Thursday, February 8, 2007

Senses and Sensations

Used to be, when I thought of "sensation play" I meant floggers or ice cubes or my bare right hand. That's so limiting. After all, there are at least five senses, and it turns out that hypnotic commands let you play with all of them.

After a bit of practice, and after you're done with the clearly silly stunts, you can construct remarkably persuasive scenes.

For us, skin and body sensations are still the major element.
* "I'm sitting behind you, reaching around and rubbing your breasts."
* "You're tied tight over the spanking bench, and I'm flogging you."
* It's easy to make pain come and go. She can attach a dozen real-life clothes pins to herself and not feel them until I permit it
* I should probably make a bigger deal of this, but ... she hasn't felt any menstrual cramps for months now. I banished them.

Vision is huge too
* "You're invisible." ("Whoa," she said.)
* "Your clothes are transparent." (That one we've kept permanently.)
* "Whenever you go to Costco, I'm on all the TV screens." (That order is interesting because her subconscious remembered it for two months before needing to invoke it for the first time.)

Taste is subject to my whims:
* I've turned a glass of her fresh pee into a glass of water, and then into the best mojito she's ever tasted.
* Cheap chocolates taste much better when I turn them into Godiva truffles.
* Whenever I say the name of a food or drink, she tastes it on her tongue.

* Her car radio has a novel feature. All the men's voices sound like me. Apparently I sound especially great singing Abba tunes.

Smell? Yep. Hypno poop stinks.

As in the real world, the various senses are often combined, making the event seem that much more real.

* During hypnotic sexual acts, she sees, feels and hears me, quite convincingly.
* She can simply watch my hands, miming the stroking and tugging of her nipples, to feel them in action.
* I've inserted a dozen illusionary needles in her breasts. Both seeing and feeling them triggered an orgasm.

But I can also disable sensations, or redirect them:

* The other day, she dripped candle wax onto her own chest, feeling each drop not there but instead as a tongue-lick against her clit. First time I've known someone to cum just from candle drippings alone.

* I turned off all her sensations for 10 seconds. I don't know where she went, but when she came back she was very quiet for a while.

If you have any suggestions for new sense-twisting effects, let us know in a Comment. We'll do some experimenting and get back to you with the results.


Asudem Latex said...

i'm totally fascinated by all that can be done but how long did it take to get to this point? weeks or months? how much training?

what did she need to do herself?

as i've had some experience with hypnosis in sl and its a bit slow going i think - but i def want a long list of things set into me... ;-)


HypnoMaster D said...

e went fully into trance the first time we tried. (Just to be clear, it was via voice; we only started using text later.) I suspect that her experience with meditation and subspace were big factors.

She responded to triggers immediately as well, although some of them were faint at first. For instance, it took a few days of repeating the instruction before her labia rings were vivid and permanent.

That was a little over three months ago. I spent about a month trying different effects -- many of them pretty silly -- to see how they worked and how to combine them. She now reports that nearly all effects are at least 90 percent realistic.

But it's more a matter of exploration than training... I think she's a natural.

Asudem Latex said...

oh lucky her! i don't know how well i'm doing really. i go into dolly mode when chatting with her but the effects don't seem to really last.

so would u say that subspace is a form of hypnotic trance or something? i know when i'm with a good mistress in sl i go the same way.

i really want to understand it all and get it working on myself so that i have totally latex skin...


Anonymous said...

You've added or removed sensations and blanking them all. Have you tried overloading them ?

Flooded recall of every single orgasm ? Or if she's been bad, spank her once or twice a day - then cumutively apply their effects ?

If you try it let me know if e can walk afterwards :)


HypnoMaster D said...

Aha. Interesting ideas. I've done that only with the clothes pins. She attaches about a dozen, feeling nothing, until the last one is applied, when she feels all of them at once. I'll have to try a week's worth of orgasms, to see what happens.