Monday, February 12, 2007

Weird Interesting Thing

Eclectivity has kindly referred to us today. He's declared this blog a "Weird Interesting Thing" and "deeply NSFW," both of which are high praise.

On the other hand, he's tagged his own post with "fictionality" and "woo-woo," which... we'll let pass.

We completely welcome his intrigued skepticism, and yours. It's very much our own approach to this as well. We're pretty deeply reality-based individuals ourselves, and aren't entirely sure what we've stumbled onto here. That's why we're describing it as carefully as we can.

Read deep, and please add your Comments. Perhaps together we can work out the mind's true possibilities.

And we'll get back to you about the dragon.

9 comments: said...

Sounds fun, but there's really no such thing as hypnosis.

Yora Vig said...

As someone who has recently been hypnotised, I have to say you are wrong. Honestly, I can't say how it works. But the one trigger I got working, my freeze trigger, when it's given, I can't move a muscle. And i must say, I had been sceptical of hypnosis in the past. There was a point I thought it was entierly fake. But now, oh yes, I'm a belever

Oh and I really want to find out about the dragon ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Disneyland of the Mind. My sub and I met in a hypnosis-related internet chatroom and while she was a fairly experienced trance subject, I was about where you were at (I'm estimating) - enthusiastic and reading a lot on the internet about it (and having a lot of ideas), but not having tranced anyone before. She's worn my collar for a few years now, and hypnosis is still a regular part of our lives. In no particular order here - she had already had orgasm-on-command training (not via hypnosis), so cumming on command was breathtakingly easy. She still feels swats and pokes via keyword (watching a cop show ends up with her bottom getting red), and I can freeze her either with or without her knowing she's frozen. I also regularly double her (DD-cup) chest, put ice cubes or wax drips in various sensitive places, give her a buttplug, turn my cock into a sybian device, turn her into an inflatable fuckdoll, had her nipples flash at a speed showing her level of arousal, and (thanks for inducing a pleasant trip down memory lane here) have moved her pussy to her fist (fill in your own joke about giving a new meaning to the term handjob). And when we were in the experimenting phase, I turned her into a pumpkin (what can I say, it was midnight), giving me an odd bit of deja vu when you mentioned the brussel sprout.
In the D/s crowd that we're familiar with locally, there are folks interested in hypnosis, eventually we're going to do some sort of seminar or something. As I've pretty much only tranced my own already-well-tranced sub, I'm not remotely qualified to teach hypnosis, but like you I've got plenty of ideas once the trance path is established.
I've sent my sub to your blog as well, I'm sure she and I will have some quite interesting discussion about it. I know she (and I, for that matter) aren't really into the humiliation aspect ("not that there's anything wrong with that"), but other elements even moreso. At the moment she's quitting smoking, so actually doing more exploration will probably wait a bit.

HypnoSlave e said...

It's so exciting to know that there are others out there that have discovered the same things. Thank You so much for Your comments. i find it interesting that You and Sir have so much in common and that thoughts around hypnosis and bdsm tend to run the same course. i'd love to know more about what the two of you have experienced. i was curious as to why You aren't using hypnosis to help her stop smoking. Perhaps you are and i misunderstood...but it would seem that that would be fairly effective given how readily it seems she accepts the trance.......can't wait to learn more from both of you!!!

Lord_Darkclaw said...

Oh, if only it DID work - that would be seriously good fun!

But honestly, there is absolutely no scientific evidence for hypnosis being real. It has been put to the test many times, but no ne has ever demonstrated a real hypnotic effect.
(I've just set up my Blogger account, hence the name-change).

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Lord Darkclaw, try googling "hypnosis study brain" before you make such grandiose statements, here's three on the first page alone, indicating different brain activity as a result of a hypnotic state:

I'm using hypnosis to help her quit, but you were correct in your inference that I hadn't used it before in that way (in a previous attempt on her part to quit). I think there's two reasons behind this, #1 because she declined help and I was unwilling to use what was a very pleasant and fun 'tool' for a non-fun purpose. #2, I have a sense that such uses lean more toward 'therapy' than anything else, and I'm leery of approaching such uses given my complete lack of training or tutelage on the subject. That's almost certainly overcautiousness on my part, but ah well.

Lord_Darkclaw said...

Interesting, but those links only
refer to simple relaxation effects - you could get the exact same effect by taking a nap.

Anonymous said...

The three links are to studies that show (via MRI/PET scanning) differences in activity levels in different parts of the brain based on whether the subjects are in trance. Two of the studies deal with interpreting optical images while under trance - it's difficult to imagine that those have anything to do with "simple relaxation effects" or could be replicated during naptime, unless maybe they slept with their eyes open?

And even setting that aside, if D, e, and my sub and I are all convinced of the existence and usability of hypnosis, who are you to naysay? Unless you're accusing at least two of the four of us of seeking to dupe people, it is working at some level and what's the harm in sharing our fun?

Lord_Darkclaw said...

Well, I suppose I am being a bit mean -spirited.