Thursday, February 22, 2007

Secret Plans for My Slave

She doesn't know it, but sometime in the next couple of days e is going to walk into the bathroom and turn into a man. Convinced that she is male, she will stand in front of the toilet and pee into it. Then she'll masturbate to orgasm with her new cock. Then she'll step over to the sink, wash her hands, immediately turn back into herself and remember the whole plan.

This will become part of her daily routine: At noon, whenever she's at home, she'll repeat this ceremony, in her temporary new body. She'll let you know how it feels, I'm sure.

This addition to her daily "compulsions" comes after the suggestion of one of our readers. We worked out the logistics last night, and I installed the instructions. Then I asked her if she wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. She said yes, so ... I wiped her memory of the discussion.

(She's unable to read this entry -- except for the teasing title -- because I've planted that rule too.)

A lot goes into planning something like this. For instance, she doesn't want to wet on the floor, so while her mind is standing facing the bowl, her body will be (mindlessly?) going through its usual routine. She wants to be convinced she's a man, not a woman inside a man's body. So this effect won't occur out in public, for fear that she'd walk into a men's restroom.

I expect we'll find some other things to tweak after the first few days. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

wow thats great i cant believe my idea was used! thanks alot i cant wait to find out how it comes as a total surprised and how she find the new toys.

let us know how it goes. i love the fact she wont see it coming.

i wonder if it will be as wonderfull as it sounds.

Thanks again

HypnoMaster D said...

Update: This won't happen today; she made other noon plans again. Meanwhile, she is very curious about the 'secret' post; under the headline all she sees is "a big empty spot". She tried to read your comment but that was invisible too.

HypnoSlave e said...

yea!!! i can finally read this post. i peed as a man for the first time was interesting, though at the time felt completely normal since i was for all intents and purposes a man. It wasn't until after i was done and had washed my hands that i realized i wasn't actually a man. It got a really good giggle out of me.....and i have to say, it was definitely fun to play as a man...totally different equipment. i definitely enjoyed the experience and kinda assume that it will be happening again, perhaps next time i'll have to pay a bit closer attention.

Anonymous said...

that sounds fun beyond my wildest dreams i need my own hypnoslave

Semega said...

Make sure you spell your name while peeing as a man...we all do that!

Mind blowing! Truely!