Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Power of the Mind

If i told you that i had my labia pierced, but felt no pain and no needle ever touched my body, would that get your attention? Would you believe me? I certainly would have been skeptical just a few short months ago. Using the incredible power of hypnosis my Dom has given me this and much more through the magic of His voice alone. He has gifted me with numerous long lasting "effects", for lack of a better term. They are all very real to me and have become an integral part of my daily life.

He has pierced my labia with two beautiful little rings, one on each side. I can touch them and tug on them, yet they are invisible to everyone else. They are tied together with a thin red leather lace, and unless He allows me to untie it i am physically unable to penetrate myself. The power of the mind is incredible.

I also wear other body jewelry as i go about my daily life. He has given me a gorgeous pair of nipple shields and every time i look at them i smile and think of Him. Around my waist, and my ankles and wrists are silver slave bells, i can hear them when i walk or roll over in bed at night. The sound has become a comfort to me, though no one around has any idea.

I have become comfortable walking around naked in public, though still occasionally blush when i think about it too hard. With a few carefully placed words, He has turned my clothes transparent. I can feel them on my body and know that i am dressed, but when i walk out into the world i "feel" naked. Every once in a while i catch someone looking at me and for a moment i wonder if they know, if they can see what a wanton girl i am.

Before you think this is all about my body, He inserts Himself into other parts of my day as well. He has decorated my home, turned the pictures on my walls into various images of His cock, just to remind me all of the time who i belong to and what i am. Though, i will admit i do spend quite a bit of time appreciating art now.

He is with me at my most intimate and private moments. I pee every two hours. It is no longer voluntary, it is fact. If the clock hits an even hour i had better hope that i'm near a bathroom. It seems i have a small margin of control, give or take a number of seconds, but i must pee. The pressure and need is too strong to ignore without embarrassing results. Along with this schedule, He often changes the decor, turning the bathroom at my house into a park, a rainforest, and other interesting locations. It's often a surprise what i'll find when i walk in there.

By far the most precious and meaningful gift He has given me is my collar. It is red leather and matches the lace tying my rings together. He placed it around my neck and buckled it closed, and it has remained there ever since. I never have to take it off, worry about it getting wet, or what other people will think. I belong to Him and have a wonderful reminder that is completely real to U/us.

I have learned so many things in the past few months from Him. The biggest lesson though is that the mind is capable of great things. If you can tap into that power, the possibilities are limitless. I was a skeptic, but trust me hypnosis works and W/we are just beginning to explore the realm of the possible.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Add Hypnosis to your Toy Bag

She already leaps to his command. She kneels, spreads, accepts, performs, whatever his whim. The routines are well-rehearsed behaviors, her conscious mind having agreed to yield to his control and simply ... obey.

Now imagine that her subconscious mind were under the same level of control, able to respond to a whole new level of commands without any conscious awareness of what's in store.

That's the core of what this blog is all about: Doms and subs, we urge you to try adding hypnosis to your repertoire. You've already laid the groundwork. All you need now is a deliberate, deep trance and the implanting of some core instructions.

The effects can be ... profound.

Each one of these areas deserves its own discussion, but for now here's a quick sample from e's life:

* I can remove events from her memory the moment they happen, and restore them later. So I can replay an intense event over, and over, and over, fresh each time.

* I have added false items to her memory. I've done this often enough that, well, she still hasn't worked out whether that eggplant in her bottom last week was real or not.

* She has experienced persuasive illusions in all her senses. I can decide what she tastes, smells, hears, sees, feels. That evening she spent in the bathroom with Meryl Streep probably combined all of those.

* She has been wrapped up tight in latex, hung upside down from the ceiling, and flogged, an effect so persuasive that her face flushed with all the blood running down to it.

* It's not all an illusion. Some effects have very real consequences. Obeying detailed instructions, she calmly sat at the food court in the mall right after Christmas, removed her bra and panties, and laid them on the table while she ate. Only later did I let her experience the shame.

* Some parts of her body respond very well to instructions. For instance, her bottom has dutifully fully relaxed at my instruction, so she can slide her hand up inside. No matter how often we do this, it still amazes her. On a lighter note: Every time she blinks, her nipples get harder. Kind of embarrassing sometime.

There's much more, in endless combinations, but you get the idea. The sub's mind and body, entirely without her conscious knowledge, are open to instruction, day and night.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Orgasm on Command

Let's jump right in to the deep end. Every once in a while I see the question posed somewhere: Can a woman be trained to orgasm on command? They aren't even asking how it's done; they're just wondering if it's possible. Well ... not only is it possible, I think it's often pretty easy, at least within a dom/sub relationship.

In fact, a trance-induced orgasm is what led us quickly into this whole realm.

Let me tell you what I did, and then I'll extrapolate wildly and suggest how other doms might accomplish the same thing.

I hypnotized e for the first time about two months ago. We were chatting online, voice to voice; she said she'd never been hypnotized before; but I talked her right into a trance without much trouble at all.

I didn't make her cum right away; I stalled maybe five minutes while I first made her feel light, and then warm. Then I just told her to cum. Over the headset I heard her squeal and moan pretty violently. A couple of minutes later, I woke her up. She remembered nothing of her climax. Frankly, I don't think she believed me.

So the next time she was in a trance, I planted a little trigger, a command for her to obey after she woke up. She woke up; I spoke the command; she came. Now she was impressed.

These orgasms are now a completely routine part of her day. She cums at least eight times a day (immediately after peeing), and usually several more as a result of direct commands during our conversations. (Example: Just a few minutes ago, in a crowded living room, she came for 15 seconds, with only the hypnotically induced tape across her mouth keeping her from singing out.) Sometimes she has objects, real or imagined, inserted at the time; sometimes she's frozen like a statue when it happens.

This isn't the first time I've done something like this. A few years ago, I trained a sub to put an orgasm "trigger" in a fairly innocuous part of her anatomy -- that hollow at the base of the neck. If either she or I touched her there, she climaxed without hesitation. Now, I don't remember all the steps I took to get this effect, but a key one was to stroke her there, over and over, and tell her to feel it in her clit. In retrospect, I think she was in a near-trance much of the time we were playing.

Further evidence that orgasm on command is possible: The various fetish videos floating around. One hypnotist favors the word "kapow" as the trigger for his subjects' orgasms. They look quite real to me.

As remarkable as this all sounds, I suspect it happens like this:

Most dom/sub partners have played orgasm denial/permission games. The hotter she gets, the more she begs for release, the stricter you get; the desperation builds; finally you relent and say "cum" or "now" or "go, slut" -- and within seconds she's oscillating. Play that often enough, and intensely enough, and her mind and body learn to associate your command with the physical changes needed to trigger orgasm.

If you are then able to put her into a trance -- and I think most subs will readily go there -- then you can instruct her subconscious to isolate that well-learned trigger. When you say "cum," she will simply cum, skipping entirely over the preliminaries.

But as much fun as it is to watch a woman in a trance having an orgasm, it's a lot more fun if she's awake to appreciate it. So I would go to the trouble of learning how to plant a post-hypnotic suggestion, a trigger, that you can pull as often as you like, after she's awake again.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

BDSM Hypnosis ...

.. ... being an ongoing account of the real-life adventures of HypnoMaster D and his loving hypnotic sub, here known as HypnoSlave e.

We hope that by sharing our exploration of hypnosis within BDSM, we can compare ideas, techniques and experiences with others.

We are complete amateurs at this, but if our experience is any guide, there is a vast world of mental and physical adventures that others in the lifestyle will want to know about.