Monday, February 12, 2007

Body Modifications

Another area we've explored is the illusion of body modification. e has mentioned some of these already -- her collar, piercings, nipple shields, transparent clothing. Those are all permanent changes. She wakes up in the morning, and there they all are, ready to go for another day.

(They're so permanent that the term 'illusion' doesn't fit. How about 'body modifications that only she can feel'?)

I use temporary body modifications as part of our play. Some are D/s related, others are for fun, yet others (especially early in our explorations) were simply to test ideas.

Here's a quick sampler.

* 'You have a tongue stud' ... I swear I could hear it clicking against her teeth.

* 'You have three breasts' ... She thought that was pretty cool, especially when I told her to suck on the middle nipple.

* 'You have a buzz cut' ... She didn't like that one at all; she'd just had her hair cut perfectly and didn't appreciate my change.

* 'When you run your fingernail over your skin, it will slice open and bleed' ... She breathed heavily during this, but because she knew it was an illusion was able to process it pretty well.

* 'You're a Brussels sprout' ... I asked her later how she felt. 'Small and green.'

* 'Your skin is a red checkerboard color' ... She said something about being ready for a picnic.

* 'Your eyes are now in the back of your mouth' .. I think this one was seriously disorienting; she sounded queasy.

* 'There's a button in your left armpit' ... When she presses it, it goes 'ding-dong' and gives her a jolt of fresh energy and alertness.

* 'You're a puppy.' ... This is a regular thing that I expect e will write about.

You might have noticed that my instructions to e are all positive affirmative statements. I don't say "Imagine you have a tongue stud" or "It feels like your arm is floating." The more direct and confident a declaration, the less reason she has to even consider the alternatives.

You might also be wondering about safety and safewords. (Might be awkward to spend the day speaking in dog.) It's worth a longer discussion sometime, but the short version is: We're very, very careful. I usually put a time limit on each of these body modifications, so if communication is cut off she reverts to normal on her own.

Meanwhile, we hope this inspires you to pursue your own hypnotic body modifications.

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