Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeing Things

If you're ever on a plane, taxiing for takeoff, and the woman sitting next to you is paying a lot more attention to the safety video than is justified... that just might be e.

Don't tell the FAA, but she's watching a different video. She's watching me masturbate. She has a particular fascination for that. Her mind seems to go blank, she really can't talk, she has been known to drool.

It was a simple enough instruction, given before a flight a couple of months ago, and now her subconscious obeys it every time she flies, whether I specify it or not. It's always me up on that screen.

That's not the only place I show up in her line of vision. All the photos and artwork in the living room -- they've been magically converted to my cock, framed.

And since she spends so much time looking at her laptop, I'm there too, lurking on the desktop image behind everything else.

OK, so I'm being a bit, um, cocky. But it's effective. She's hooked.

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