Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's Happening Here

Ten months into this adventure, it's time for a quick summary for the many new visitors.

It turns out that:

* submissive women are particularly easy to hypnotize.
* you can achieve amazing control of their sensations, memory and actions.
* this works especially well if you meet and enlist their subconscious minds.

On this blog, my friends and I are exploring all three aspects of this: hypnosis and mind control methods, some of the wild experiences we've had, and discoveries about the subconscious.

Explore the menu, dig down through all the months of investigations and games, follow any topical links that intrigue you. There's a lot here.

What we really hope is that you'll try these ideas for yourself and add your discoveries to our own. This is a pretty powerful addition to the toybag -- enjoy it!


Horus said...

I came across this blog about a week ago and I've found it to be a wonderful resource. With so much questionable information on the net these days, I get a sense of integrity here that's rarely seen. As such, I offer my kudos to all the contributors.

How I found this blog was due to a submissive friend that found MC 'hot', so I thought I'd do some research in all the methods, and this came up. The first posting displayed was the "Orgasm on Command" and ended up devouring the entire blog, as well as showing it to my submissive friend.

At this point, I see hypnosis as a valuable tool for this kind of relationship, as well as a means to learn more about the sub's motivations, and have a little fun as well.

I think she's going to be difficult to induce though. (chuckle) Very analytical, self-critical, and has done quite a bit of research herself. I suspect it's going to take several sessions and strategy changes before I'll be able to place the first trance trigger. And even then, I'm sure there will be a few more sessions before we'll do anything more constructive than that! :)

In BDSM forums, I've come across a lot of opinions regarding hypnosis. Like anything else, much of it downright hostile or critical, and not much constructive, let alone thoughtful. I'm seriously considering laying down the foundation of a FAQ on the subject, with a focus on the positive, rather than the negative.

One question I DO have, in spite of what I've said is; What are the negatives that you've come across with hypnosis? Has this caused a crisis at any point? If not, do you have a plan on how to manage them?

Hypnoslave c said...

Hi Horus,

Glad to see we're still being discovered by new people it's nice that you find it interesting believe me it's facinating.

I think the scariest and most negative thing i have experienced is Megan pushing through without warning, it only happened the once but i was really distressed by it. Now i'm able to allow myself to slip away (not quite sure how) and i'm ok if i feel urges to say things or act in ways that deviate from my norm but it did take some getting used to and there was a point where i just didnt want to play this game any longer.

I was also afraid that my Husband and Master K would get so caught up in this new tool that i would be neglected as he conversed with someone who i couldn't control. In my eyes Megan was a "naughtier" version of me willing to do anything K requested and it scared me that he would prefer her. Sounds silly i know but i have a few insecurities and it took a lot of reassurance to get me to accept that Megan was mearly a tool for my pleasure.

When all this happened K and D worked very very hard to ensure that i became comfortable with what was happening. My subconscious is very powerful and was able to do complicated stuff extremely quickly and i was overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. They made me aware that this is something i have to allow to happen and if i don't want it to then it won't. The enormous comfort a sub takes from knowing her Master cares about how she experiences things cannot be expressed but trust me show you care and work on building up her trust and anything is possible!

KR said...

I found this blog yesterday while looking for resources to help with my hypnosis play with my wife/sub. While I have had a little formal instruction, I am largely self-taught and I've only used hypnosis on a few people (4 as of last count). For us, it has primarily been a means of fantasy fulfillment. There are some things that are simply too dangerous/objectionable to do in real life. However, introduce hypnosis into the mix and almost anything becomes possible. My method has been: Induction...deepening...scene setting...the scene itself...return to a more relaxed state...gentle end of the trance. Here's a specific example: My sub has a very vivid rape fantasy, so after induction and deepening I will sometimes provide her with an alternative personality (it provides her with a measure of psychological safety to be someone else). As part of that I set the time period, location, culture...everything to provide realism. And so, she becomes a student at a Victorian boarding school for young ladies. Unfortunately, it is run by the very urbane but secretly depraved headmaster who has decided to have his evil way with this young lady...and so it goes.

Aside from its kinkier uses, hypnosis has proven useful as a way of helping her with some of her other needs. "Sir, I'm having trouble sleeping" is no longer as frequent an issue. Instead, I've provided some training for her that allows her to use the phrase that induces a deep sleep.

I haven't had much success with triggers, but we'll see how it goes now that I've spent some time reading here.

MrHypno said...

Hi Guys

Love the site and content so far, been doing hypno-Bondage and games with my wife for quite some time and it's great to have this site to bounce ideas and meet like minded. Real shame I missed the meet in Bristol in 2011, when is the next 1 ??