Sunday, July 29, 2007

Too Clever

Just when you think you have this game figured out ...

Her name is, let's say, Deborah. She's an academic, about 30, in a city far from me. I answered a note she'd posted somewhere about an interest in hypnosis; she read over this blog and decided to give it a try. Her field of study includes hypnosis, which made it even more intriguing to her.

From the beginning, hypnosis with her was just amazing. She was on webcam, so I could see everything -- her frozen-eyed trances, her gymnastic orgasms, the very different look on the face of her subconscious. And her particular kink was very interesting; she wanted to feel her mind go blank, and to have her consciousness filled with erotic scenes. Her subconscious had her own edgy tastes. I was feeling pretty cocky.

After a few days of mind-control games, both conscious and subconscious dropped hints that what Deborah really craved was to experience a woman's touch. She was caught in a dilemma between intrigue at a friend's blatant advances, and a long-held conviction that if she slept with a woman she was a lesbian. Hypnosis, she thought, might get her past this block.

My next step was so innocent. During one of her 'mind blanks' I told her that she preferred men, but would enjoy experiencing sex with a woman. She thanked me afterward, and made plans to approach her friend the next day and file an immediate report with me.

Deborah disappeared. No contact at all. My emails went unanswered. She was online nowhere. Eventually I posted a "report to me" command to her subconscious somewhere that I thought she might look.

Days later she reappeared, looking distraught. As I'd come to suspect, the friend had turned out to be extremely dominant and had held her as a love slave ... and now Deborah was torn between her new domme's demands and her obedience toward me. She wanted me, she said.

That was a week ago, no contact since.

Memo to myself: Next time you turn someone into a lesbian, remember what that means!

[And a personal note to Moscow: Report]

Monday, July 23, 2007

Preventing Pleasure

The deeper i go on this journey the more i am compelled to write here and update you of my 'progress' on this road. This journey hasn't always been easy....there have been times where i have been scared, insanely jealous and worried that i was going to be forgotten as K and D utilised Megan more to influence surprise visits by D, changing personalities and a newly decorated house (my bedroom changes colour depending on my mood) are the norm.

Recently K has been testing how hypnosis can be used to prevent pleasure no matter how excited i get. If i had my own way i would spend my entire life in orgasmic bliss. The release that i feel when i am squirting or just cumming extremely hard is incomparable to any other feeling. K knows how much i crave this release and how i am willing to do practically anything to obtain it.

1 week ago during one of our extended Saturday morning sessions he commanded me to cum. I have been well trained and this should have been so easy and i was so hot for it but i just couldn't!! No matter how hard i tried i got to the very edge of orgasm and then my entire body went numb and all the build up disappeared! K kept up his command to have me orgasm and just smiled at me as i got more and more frustrated as i tried to get myself off!

It carried on like this until Friday, with D adding to the lack of cumming ability by equating my pussy to a vase...not the best post hypnotic illusion but the appearance of flowers was quite amazing none the less. I have had the most frustrating week ever, so eager have i been for that release but even though i have been played with all week it just hasn't happened.

On Friday however K whispered the words "you can cum now" and the orgasm was the best i have ever experienced, at least what i remember of it...the cum i had squirted on the mirror though was a sure sign that i enjoyed myself!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Getting it Backward

I keep running across this question out there in BDSM land: Can I hypnotize my girlfriend into being my sub?

When the question is asked in a public forum, it often sets off a discussion about the ethics of the guy asking the question, or the details of a stage show somebody saw in college, or the existence of hypnosis itself.

I think that's mostly missing the point: If you want to have a hypnotized submissive, it's a lot easier if you start with someone who's already submissive.

Based on my limited but consistent experience, if you know a sub who trusts you, it's remarkably easy to put her into a trance, install a few simple instructions to demonstrate your control, and then communicate with the subconscious about next steps. It doesn't always work, but my successes have far outweighed my few disappointments.

Some guys also want to be sneaky about it, to do "stealth" inductions. Again, if you're working with a sub who trusts you, just tell her what you're doing and what she might expect to experience. I suppose it's possible to achieve a stealth induction, but only in the most clueless of subjects. And if her subconscious doesn't want to be in your control already, I don't think she'll be going under.

