Monday, November 14, 2016

My Favorite Mindfuck

My husband K is a very possessive man. It's all right with Him if I play online from time to time, but otherwise He never shares. That's fine with me. Since we were teenagers, He has possessed my mind and body, and He uses both extremely creatively. He knows that I crave to serve others, so in my mind, I've had intense sex with everyone from Isaac Newton to Sally Ride. Life is not boring.

So it was a huge shock one night to discover that He really was sharing me, in our own home.

That evening He had sent me "away" for some time. That's what He often does when He is conspiring with megan, my subconscious. When I came back, there was a man in our playroom, and it wasn't K! All of a sudden, completely out of character, here was a beautiful man to play with me. He asked me to undress him and kiss him all over. He was dark-haired, dark-eyed, stocky. I was especially surprised by the size of his cock. I served them both; separately and together. It was bliss for me. 

When we were done, K tied me up, showed the man out, then came back to talk with me about what we had both enjoyed. For me it was the fact that I had finally been shared.

A couple of weeks later, the man visited us again, for another intense scene, which included my being fucked by that huge cock. The three of us were sitting together afterward, when K whispered into my ear, "OK, you can see clearly now."

All of a sudden this beautiful man morphed into a woman! Slim, quite short, nothing like the man who had just been on top of me.

I was completely freaked out. I'd fucked him! I'd had my hands all over his naked body! I could not believe I'd spent all that time with a woman instead. I had a bit of a panic attack.

After K showed her out, He explained it to me: 

He had come across a couple in our area who were looking to enhance their D/s relationship. He wanted to show the Domme in this relationship how deep hypnosis can take a sub -- as well as give me an experience with another man, which I have craved for years.  He  had invited her to visit us and watch our scenes play out.  It turns out that I wasn't even aware of her first visit. She apparently sat  in our playroom, directly in front of me, but invisible to me, while K and I played. On the second and third visits, with me fully awake and participating, she had fucked me with her strapon, but in real life had not even removed her clothes. 

To be honest, it took me some weeks to get over this. It was a stunning mindfuck to discover that my new male lover did not exist. And for a short time I was even jealous -- K had had a woman in our bed!