Tuesday, April 24, 2007

All Good Things ...

Friends, this is a difficult note to write.

e needs very much to focus on some challenging health issues that have come up suddenly in the past month. She has withdrawn from our relationship to put all her energies elsewhere. As painful as it might be to me, it makes good sense for her to do this.

I am confident that her health will rebound, but I do not know whether she and her subconscious, marion, will be posting here again.

I expect to resume the blog in a while, obviously with a different approach, after I've had some time to think about things.


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Semega said...

My thoughts and well wishes go to all of you. Be well. Get healthy!

Marc said...

Very sorry to hear that all the best.

L.E. said...

I see you've revised this post to convey more serious interruption than was indicated before.I hope things (and most importantly your hypnoslave) recover.I hope none of your hypnotic tricks contributed to the trouble,and don't know if hypnosis could play any role in the cure.

HypnoMaster D said...

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts... I'm sure hypno didn't play a role in the problem, but in fact it might prove useful in treatment.

There is a surprising amount of medical literature supporting the idea that hypnosis and visualization can help boost the immune system. The best examples seem to be from warts, of all things, which are caused by viruses, and which can be eradicated through hypnosis.

Anyway, I did talk with e and with marion about the potential for this positive force in fighting disease, and they're trying it.

Anonymous said...

best of luck to e for a quick recovery