Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding Your Own Hypno Slave

How can you find someone who wants to be hypnotized? Or who wants to hypnotize you?

It can be surprisingly hard. 'Hypnosis' is not found on most of the kink and BDSM check lists, so the curious don't have many opportunities to announce their interest.

Here are two happy exceptions to that:

CollarMe has long included hypnosis on its list of interests, so users can include it in their profiles, and you can search for it. I've talked with a number of submissives there who are curious about hypnosis and eager to explore.

Now there's a new and very promising social networking site, FetLife, which has added hypnosis to its fetishes list. There are more than a dozen people into hypnotism, more every day. (Also, I've just opened a discussion group there, on Erotic Hypnosis. Stop by and register your thoughts about Orgasm on Command, our first topic.)

All in all, the world of kink seems to be opening its mind to mind control.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Imagination Enhanced

K and c are just too busy exploring the world of mental illusions to send back enough reports. I have to go tracking them down to get their updates. OK, partly that's because they were on vacation for a couple of weeks, and fucking like bunnies. Partly it's because c spent a full day curled up in the cage. Without her mobile, apparently.

Anyway, the latest report shows that, after a year of putting hypnosis and mind control to work on his wife, K is far from running out of clever ideas.

* He's changed her vocabulary, made a few word-for-word substitutions. For instance, when c now tries to say "I love you," it comes out, "I heart you."

* Johnny Depp no longer sings to her from the passenger seat on her drive to work each day. No, now he shares their bed each night.

* And most intriguing, when they had a huge Jacuzzi tub on vacation, K told her to hold her breath, slide entirely under water, and stay as long as she wanted. "My heart slowed way down, I could feel it, I just relaxed, and it felt like hours and hours. It was wonderful," she says. K reports that it was actually six or seven minutes -- which itself is truly remarkable.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Here's a powerful effect that boils down to a simple idea: Don't let your subject hear what you're saying.

I'll explain more in a moment, but here's how Geneva, whom I play with online from a thousand miles away, describes the feeling.

"When I first started talking to D online, I was skeptical about how well the hypnosis thing would work for me. I soon found out just how well it does work. In the beginning I heard each word He said. He would talk to me and help me to relax. Then suggest experiences that would become very real to me. I did come to love His voice… pardon the pun. He has taken my mind to places I've never been, as well as helped me to revisit places I have, and that I miss.

"My sexual experiences under hypnosis have been phenomenal! But my experiences have changed. Where I used to hear every word spoken, now His words seem to melt into the experiences. Yes, melt is a good description. I will be talking with Him and suddenly His voice is melting into me. It's as if I can actually feel it. I am transported from where I sit to another place. I can see, hear, feel things that weren't there the moment before. I hear Him… but I don't at the same time."

The key to the technique is for the subconscious to be able to block memories. (I know that's something that c's subconscious does readily, and so did e's. Geneva's subconscious turns out to be able to do that too.)

Here's how it came about. Geneva loves the sensations and gyrations and visual illusions that I tell her subconscious to produce. But it finally occurred to me that these effects were being 'filtered' a bit, as she would first hear me give a command, then have a few moments to think about it consciously before it occurred. So it was still a little artificial.

How much more vivid, I wondered, if she never saw it coming?

A lot more vivid, it turns out.

I told her subconscious: From now on, any time I give a specific instruction for Geneva to feel or do, just carry it out without letting her conscious mind grasp the words.

Now, in mid-conversation with me, without warning, she finds herself flying. Or bent over the couch. Or strung up somewhere. Or serving anonymous strangers. I direct the scene with a few words, but her subconscious fills in all the blanks -- and all her holes.

"I hear you, but I don't hear you," is how she describes it. "And sometimes you're completely gone."

Then I tried the same effect with LG. Even after I described it, she was pretty skeptical. In deepest trance she uses the sound of my voice, if not my actual words, as a sort of lifeline that she holds on to. She thought she couldn't give up on the sound of my voice. Also, her subconscious happens to resist any instructions that aren't directly related to sex, food or sleep, and memory play has never really worked.

Well. Turned out that LG's subconscious was interested after all. After a few words of instruction, and waking LG up again, I'm now able to give her verbal instructions that she can't hear at all, and simply experiences without warning. The gasps of amazement are worth all the trouble.

Has anyone else tried the same thing?