Saturday, March 23, 2013

A professional, with a personal request

Store clerk: "Yes, may I help you?"

Young professional woman, holding up package of tiny clothespins decorated with red ladybugs: "Can you tell me whether these are as tight as regular clothespins?"

Store clerk, staring: "You weren't planning to use those on clothes, were you?"

No, of course not. Shannon was planning to use them on her breasts.

The previous night, Shannon had worn six ordinary wood clothespins, at my suggestion. They were intense, she reported, equal parts painful and arousing. But now she wanted a change -- for something more attractive. And the ladybugs did the trick. Next day, she wore 31 of them, for a telephone meeting that she ran from home. She thinks no one noticed.

Shannon is a longtime reader of this blog, who finally built up the nerve to order a few of my recordings and then asked me for more training.

What particularly interests me about Shannon:  She's a psychotherapist, and a hypnotherapist, with a busy practice. But she sees in BDSM hypnosis new opportunities for sexual healing that ordinary psychotherapy cannot touch, and she wants to find out. With herself as test subject.  I'm happy to explore this too.

As it turns out, the clothespins were just the start of an intense week for Shannon.

In the course of our hypnotically tackling and resolving one issue she's had since she was 3, these things occurred: She found herself standing naked on her balcony, in the middle of the night (for how long she does not recall); tied up and taken by an anonymous lover who left her squirting on her bed; kneeling in someone else's bathroom, holding her breath as her arousal grew toward orgasm;  curled up as a kitten at the end of her own bed for the night; and giving a public presentation one evening with the aforementioned clothespins on her nipples, just concealed by her professional clothes.

Shannon has a lot of remaining sexual inhibitions, and a lot of work ahead of her. (Example: She is just now buying her first sex toys.) But by the time she's done, I expect that she will be shame-free, fully in charge of her own sexuality.

Watch out. Next time a clerk asks her about her plans for the pretty clothespins, Shannon just might show her.