Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Chance to Control a Slave

Wow. In the past week we've had more than 800 visitors, from 35 countries. Welcome to our little corner of kink.

Let's celebrate ... with a survey ... with a twist.

Click on Comment below and tell us: What's the most vivid, compelling demonstration you can imagine, that would prove that one person had control of another person's mind?

The twist is: We'll try as many of these demonstrations as we dare, and let you know what happens.

While you're thinking about a novel hypnotism test, here's the reason we're asking.

e has told a domme friend of hers, F, about my hypnotic control. F is intrigued and wants to know more. So as soon as we can, e and I are going to arrange to show her what it's like.

That's got me thinking: I don't think F doubts us, but how would I show a skeptical person that this is for real? Let's face it, most of a hypnotized subject's outward behavior is either boring (slumped, eyes closed, making funny noises) or could be staged if she were a really fine actress.

So I've been thinking about what sorts of 'effects' would be dramatic proof that I have complete control of e's mind and body. What sorts of commands would she be unwilling or unable to obey of her own volition?

I've been experimenting with a few ideas, which I'll write about soon, but I can use some more suggestions to test.

So that's where you come in. If you were watching, what would you consider compelling proof that e is my marionette? Click on Comments, stay Anonymous if you want, just let us know.

And thanks for visiting!


Marc said...

wow that sounds very interesting and fun. hope to hear more about it soon

Anonymous said...

considering how much is already has done and does it will be very hard to think of a novel idea.
the possibilites are endless as we all know but i think a good one would be able to show the control on this blog via picture video who knows.

id like for the readers such as myself to see it themselves.

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if D allowed e to appear on video publicly, it'd be a shout to any unpleasant people that actually met her realtime to attempt to trance her.

Anyway, I think convincing doubters would require getting her muscles to do things they couldn't ordinarily do. Tony Kamo, Bill the Hypnotist, and others do a "stiff as a board" routine that seems pretty convincing. But one other one that I think I must have read about somewhere is individual nipple hardness control. Can any woman get one or the other nipple hard without physical contact? I'm sure you can figure out the path, but verbally manipulating e's right and left nipples individually would likely convince anyone (except perhaps our resident doubter). And besides, you wouldn't have to show e's face if/when you put it up on video. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you being public may be a little much but would have no problem if done right.

It would be nice for us the readers to see it one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Me and my hubby know D quite well and we think that the nipple thing sounds quite loss of bodily function would impress me...bending in strange seemingly inaccessible positions.... i also think its hard to think of a new novel have already done so much! Yet again we're impressed!

HypnoMaster D said...

Depraved minds think alike. I've been training her subconscious to flex her nipples for a couple of weeks now, and the results are just visible. But it never occurred to me to try one nipple at once.

I gave it a shot this afternoon... didn't tell e what I was attempting... she said 'hmmmmmm' and reported that her right nipple was tingling.

Well, that's a start!

Anonymous said...

im surprised not many suggestions yet.
if she can walk around naked and barely blush i dont think humiliation applies much ? lol

HypnoMaster D said...

Well, oddly enough some forms of humiliating behavior she finds nearly intolerable, and I think would particularly so if the audience was a close friend.

I discovered this by accident, when just for fun I ordered her to speak in an outrageous French accent. Oh, man, does she despise that.

c said...

You would think with all these readers you would have more responses...I delved into this as play today just to see if it was possible for me to be hypnotised and was impressed with the results...would be cool if you could get her to speak a total new language...dont think that possible though the knowledge would already have to be there...if you could simulate not wax and get her skin to go red at hot spots that would be impressive....

Anonymous said...

i would like to see e's daily life spiced up with more compulsions. i find the toilet call on the hour interesting i wonder what else could make it interesting. hearing loss? sexuality change?

HypnoMaster D said...

Great ideas! Let's see... turning her skin red. We're going to try that with a hypno candle flame against her inner thigh. The flame, heat and pain are all easy effects... whether her body can respond with actual changes to the skin there? We'll find out!

Daily compulsions... She actually has a couple more that we haven't shared with you yet. Deafness? Hmmm. Easy enough to make her deaf on a schedule every day, and make her orient her life around that fact. But she'd probably just sit and read a book then. I'm thinking that maybe I'd change a different sense, like for an hour a day make her see just in black and white (or white and black). Or swap red for blue, or left for right.

Sexuality change: Small revelation, she's already bi, so not much work to do there. Changing her gender for part of each day, now that's very appealing. She's always wondered what it's like to masturbate as a man, and to pee. (She already knows how to belch...) Excellent suggestion, and I'd love to know any elaborations you can think of. Any guy issues besides genitals that you'd want to be sure to include?

Anonymous said...

Changing sense would be great, i would like ones that are unsual or come at the worst of times (not in dangerous way of course). transforming into a man when in girly clothes would be interesting.
not sure on guy issues. id like to hear the other daily compulsions.

Cube said...

Finding something that could be used to convince others is probably going to be pretty difficult, but the public urination bit would show that at least it's gone way far.

I'm actually curious to know as to whether you can get any visual hallucinations up and running. Hypnotic transformations have been a goal of mine for a long time, but I can get the feel of things just fine, just can't ever see anything...

HypnoMaster D said...

Oh, so many themes to pursue, so little space back here. I think I'll use the main page for separate reports on her daily routines and to sum up what we're trying to do for visual demos. Keep the ideas coming, we read, discuss and test as quickly as we can.

Cube, welcome to the blog and we'd love to hear more about your efforts so far. To answer your question, yes, I'm able to get e to see just about anything. It took some practice; they were hazy at first. I wish I knew if this was something that can be achieved with training, or whether it depends on some inborn brain wiring. I touch on all this in the Sense and Sensations entry, but I'll do a separate one on vision since it's so key.

If we have anyone lurking who knows about meditation, cognition and visual hallucination, we'd love to hear from you...

HypnoMaster D said...

Just a quick followup on the suggestion to try "hearing loss" as part of her daily routine.

I made her utterly deaf for two minutes yesterday.

She felt scared, small and alone. It wasn't the least bit erotic.

I don't think we'll be going there often.

Anonymous said...

how about making e have an orgasm every time she blinks?

Anonymous said...

Wanted to comment, even though its 3+ years from the original post.

Nobody mentioned the classic, simplest demonstration to show someone is hypnotized.

Suggest part of the subjects body doesn't feel any pain, then have the third party test it.

Example: Suggest she doesn't feel any pain in her left arm, then have the third party test it by pinching her left arm hard enough to leave fingernail marks.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading through your posts and noticed one that had to do with a hot tub and holding her breath under water for 6-7 minutes. Maybe you could prove to someone that hypnosis is real through that? Have you found any accent that is worse then French? Finally you could have her at like a seductive man when she goes to bed. And she believes that a helpless girl is tied to the bed. And she finds that after teasing the girl for 15 minutes until the girl orgasms. Then she experiences the teasing herself for 30 minutes so it's more draw out and she will only orgasm if she can feel the pain of wax on her pussy, obviously this could be real or hypnotic wax. And during her teasing she is hypnotically tied to the bed. Best of all she won't realize what happened until she becomes a man to use the bathroom the next day. Just a thought.