Friday, July 19, 2013

The hypnotized heart

As an evil mad scientist, I'd be nowhere without my kinky lab assistants. They are eager collaborators in my erotic hypno research. You should thank them for their sacrifices on your behalf.

Lately, I've been working with them on hypnotic control over body functions. I don't know about others' experiences, but it seems easiest to control orgasms, then throat and anus. Getting the pussy to open hungrily on its own with no insertion is challenging, but achievable.

Lillith, one of my assistants, especially loves the messy bits. Her body pees, poops, vomits and squirts on command. She cheerfully reports how many towels she's sleeping on, or how many pads she's gone through at work. (She has a high-powered, highly visible job, adding to the fun.)

She has wondered for some time whether I could control her even more fundamentally -- by directing her pulse and blood pressure. So she got her hands on a simple blood pressure and pulse monitor.

We set up the protocol a few days ago. Lillith would lie down (on towels of course), wear the wristband monitor and hold her phone. So she could read my instructions, read the monitor and text me back.

After a baseline measurement, I would tell her to feel in turn physical pain, then physical pleasure, then emotional pleasure, then emotional pain. (I enhanced each sensation with a few words directed just to her subconscious.) She'd report the results for each. Then I'd give her subconscious a few more surreptitious instructions, and see how Lillith's body reacted to those as well.  

I may as well just show you the data. These readings were all about two minutes apart.

"Lying comfortably": 108 over 62, pulse 72.

"Now I'll make it hurt" (she felt her pussy stretching painfully): 121 over 66, pulse 93.

"Now the same sensation, only pleasurable": 110 over 62, pulse 106.

"Now happy thoughts": 103 over 60, pulse 77.

"Now painful thoughts": 87 over 56, pulse 75.

"Now bring it back to normal": 101 over 61, pulse 68.

I then told her subconscious to drive her blood pressure up to 120 or so: 116 over 62, pulse 76.

I then told her subconscious to bring her pulse down as slow as was safe: 83 over 51, pulse 54. She was almost too sleepy to report.

Then I told Lillith to bring it back up to 106 again. It took her several tries, but she managed 105 over 63.

So let's look at those numbers. 

Her pulse, normally 72, rose as high as 106 for great pleasure, and as low as 54 when told to slow down.Her systolic pressure, normally a healthy 108, was pushed as high as 121 for great pain (still not bad) and as low as 83. Her diastolic pressure didn't budge much (except for the super-slow pulse). 

And she clearly has both conscious and subconscious ways of managing her blood pressure, at least when I'm there to provide a guide.

This roller-coaster ride took all of 20 minutes. She was wide awake and trance-free for the whole experience.

What did we learn? We now know that my hypnotic effects are not just skin deep. Her whole body shares in the experiences. I now know I can inflict intense hypnotic pain, or pleasure, without straining her heart, and that I can even send her off to sleep if I want. It all goes into the toybag to be used whenever the mood strikes.

And that ping you just heard? Another lab assistant, asking to try it next.


Anonymous said...

A truly great an inspiring post. Shows what's possible with hypnosis.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing this stuff a long time. (~5-6 years now!)

I've never had the opportunity of a contact with similar experience and skill, and I'd be very happy to discuss D/s hypnosis at length in a private forum.

I looked for a contact page on your blog, and I did not find one (I did not spend much time looking, it was far too interesting to find my experiences as a hypnotist echoed), so I am leaving a comment instead (after reading several wonderful posts that echo my own experiences.)

Please drop me a line, hmm?