Thursday, February 1, 2007

Messing with Memory

It's a standard stage hypnotist trick: The subject wakes up, feeling alert, still not sure about this hypnosis stuff. "OK, now count to 10 on your fingers." But it's hard to do that, when you've forgotten the existence of the number 6.

That's a key moment, when the new subject first feels lost and puzzled, suddenly suspecting that the hypnotist really can take over mental control. The hypnotist restores the number, the subject is relieved, then the hypnotist plunges them deep into trance again, with some confidence that any natural resistance to hypnotic suggestion will have been weakened.

Messing with your sub's memory... something not to be done lightly ... turns out to be one of the subtler and yet more powerful effects you can have. Personally, e and I usually play with just recent, fairly irrelevant memories, to be safe. But after you've altered, removed, restored and even constructed your sub's history a few times, she'll come to think of you as being in charge of such fundamental things as "did that really happen" and "is that really the time?"

OK, examples.

* In one of our very first sessions, I removed the number 6, with the usual results. e was puzzled, but not all that impressed. She never liked numbers that much anyway. Then... I removed her middle name. That got her attention.

* In another post, she's written about her intense need to pee every even-numbered hour, precisely on the hour. One time, when she'd just returned from doing so, I told her to forget the preceding five minutes. Suddenly it was just one minute to the hour... and her bladder was bursting again, the urge to go unstoppable. After nearly a minute of this torture, I restored her memory of those five minutes, and the urge evaporated again with the return to standard time.

* One morning, as part of a relaxation exercise, she slipped a large candle into her bottom. She was happily humping it when I abruptly removed 10 minutes of memory. She stopped dead... went very quiet... and in a pale voice asked, "uhhhh, how did that get there?"

* "Sometime today you will get your long, flexible dildo, put one end in your ass and the other end in your pussy, and fuck both holes at the same time. You will then forget about this entirely, until I tell you to remember." She giggled when the memory flooded back, a few hours later.

* Memory wipes are a convenient tool for maintaining consent rules. We've negotiated some fairly edgy scenes, then I've removed her memory of the discussion, so when it occurs it's a complete surprise to her.

* When she carries out some humiliating public act, like the time she removed her bra and panties in the mall food court and set them on the table beside her, I usually remove her memory of it, and then restore it a few days or hours later, so she can relive the fresh, delicious shame all over again.

* I'm proudest of the memories that I've completely invented for her. I guess the idea of installing apparently permanent thoughts in a person's brain appeals to me. You have to be reasonable with these. I told her that she'd bought a Corona at a particular store one night, but she just got a sudden quizzical look, and said, "Huh, that makes no sense." Turns out she knew that store didn't sell Coronas. I've had better luck since then, installing memories that she absorbs with no comment, but refers to weeks later in passing.

I'm sure we'll mention other memory-bending examples in other posts, so you can see how we mix it in with other effects.

Meanwhile, whenever something outrageous occurs now, she almost immediately asks me, meekly, "Did that really happen?" She's losing the ability to tell for sure, when I'm involved. She comes to me for her reality checks. Sometimes you just have to trust people.


Asudem Latex said...

could this help with heel training at all? maybe have it so the person always remembers wearing 5"s and not needing anything else?


HypnoMaster D said...

Hi, I think you could be convinced that you were always wearing heels. You probably would appear to be walking on your tiptoes, but you wouldn't realize that. ... If you wanted to learn to actually wear five-inch heels, I think hypno could help you become comfortable with it, but actual dexterity probably would require practice.

Asudem Latex said...

oh i can wear 5"s now, but i want to be stuck in them. i hear that develops over time if i wear them for years. a command to make me locked in or something would be amazing.


Anonymous said...

After reading your many articles, I became intrigued. I planned some playtime involving your techniques, which involved trigger commands and a few fun ones like erections on command. However, subject "came to " in mid session. I was able to quickly put him back under, but, subject recalls everything from playtime. He also had a sense of "fighting" himself, saying that he heard a voice telling someone "stop hiding" something I did not say. Any suggestions, on how to "erase" all memory of session, without losing the embedded commands?

HypnoMaster D said...

Hi Anonymous,
There's no single answer to that, but here are a few things to try.
* Repeatedly trance and wake him, trying to send him deeper each time. The tighter your connection with the subconscious, the more able you'll be to keep that memory from the conscious mind.
* One way to deepen a trance is to send the subject off on a mental trip. Swimmers like to go swimming. Bikers go biking. Hikers go hiking. Then ask, "Is Joe swimmming now? Let's leave him there for a while."
* The effects you're trying to achieve, do them on the subconscious, tranced persona a few times before waking the conscious mind to do them again.
* And finally, sometimes it doesn't matter if the subject remembers the instructions. You can still exercise voice control when they're awake, even though they heard you install the instruction.

Good luck!