Monday, October 15, 2012

Playing with Personalities

"Please put your fingers in me," Gloria said in a rush. "Please, please, please."

This was not the Gloria I knew. This was Gloria the Bimbo, who could not think straight unless she was being filled. We'd just met. "Please, I need that," she said.

Gentleman that I am, I complied. Also, it was the only way to get her to settle down. She settled.
"What if my fingers weren't available? What would you otherwise do?"

"I'd find the closest thing within reach," she said, calmly. "It's what I need. This hunger is really strong."

Naturally, I pulled my fingers out, to see what would happen.

Gloria gasped, looked hurriedly around, grabbed the telephone handset, and swiftly shoved most of it inside. It was well-embedded, an impromptu G-spot dildo. I reached down and disconnected the curly cord for her.

This is why I love personality play -- to see who you are and what you're capable of doing, when I've isolated and distilled one narrow aspect of your character. You see, Gloria the Whole is strong, independent and smart, but all those things can disappear in a flash with some creative subtraction. In this case, I had suggested that Gloria the Whole still existed, but only when she was sliding something into herself. The rest of her existence became an addict's desperate need to do the filling, to stay whole.

In personality play, the results depend entirely on what you've removed. A few minutes earlier, I had met Gloria the Sex Servant, after subtracting her awareness of who, what, when and where -- but leaving intact all her memories of sexually pleasing people, whoever they were. As far as this Gloria knew, she had a single mission in life, she was trained for it, and she was very good at it. This utter devotion to service, and her ability to deliver on that, made her feel very calm and secure.

There is a strength and authenticity to these personalities that goes well beyond role-playing or acting out fantasies. Instead I am helping a subject to temporarily unveil one real component of their complex whole. It's akin to a sculptor's notion of exposing the object trapped inside a piece of stone. The results are pure and powerful, if a little stereotyped.

For instance, a trance partner I'll call Lillith is one of the most progressive, flexible and uninhibited people I know. Yet at one point in her life she embraced fundamentalist Christianity. Today's Lillith has no apparent traces of that trait. But it's still in there somewhere. And when I switch off everything else she knows and believes, out pops the fiercest, most sincere gospel thumper you have ever met. Hell, she even converses in lines from scripture. I mockingly call her Bible Lady, but seriously she is one scary true believer. (She is quite sure I'm Satan.)

Or, I can filter Lillith's life collection of ideas an entirely different way, leaving only this one notion she once found useful, that the man must always be treated as though he's infallible. Bingo: She is a fair replica of a Stepford wife.

"You're good at that.You're good at everything," the Stepford wife says breathily. (As I am doing evil things to her breasts.)

I learned a lot of this approach from another trance partner, who through hypnosis has identified parts of her own personality that specialize in her beauty, creativity, lust and so forth. In her case, the filtering is achieved by a novel method: fisting her to different depths. Summoning each facet in turn makes for a wild evening for everyone.

How can you call out one of these personalities?

First, I recommend this only for people with strong core personalities, who will be confident of returning, whole, afterward. It's unwise to play this game with someone whose self-identity is already subject to fragmentation.

Second, take advantage of the Global Suggestion, so you can fully discuss this with both the subconscious and the conscious self beforehand. Work out any concerns or details before you put the filters in place. Use clear and unique start/stop triggers.

Third, start with simple filters, to see how they play out. "Anal sex has never occurred to you before." "You are aroused now only in the garage." "Nudity still makes you blush."

Fourth, talk it over afterward. Gloria the Whole is still trying to wrap her head around Gloria the Bimbo.