Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your Friend is my Robot

Going public with our games, even to just one sympathetic friend, involves a certain amount of pride and trepidation. I've been overthinking this question of how we can show e's domme friend, whom we'll just call F, all the visually obvious examples of mind control that I can install. Basically, I'm turning her into a little robot with buttons for F to push.

You've sent in some great suggestions to check out. Here's a list of the things we're working on so far.

I'm focusing on effects that either she couldn't do with her conscious mind, or couldn't bring herself to do because they're so outrageous. Or both.

* First a couple of effects that don't quite work yet. I tried to get her to cry on command, but just managed to get her eyes to tear up. And I tried to make her nose run, but just succeeded in making it stuffy. We'll send these back to the developers for more work.

* If F touches e's nose, then her hands will clamp tight to her breasts, glued there, unmovable until her nose is touched again. This leaves e helpless to resist ... whatever. F already has tried this out, when they had coffee together.

* If e is touched between her breasts, her nipples will flex in and out of their own accord. Sorry we haven't been able to get single nipple response to work, just a tingle so far.

* Not sure where to put this button, but: I can command her to raise gooseflesh on her arms. I think this subtle effect might be the most impressive one of all, oddly enough.

* F can run a candle flame along the most sensitive bits of e's body, and elicit no response at all. Or she can cover her with clothes pins with no reaction.

* If e snaps her fingers, anytime, anywhere, her bladder voids on the spot. We've mentioned this before, but F hasn't seen it, and I'm thinking she'll be blown away.

* F knows e well enough to realize that she could never do this voluntarily: Converse in an outrageous French accent. (e winces every time I mention this.)

* If F touches e's navel, she's going to see something really impressive. e has now been trained to have a G spot orgasm, complete with long squirt, on command. Unlike her regular instant orgasms, this one takes a few seconds to build to release, but the sound effects during the buildup alone make it worth the wait.

* If F touches e's anus, she's in for a surprise. It will immediately open up to admit her hand. Her whole hand, just like that.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Those all sounds fantastic i cant wait to hear F play around with those. she will be very much so in control.

Anonymous said...

The more I think about it, the more suppression of sensation may be the best way of displaying control. Making e not feel pain is one good path, but is she ticklish? Removing her tickle-ability would be another. Still another would be experiencing a vibrator on max vibration for five minutes while carrying on normal conversation (and then, naturally, letting it hit her all at once *eg*).

HypnoMaster D said...

Oh, another excellent idea there. I can in fact just switch off all her erotic sensation. She feels the penetration, or the finger rubbing, or the vibrator, but in a completely neutral way. Her clit and all erotic signals are gone. We've used it in objectification games (turning her into a vase, or into a sex doll) but hadn't thought of it as part of the demo. I'll add it to our list. Thanks!

lex said...

On getting her to cry on command...

I took a few photos of a glamour model under hypnosis, in some of the pictures she was frozen in place, like a mannequin, she was a very good subject, and wouldn't even blink while frozen (at first) which caused her eyes to water to the extent that she had a few tears rolling down her cheeks, on moving again she was mystified, wondering when and how she'd been crying.

Perhaps you could freeze e in this way, unable to move think or blink, and then link the sensation in trance to a trigger (perhaps "crybaby")