Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Land Beyond Orgasm

I like to color outside the lines.

So it's no surprise that, after hypnotically inducing orgasms in some large number of women, I looked beyond that goal to something more challenging.

What I found: The Land Beyond Orgasm. It's now one of my favorite destinations.

I was sitting with Lillith on the bed, as I explained the concept.

Ordinarily, I said, your arousal rises up to a level of, say, 8 or 9, and then eventually reaches the point at which you orgasm, which we'll call 10. Your arousal then drops down a bit, and either rises again to 10 each time you orgasm, or drops back down to some lower number, when you get up or fall asleep.

So orgasms limit your arousal level to 10. 

But what if you didn't orgasm? What if you stepped right past that, up to 11 or 12 or beyond, ignoring the orgasm level and letting your arousal keep growing?

She was game. She usually is.

Her arousal level was already around 6, so we started there. I held on tight to her and started counting slowly. I felt, and heard, her arousal clearly growing as we approached 10, a familiar place for her. But we never got there. I said "9"... felt her tremble ... and then said "11." 

"OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod," she said. That was the most coherent thing I heard for a while.
I told her to  say "Yes," as she achieved each number. "13," I said. Long pause, gasps, shivers. "Yes," she squeaked. 

It went on like this. Around 20, I started pointing out that from this altitude she could see new territory and colors and could feel new textures and sensations. She agreed, and tried to describe them, but really couldn't put together a full sentence.

At 30, Lillith spontaneously squirted. She didn't orgasm; her arousal was still stratospheric. Somewhere in the mid-30s, I feared she would hyperventilate, and starting backing her down. I skipped 10 again on the way back down, and she was limp.

I've suggested this game with a few other partners. The results are always different, and always interesting. Gloria starts seeing stars and planets up around 50, and incinerates in the galactic core around 75.
LadyAdventure experienced some sort of psychic breakthrough the one time we reached 35, and ever since has been capable of trance amnesia. Sabrina regularly asks to be counted up to 50 -- it feels like she's pulling herself up a mountain -- to keep her energy levels high for her demanding career.

But Lillith's experience remains unique. The second time we explored the Land Beyond Orgasm, she asked to stay there. I obliged.

Her arousal level now hovers around 13 or 14 most of the time. She's not dropped below 10 since then. (She wears a sanitary pad every day, sometimes more than one, to keep her underwear dry.) 

She hasn't orgasmed in more than two years. And she's not asked to go back.


dancing-photons said...

I would love to hear one of these women describe what this experience is like! I'm imagining the "high, floaty" feeling of a long, sustained, intense g-spot / prostate orgasm minus without needing the muscle spasms of a climax to sustain it. How does it impact Lilith's life to be constantly in that kind of hyper-aroused state? This sounds really hot and unique!

Catriana said...
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a said...

So this is your last post, not sure doesn't look like an active blog anymore. So the other night I accidentally hypnotized my wife during an attempted tantrum sex scene. We were both fascinated. So I decided to do research and found your incredible blog. I read every post, thank you so much for the inspiration and direction. Last night on my third attempt in two days, I hadto work up the courage to actually put im the trigger, I instilled a instant trance trigger and it worked. She was my puppet for the following six hours. It was incredible. I just tested it out this morning, still works. Thank you so much. Question, have you and or your subs noticed any negative side effects of doing this over long term? I am worried about changing my wife's personality or anything like that. This is all new to me and I dont want to mess this up. Also, she said last night that she could see something but she knew it shouldn't be there but she saw it still it was confusing both real and not real. Am I not wording my suggestion correctly or is this just how it is? Thanks again.