Thursday, February 9, 2012

Methods: After "hello"

Once you've said hello to a subconscious, what do you say next? A hypnotist who read my Global Suggestion manual still feels awkward talking directly to a subconscious asked me for some tips.

My main tip: I have phrases that I use all the time, but that's just habit. It's not about the scripts or exact word choice, it's about your attitude and approach.

You and the subconscious are both checking each other out. The subconscious wonders if you're trustworthy. You're hoping to enlist the subconscious as an ally, and to do that you want to find out what what motivates them, what goals they try to achiev, and what methods are at their disposal.

The challenge for you is that the subconscious is usually not used to speaking with anyone, and may initially have few conversational skills. So if you make statements instead of asking questions, you may get silence. If you ask yes/no questions, you probably will get yes/no answers.

Instead, think of the subconscious as that shy person you draw out into conversation about themselves at a party. Keep drawing them out, one step at a time. And try the command form:

"Tell me what role you play in her life."
"Tell me what challenges you're helping her with."
"Tell me what she really craves."
"Tell me what you really crave."
"Why did you encourage her to seek out a hypnotist?"
"What can I do to help with that?"

Those should naturally lead in interesting directions.

I often throw in positive reinforcements: "That must be hard work... Good for you... That impresses me." But I don't expect a verbal response to these.

Then when I sense that the subconscious and I are communicating pretty well, I start asking about their ability to carry out the waking effects I want to achieve.

"When I tell her that my fingers are sliding up and down her spine, you can make that so. Yes?"

Notice the several ways that's different from:
"If I tell her to feel fingers running up and down her spine, can you make her feel that?"

Cast everything in as declarative and positive a form as you can, remove any "distancing" words like "feel," "appear" or "seem", and give the subconscious every chance to see success ahead.

When it's time to wake the conscious self back up, I tell the subconscious that I enjoyed talking with her and that I look forward to talking more soon.

At least these are the approaches that work for me.