Thursday, April 12, 2007

Come Here Often?

This week's theme has been hypnotically induced orgasms in public.

We've mentioned them before. But I swear they're as addicting as candy... for both of us.

The basic setup is the same each time... I chat with e about her plans for the next day or two, think of a time and place where a knee-rattling orgasm would make the day special, discuss it with her subconscious, marion, and install the instruction.

Then I sit back and wait for the news. "Um, I was out shopping just now, and, um..."

Probably the least-disruptive one occurred while she was shopping for a new bra. She was in the changing room, with the door closed, when it hit. It's possible someone heard, but there's no way to know; she didn't see any funny looks when she emerged a few minutes later.

In contrast, the most intimate one occurred while she was getting her monthly "waxing" at the salon. She deeply adores the hot wax on her pubes, gets incredibly turned on, and often has difficulty standing up afterward. Well, this time I arranged for the wax to push her over the edge. She had a lovely orgasm in mid-procedure. This led to a more involved scene that e will probably write about later ... Still, that was all behind a closed door, with just one happy witness.

Her most public orgasm was at the adult shop. I mentioned the other day that they had a clothing sale. Well, later I sent her there with a very specific instruction. She was to go try on some fetish clothing, and in the process arrange to let people see her breasts. She actually exceeded the instruction -- she arranged for the changing room door to swing open when her top was off and her bottom nearly so. Several men had a good look. All of this was a simple instruction to my sub, no hypnosis involved.

What she didn't know about was a second instruction, known only to marion. At the front counter, as e paid for some lingerie ... gasp! A nice sharp orgasm. The clerk looked up, smiled, and asked if she was OK. She was so ashamed, and so turned on. And very thankful that none of the customers loitering nearby unzipped themselves.


jezzabel said...

I am a new reader, and I must say I am finding you blog becomming one of my favorites. I have long been interested in hypnosis, and I am finding everything I want to experience in this blog. I look forward to reading more :)

HypnoMaster D said...

jezzabel, welcome! We're glad you find this interesting. Click around in the archives and see if there's more there to your liking.

If you have any specific questions or comments, be sure to let us know.

Semega said...

Have you noticed any commands or instructions diminishing over time? Do you need to reinforce on occassion or else the instruction is lost?