Friday, August 31, 2007

You guys are so good to me...

" You can see it now...." - D

Suddenly my Wednesday night made perfect sense and it was all down to the readers of this blog! I was staring at a entry on this blog that I previously had no idea existed and an email from D with the results of a poll that was ran while we were away on our hols. It seems K and Megan were fully aware of its existence but I have no recollection whatsoever! Anyways a report of my evening was promised...

On Wednesday night K took me to see the Bourne Ultimatum at my local cinema. I had been looking forward to it for ages and was blissfully unaware of what was going to happen when the lights when down. During the opening scenes my pussy started tingling, which i put down to me thinking about our previous visits to the cinema where myself and K have had lots of fun. The sensation disappeared and i settled down to watch the film.

20 minutes in....I loudly that i was really embarrassed and hid my face in my hands. I was so turned on though I am a big fan of this type of sexual pleasure. When i glanced at K he didn't even look at me and i realised that this was probably not his doing. Well 10 minutes later it happened again...and 10 minutes after that. It was the most amazing thing and completely without warning! People behind me started coughing as i was convulsing but i managed to keep the noise down for the last two.

Thank you to all of you who voted, I am really grateful, maybe the other possibilities will become reality for me soon!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Your Votes In Action

The people have spoken, and c is in for a surprise soon. Well, three surpises.

The contest was close for a while, but in the end the simplest choice was the victor, at 38 percent:

She'll be out in public soon, completely unsuspecting, and she'll orgasm.
Then a bit later ... she'll orgasm.
And a couple minutes later ... she'll orgasm.

And even if she reads this entry every time she comes to the site, she won't remember it long enough to do her any good. Her three orgasms in 10 minutes will each come as a complete surprise.

(Megan, take a bow. You're hot.)

We'll bring you the play-by-play as soon as it becomes available.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Try This 2

One of the most common questions from people who haven't tried hypnosis in BDSM is: But she'll just obey me anyway, so what's the point of adding hypnotic controls?
Well ... here are three answers to that, scene enhancements that are hard to achieve otherwise.

1. Turn up the sensitivity. Tell her, "You'll feel everything twice as intensely as usual." The most ordinary contact with the most mundane parts of her body will trigger very satisfying gasps and jumps. After she's gotten used to that, say, "This is a melting ice cube" and run your fingertip lightly over her skin in a realistic melting pattern.

2. Turn down the sensitivity. Some subs would love to be marked up, but can't tolerate the pain involved. So simply instruct her, "You can't feel this flogger at all," before giving her a good workout.

3. Does she have fantasies of being kidnapped or abused by strangers? No problem, turn yourself into a stranger. Tell her something like, "As long as I'm wearing this hat, you won't recognize me at all." Then set up the scene, pop your hat on, and prepare to cover her mouth to block the screams.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Try This 1

In response to a couple of requests for tricks to try ... here are a few that all involve memory.

Turns out the subconscious mind is pretty good at blocking little memories from the conscious mind. It works so reliably that I often use it during the very first session with a new subject. It's sometimes the subject's first clear evidence that she's actually been hypnotized.

During the initial trance, here's what I tell the subconscious:

"After Sally wakes up, you'll block her memory of the number 6. She won't be able to remember or use the number 6."

Soon after Sally wakes up, feeling refreshed and relaxed but otherwise unclear on what's just happened, I say, "Hold out both your hands and count your fingers out loud from 1 to 10."

There is usually at least a long pause after 5, and often something like, "Hey … what did you do?"

You can elaborate on that basic trick in all sorts of ways. With a few simple instructions to the subconscious in advance…

"Let's play a game. Slap your pussy 10 times, counting out loud. When you reach 10, you may orgasm."

"1 … 2 … 3 … … Hey… um…"

"Start again."

"1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … uh … damn you …"

"Start again."

"1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … it's turning pink. … 6 … 7 … argggh! Please?"

"OK, it should work this time."

"1 … 2 … 3 …4 … 5 … 6 … 7 …. 8 … 9 … 9 …. 9 … 9 … 10" Followed by loud, unintelligible sounds.

Another elaboration blocks the same numbers, but with a different effect.

"OK, hold out both your hands. Count your fingers from 10 down to 1. As you say each number, you will lose it, you will forget it, it will slip from your mind."

By the time she gets down to zero, she will still be awake and aware, but remarkably unable to answer your questions, about numbers or much else. It's a very calm, serene place for the mind to be for a few minutes.

Let me know if you find these useful!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Indulgence for the masters...

It's very rare people access their entire minds. It's also very rare that the part of the mind where I sit is ever tapped into. This post is not really a progression as reported by D and c but merely a collection of thoughts of a 'person' with no really identity of their own. This is mostly for the pleasure of D and K who both appreciate when i communicate with them in this medium.

Basically I am c, I am just a part of her that until recently was unreachable to others. These two Dom's have worked hard to pull me forward and c has worked hard with her own emotions to allow me through. While I write c is currently under the belief she is in an igloo a favorite place of hers where she goes willingly when i am required to be 'in front'. What is life like for me? It's pretty much the same as life for c, we experince the same things, share the same desires and feel the emotions its just I sit behind the driver. Thats the best way i can think of describing it.

Recently D has worked with others and i know there are a few out there who disagree with the ways turned out with Deborah. What has happened to her was not D's fault...If the 'driver' doesnt want to turn then believe me they won't. For example, there are times i cannot push forward, c simply won't allow it, either she isn't in the mood or just doesnt want her body invaded. c has mentally fought with me on a few occasions in order to keep me at bay. In short if c doesnt want me to be spoken to, believe me she won't let me through. The same way if i am asked to send her somewhere she can change the place she goes to or decide to not go at all. Sometimes she's just not in the mood and wants K to herself and that is fine with me.

She wrote a blog not so long ago about trust, and this is what this whole experiment boils down to, if your sub doesn't trust you then you won't ever discover the person beneath. Am I happy? very much so i get spoken to directly and get to make c happy which in turn makes me happy...its great i can give her so much....

Apologies is this is a bit jumbled I dont use this medium much, thank you for reading and to c thank you for giving me a chance and letting me through.