Bottom line: If she's not submissive already, hypnosis is unlikely to help. If she is submissive already, then by all means give it a try.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Double the Pleasure

Designing a BDSM scene gets complicated when your sub is of two minds about it. My new hypnoslave y is enthusiastic but quite inexperienced in real life with submissive games. She's told me in great detail about her fantasies and what she'd like to try. Easy enough. But the more I get to know her subconscious, Sub, the more I realize that she too has her own fantasies and play ideas, and they're not quite the same.

y is not comfortable being entirely naked. Sub is. y isn't comfortable seeing me naked. Sub is. y wants her breasts teased; Sub wants them pinched hard. y wants to be spanked; Sub wants to be spanked hard. y loves a couple of fingers inside her; Sub wants a fat dildo. It goes on like that.

So before y came over to play last week, I spent a lot of time thinking about the scenes. How could I avoid leaving y overstretched, and yet avoid leaving Sub underwhelmed?
I finally realized the obvious solution: Give each what she wanted -- and use hypnosis to switch between them. I realized that my friend K had tried this months ago with c and Megan.

So y started out with a lovely long stroking, teasing and spanking, all in all the sort of varied sensation play she loves. Once she was purring, with a word I sent her into a trance, deepened it as much as I could, then summoned Sub. She got the fat dildo, pussy spanking and, for a climax, an orgasm driven by breast slaps.

The orgasm woke up y, who clearly had no idea she'd just cum, and instead covered her exposed breasts and complained about her nipple hurting.

The second scene was tight bondage, and again y went first. I teased and tormented her, and she writhed under the attention. I enhanced it with a little hypnotically induced sensation play. She was convinced that my fingers were wiggling away inside her.

Halfway through, I said the magic word and, in mid gasp, she dropped into a trance, utterly limp. Now it was Sub's turn, and what she needed was a really aggressive nasty dom, who snarled and laid atop her and covered her mouth and nose with his hand. The harder I pushed, the hotter she got. I pushed her nearly to orgasm.

Then I woke up y, brought her the rest of the way to orgasm, and had two happy subs on my hands.

Both of them told me later how much they'd loved their scenes. I think I'm going to be giving these dual performances again.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lara's Night Out

If you were out on the town Saturday night and happened to see a woman dressed, armed, and acting convincingly as Lara Croft, carousing with a dozen or so of her friends, then you were witness to one of the more elaborate posthypnotic illusions I've ever heard of. For nearly 12 hours, hypnoslave c was Lara Croft, and no one dared tell her otherwise.

The story began months ago, when c declared that her wish for her birthday was to go out partying with all her friends, dressed as her favorite character. (She is obsessed with Lara Croft, even more so than with Jack Sparrow.)

Her husband K agreed, and started quietly conspiring with c's subconscious, Megan, to make it an even more memorable night than c was expecting. He and Megan watched the films, played the games, and added musical cues to c's phone.

So for the past few months, while c was innocently telling me about her efforts to assemble a full Lara outfit (including black wig and toy guns), K and Megan were telling me about their parallel plan to hypnotically convince c that she was not just in character, she really was Lady Croft, and keep her utterly in that role for the whole night.

Saturday night, after c completed getting dressed up, and started walking downstairs to meet her friends, she felt her toy guns get heavier against her thighs. Her house turned into Croft Manor, and at the bottom of the stairs she introduced herself to all these unknown visitors as Lady Croft.

"It sounds weird," c says, "but I was Lara Croft."

Out on the town, the illusion just got more intense. Every time K sent her a text on her phone, the theme played and she became even more Lara-like. She walked (legs spread) like Angelina Jolie. She pursued a villain down the streets (onlookers' camera phones snapping). In a bar, she put her gun to a man's head and said she'd shoot him if he didn't give her what she wanted. "What do you want?" he asked. "For you to leave me alone," she said.

Remarkably, one of the bartenders pulled out a BB gun, handed it to her, and urged her to shoot at some bottles. (Megan reports that getting c to shoot straight was one of the more challenging parts of the night.) She broke one out of three.

Later, back home, Lara walked into one of her games. "That was hard," Megan says. "Lots of vines and grass and dinosaurs all needed to be factored in ... things for her to jump on, things for her to shoot."

She fell asleep around 4 am as Lara, and woke late in the morning as herself again.

c still sounds dazed and amazed by the experience. Megan, exhausted with the effort, says, "It's nice to give her something that no one else can."