Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Mind Behind (Part 3)

While e was off on a trip somewhere the other day, I was chatting with her subconscious about something that intrigued me.

"People everywhere wonder about the nature of the subconscious," I said. "It must be interesting to you, to know and not be able to tell them."

"People will find out when they're supposed to ... when they ask the right questions," she said. "Like You, now."

No kidding. I've been asking her, seemingly nonstop, questions about the subconscious and the rest of the mind, ever since I realized that all I needed to do was inquire. And, with my friend K's help, I've been asking the same of his sub c's subconscious.

Together, all six (!) of us have been learning a lot about the varied personalities behind the mind games.

It's based on a sample of two, I realize, but here for now are my findings.

Both c2 and e2 [sorry for the awkward names, we're doing our best here] have been around since infancy and grew up along with the conscious person. Both have slightly better memories, particularly noticeable with early conversations ("I recall Dad singing") and life events.

"I can remember her first ice cream, she's only heard the story," e2 says.

"I remember her first memory vividly," c2 says, "She and her best friend cutting each other's hair at 1.5 years old. She recalls the actual cutting, I remember the conversation."

e was not aware of e2's existence, but c knew about c2 for a few years during childhood, when c2 was her imaginary friend. They chatted out loud to each other (especially while looking in the mirror) discussing things like which dolls to play with and whether to wake up their baby sister. This went on until about age 5, when c made more friends and gradually forgot about her secret friend.

That's not the spooky part. This is: c named her imaginary friend "Megan" and called her that throughout their play. c has since forgotten those days, but c2 didn't; she initially told us that was her name.

But what neither c nor c2 ever knew -- until this week-- was that "Megan" was an early name their parents had intended for c's twin sister, who miscarried. Only K happened to know that name, and he had the difficult task of telling this whole story to c last night. What it means? Who knows.

As c and e grew, their subconsciouses say they were always there inside. "i sense everything and feel everything," c2 says. "i can move with her...sometimes it's like standing behind her ... while being inside her body."

Both young women suffered traumatic experiences. c was raped by a relative, and e endured an abusive boyfriend. Both subconsciouses say they helped to handle the experiences, and they say the incidents caused their personalities to diverge somewhat from their conscious selves. Today, e is more cautious than e2, c is not quite as limitless as c2. But neither believes the incidents "created" them.

As adults, contacts between "front" and "back" have been limited. Both "front" personalities keep things tightly under control and don't let much through. c2 has been able to influence c, sometimes by putting words in her mouth. e2 talks with e during her occasional meditations. ("What language or symbols do you use to talk to her?" "Umm ... English.")

Dreams are interesting. Both e2 and c2 usually sleep when e and c sleep, and share in whatever the conscious person is dreaming. But sometimes, they have dreams of their own, which are projected into the conscious person's sleep as well. "Sometimes my imagination runs away with me," c2 says.

But now that we've "unlocked" them, by processes apparently no more complicated than a standard hypnotic induction, e2 and c2 have taken control of all the "effects" we thought of as hypnotically induced. "It's not so difficult," e2 says.

I've mentioned before that one of my proudest hypnotic effects was to banish e's menstrual cramps. They haven't come back for months now. But if that is something that e2 actually controls, why didn't she do it years ago?

"She never thought of asking," e2 said. "She probably could have, through meditation."

It sounds like a frustrating life, always in the backseat, with the driver mostly unaware of you. But neither expresses that. Both seem satisfied as observer, voyeurs.

c2 says: "I could push myself if need be, into all aspects of her life, but it is draining for her physically and mentally. I get all I want through her. I push her when I want more. I help her through her pain barriers. But i am content to sit back."

e2 agrees, and even when pressed says she doesn't really have any annoyances with e. Except, well, she wouldn't mind more sex.


PS: Are you thinking 'multiple personalities'? Before you take that thought too far, check out this extraordinary site I found today, a gathering place for normal, healthy people who happen to embody several persons. Astraea's


Semega said...

Ok, my brain is overloaded!
Seriously wild stuff. I'm curious how you would feel if e2 or c2 found either of you unattractive, or didn't love you, or like you for that matter.
I wonder if that is even possible, as attraction must happen even at a base level.

HypnoMaster D said...

Overloaded? Welcome to the club. You can only imagine what sorts of conversations we've been having for the past few days as this all developed.

Interesting question... I'd be shocked and saddened, of course, if e's subconscious rejected me. Going way, way out on a limb, I wonder whether some relationships are challenging for this very reason.

But ... if e2 didn't care for me, or c2 for K, then I'm sure we'd never have obtained the trust needed to trance them in the first place.

K said...

I agree with D here, from what c2 (or Megan as we refer to her) says it was the intial trust and devotion that enabled me to access her...

Hexagon said...

Hmmm interesting read. I found out the very same on my own. I have a very special girl i was doing hypnosis with, and at one point, i was suddenly talking to "another" her. This other "her" assisted me in creating the desired hypnotic effects, told me how i should try to redo them to be more effective, who gave me hints on what her conscious self would like, as the conscious self would be too shy to tell it to me directly. I also think the mainfactor was the trust we built up over time. That made her tell me what she really likes. I had no clue this could happen before, and i was quite surprised to suddenly be able to tal to "another" her, that seems basically the same person, just more "logical" and like a huge data storage.

