Sunday, April 1, 2007

On Our Minds

There's a lot going on... Here are some quick notes.

* In case you've not seen it already, be sure to check out HypnoSexy. Lex and Playgirl are applying trance, triggers and posthypnotic surprises to all sorts of erotic games. And they're telling about it all from both perspectives.

We're especially pleased to know about their adventures because it adds to the size of the "club" -- couples we know of who have tapped into the surprisingly powerful subconscious to enhance their games. Truly, the world needs to know about this... If you trust your partner already, just imagine how much more pleasure you could give each other by applying hypnosis.

* And while we're on that theme... Any authentic hypnotherapists who would like to comment on this use of hypnosis? I've been reading clinical hypnosis textbooks lately for ideas, and I am surprised to see essentially nothing about this potential use of hypnosis to weave posthypnotic illusions and control. You'd think the professionals would have mentioned it by now, since surely they're aware of it.

* From the email box: How's Rosie? Answer: She's proving herself to be a terrific robomaid. Turns out she's pretty good at cleaning bathrooms too, not just doing the laundry. And e is really enjoying the breaks in the hot tub.

* More email: Any risk that e will tell one of her friends about her new hot tub, or her new maid? Answer: Boy, we hope not. e was fully involved in the discussion about setting up a robomaid, and even picked out the hot tub. So she knows it's an illusion, even as she enjoys it. Now, if I were wicked, I could tell her to be convinced that the hot tub is real, which would eventually have very awkward results. But I won't go there.

* Public orgasms: In case you're keeping a scorecard? c had another swimming pool orgasm the other day, again at the half-mile mark, but this time she was prepared for it... And e reported here on Thursday about her orgasm on the swings in the park... What's new is that yesterday afternoon e went for a long walk in the sunshine, stopped to admire some flowering cherries, and was very glad to have the tree trunks to lean against for support. Her gasps got a couple people nearby to turn and look, but otherwise she stayed composed. It was a while before she was able to walk again.

* What's with the public shame? You know, I don't think we've fully explained this. A few readers are clearly uncomfortable with some of the things (wetting, cumming) that e and c do in public. Just for the record, it's not because K and I are evil bastards. It's because e and c happen to love the emotional rush of public shame and embarrassment. As long as it's done "safely," they crave it. e's comment after yesterday's orgasm: "It was perfect."

* Drop us a line. Our email addresses are tucked slightly out of the way, but they are on the Contributors pages, listed at right. We'd love to know about your own adventures, or any private questions and comments.

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