Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going global

I should have been nervous. For any number of reasons.
  •  I was about to demonstrate my "global suggestion" method in public for the first time, at an erotic hypnosis convention.
  •  I really wanted them to get it. I'm proud of this technique, and the power that comes from directly enlisting and conversing with the subconscious. I want others in the word of erotic hypnosis to check it out.
  •  I sensed that most of the people here were into hypnosis for the trance itself -- while my method is all about the days, weeks and months that follow a short introductory trance.
  •  I had just an hour to describe, demonstrate and discuss it.
  •  My enthusiastic volunteer subject? I'd just met LadyA the day before.  She had no idea what was expected of her.
I should have been nervous, but I wasn't. 

Because, in fact, we'd rehearsed the global suggestion the night before, with LadyA's husband and a professional hypnotist as our audience.  

The global suggestion boils down to a simple single instruction to the subconscious: "When your conscious self is awake and alert, pay attention to what I tell her, and make it happen."

LadyA's subconscious mind had grasped the concept almost immediately, and proved adept at controlling behavior, body and mind long after LadyA was again awake and alert.  
The subconscious was so good that, after we were done, she was able to remove from LadyA's conscious mind any detailed memories of the rehearsal.

So when we sat facing each other at the front of a dim room at the convention, LadyA really didn't know what was about to happen.

After a few minutes of "pre-induction" talk, I explained to her, and the audience, that her subconscious was about to carry out whatever instructions I came up with. I started slow, telling her that her breasts were getting warm, then that her nipples were getting hard. She checked. They were. Then I added fingers sliding up her legs, a throbbing somewhere in the middle, and so on. She was enjoying them all. Usually this takes longer. 

I wanted her to go into trance, so the audience could meet her subconscious, but she was on the edge of orgasm already. So -- the global suggestion is perfect for those decisions made on the fly -- I merged her orgasm and her trance launch. Her body vibrated impressively, then went calm, and I said, as I always do, "Hello subconscious." 
After confirming with LadyA's subconscious that she could control sensations, body and mind, and giving her some examples of what I might be doing, I brought LadyA back.  My point was to show that a creative hypnotist now can combine sensations, illusions and behaviors into whatever random scene they want to concoct. Because of the setting, most of these turned out to be sexy -- my favorite was having her undressing, unaware, while discussing something else entirely. 
One challenge in any hypnosis demonstration is that skeptics can often say, "Oh, you're not hypnotized, you're just doing that to please the hypnotist." I think that was solved when, long into the scene, she interrupted to complain about her breasts. "They're so hot, they're sweating. Can you turn that off?" Oops, I'd forgotten to undo my very first command.  Another advantage of my method is that you can fix things like that with a word or two.

It was an intense hour, and it was over before the audience ran out of questions. LadyA and her husband disappeared, back to their hotel room, where I am confident that the experiments continued.

I received a terrific email a few days later from one of the hypnotists in the audience. Corny as it may sound, this is the real effect I was trying to achieve:
"It gave me quite a bit to think about, and quite a bit to try." 


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Way too much fun

When a blog goes silent for a few months, there are a couple of possibilities. Either the blogger ran out of news to report, or ran out of time to report it all. Thankfully in this case it's the latter explanation.  Adventures abound.  I'm hoping to get an adventuress or two to write them up. 
Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that this weekend I will be presenting a demonstration of my favorite mind control method, the global suggestion, at an erotic hypnosis conference in Connecticut.   Considering that my demonstration subject and I have never met, or even spoken before, this will be exciting. 
I promise a report on the proceedings.