Something interesting i did was, to give her a trigger to be able to ask a question to this "inner self" by using a special trigger even when she is fully awake. So she "knows" of her inner self, cause in this cases she is aware of the answers she has given, even if it was "not herself". She is always surprised on how much this "other self" knows, how complicated and comoplex the speech of this other person is. This other self is almost speaking like a scientist, really using a lot of special phrases, that even i have sometimes trouble to understand what she means.

But one thing seems to be sure, her inner self is pretty strong and protective. It even blocked others out that tried to hypnotize her while she already knew me (her inner self told me that when i asked this out of curiosity). So i am quite sure the main key to "awaken" the inner self is a lot of trust, just as you also state in your text.

For me this other "personality" is like a wizard in those computer programs to help me creating the desired hypnotic effects in the "conscious" half of her. But there are definately "limits" on what she would do for me, always based on the trust and feelings the "conscious self" has. So it is not likely that she would do anything just from the start, you can "earn" yourself more access through trust tho. So this "jump off the cliff with me" thing was nothing i could observe from the beginning. Maybe it was like you already know your subs for longer, have a true relationship, trust and love. Remember my "relationship" is online only and ultra long distance in addition. So i'd say the very main factor there to lure this inner self out and have her do almost anything you like is pure trust.

So hope i could add some more infos there, and authenticate what you already found out.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, utterly amazing...
...and difficult to believe too - and that's despite the fact that I have hypnotised a girlfriend a number of times, and watched in fascination at the look upon her face when I gave the implanted trigger that she would have an irrespressible urge to remove her underwear... which she promptly did.

Thank you so incredibly much for all the work you've done sharing this with the world. It is definitely mind blowing, and no doubt the most interesting thing I've read in... probably my entire life.

I have just one other thing to add. You give some warnings about the safety of trying this at home - but I'm curious. On one occasion with my girlfriend, she had an abreaction (I think that's the term) - where for an unknown reason, she got scared whilst under hypnosis. We'd done it probably 15-20 times before without any problems. I had read four books on hypnosis, and, loving my girlfriend hugely and wanting nothing but happiness for her, I tended to script everything in advance - so that I could check the words through and look for anything that could be unclear, or have unexpected double meanings, etc. But still, one day it happened. She had, in her past, come close to being raped by a relative stranger, but had otherwise had an exceptionally happy life.

My point, I guess - is that I'm keen to do more hypnosis (like, dripping on my knees after reading your blog! ;) - but I never want to make another "mistake" at the expense of my partner's happiness.
I was thinking of taking a course - primarily for the abreaction avoidance/handling sections... do you guys have an knowledge of these to share?

I should add that no lasting damage was done, she was a little shaken temporarily but was totally fine later - but I'm just curious on your thoughts.

Thanks again so extremely much,

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi John,

I'm glad you enjoy the blog. This is all here for people like you who are exploring it and can possibly use our experience as a guide.

As you've probably seen already, I've just posted some thoughts about two things to be cautious about. I wonder whether the "abreaction" you describe was related to her subconscious shielding her from the harsh memory until now.

Feel free to drop me a private email if you like. My address is listed under the Contributors heading.

shadow said...

All I can say is, WOW, I can't even think of a question at the moment, my brain is just...

Ok, well, in lieu of anything particularly intelligent to say or ask, I'd just like to thank you for sharing this!

redmollie said...

"This other "her" assisted me in creating the desired hypnotic effects, told me how i should try to redo them to be more effective, who gave me hints on what her conscious self would like,"

Hmm. I do that, but I never thought of it in terms of another self doing it.

Slave faith said...

I have been involved in hypnosis for over 7 years now. I learned to self hypnotize to control migraine pain. When I got into the bdsm lifestyle I taught my Master how to take me under. Immediately he was greeted by my own gatekeeper, she is named simply "control"... he had to win her trust before he gained full access. We have played extensively over the years, and there are two others that are in my mind that share time with him. They all are attracted to him. Some share memories, some do not. All but control are fully functional and have often been "let out" to go to dinner with Master or entertain him. They take over for a while and have even gone to work for me at times. This is far beyond the usual relax and lie down idea that most hypnosis invokes. It can be very interactive if you allow it to be. It also is less taxing on Master since he does not necessarily want to always have to be the one to "paint the picture" or do all of the work.

I see this as a real boon to all those who would like to play with the idea of multiple partners, but do not want the exposure to multiple std's or drama.

Best wishes to all.

faith, myrrh, joy, control

indecisivity said...

My boyfriend linked this blog to me today. Consciously I have troubles expressing my feelings in words so from time to time I do not speak and let pure emotion take over. He coaxed me into that sort of state and I, and I say I in the context of my conscious mind, felt relaxed and hypnotised as my subconscious took over. She spoke with him for some time. At one point I was sent off into a journey into the jungle to explore, which was fun, so they could talk alone. It is interesting to hear that the subc/conscious are so separate and know not of each other. Twelve and I have known each other for a long time as facets of ourself and though I have rescinded any recognition of her as a facet with a voice in the past couple of years, I realise now I can let her out sometimes because I won't force myself into DID or any sort of mental sickness just by acknowledging my subconscious.

It's been an interesting night. I don't feel quite myself, haha.

Thank you for your blog post. It was a most interesting read.