right out of her head. Soon it was empty. 

Her breathing changed, her eyes rolled up, and her limbs went limp. I got to find out what it's like to have a living doll to use for ... whatever. 

Now, we already play a lot of games with her memory. But this was more extreme.
This wasn't an ordinary trance. A loud noise, or intense sensation, or anything going wrong might bring her back from a standard trance. In contrast, I'm pretty sure an earthquake would not have disturbed my doll.

It also wasn't the kind of play where the subconscious blocks an existing memory, her conscious self gets to live with an edited memory set, and then afterward everything is restored and replayed.

Instead, she was just empty-headed throughout the experience. Well, my experience anyway. She experienced nothing. The key instruction to her subconscious was to simply not record any memories at all; no awareness would be needed, and no recall would be available later.

Sometime later, when Lillith's eyes rolled back down, it took a long time for them to focus. And then came the confused questions. Um, is it ... Friday? Where are we? What just happened? Her amnesia included even the discussion that had set this up. 

When I explained what we'd done, all she could do was shrug.

I asked her yesterday what she recalls.

"It was like waking up from deep sleep with extreme disorientation and a telltale stickiness between my legs.  I'm fervently grateful You were there to explain what had just occurred, because I had no clue whatsoever, beyond the knowledge that You had been up to *something* ... again. It's extremely hot to think You have that much of an alliance with my "core"  to make this possible. Trust and limits have an inverse relationship with each other."

I honestly don't know what's hotter: That now I can do anything physical without leaving any mental or emotional trace; or simply that she trusts me enough to go there.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The power of hypnotic arousal

I was halfway up a mountain the other day, watching a hawk hunting, when my phone rang. It was Sabrina. She calls every once in a while for a tune-up, when her persona slips back into her old, slow Shannon self. She is about 10 times more busy, happy and wealthy as Sabrina, so it's fortunate that the fix is easy. 

Shannon said she'd be happy to get back to her mental beach. So I sent her off into a deep trance, summoned Sabrina back out front, and helped her re-establish her much higher energy self in Shannon's body. 

And, then, to lock her persona into place, I talked her into an explosive orgasm. I never get tired of that sound.

A few seconds later, Sabrina was back in peak power mode. "Right. Thank you. I'm good," she said crisply. 

And while that scene could lead me into a dozen different stories, I'm going to talk about that orgasm.
You see, I've found that peak arousal is the most effective time to plant a hypnotic suggestion, to get it to stick. I learned it early in my erotic hypnosis adventures, and it's now a routine step.

* Lillith wanted to crave some particularly masochistic behavior. No problem. I described her new fetish in detail ... with several fingers squirming inside her. Done.

* Paula needed to shed the few remaining issues she had with anal sex. Those suggestions were accomplished with the help of a vibrator.

* Mary wanted to become fearless. Her subconscious advised that she could take care of installing that change while I held Mary teetering on the edge of orgasm for a few minutes. Mission accomplished, but I had no idea Mary knew so many obscenities.

So Sabrina's loud telephone cum was perfectly normal. 

I'm not sure what's at play here, but other hypnotists have mentioned the same thing. There is something about the physical, chemical or mental states of arousal and orgasm that opens up the mind to new ideas.

I've used this to technique to introduce people to breath play, to needles, to deep throat, to floggers, to memory play, to persona play ... whatever edge they wanted pushed.

If you try this yourself, though, here's a warning, from Lillith's subconscious: "Be careful what you ask for," she says. You may be deeply installing an attachment that is not easily undone.