Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What We're Up To

Whoops, I almost forgot our anniversary! This little blog, not so little anymore, is now all of two months old.

Mind a quick update?

Our mission has not changed. We are merely a humble Dom/sub pair who discovered quite by accident how well hypnosis and mind control could enhance her submission and his control. The effects we've been able to achieve -- illusions, sensations, physical changes and memory tricks -- are so ideally suited to BDSM that we want to spread the word among our peers.

What's changed since then?

More than 3,000 visitors have stopped by, from more than 60 countries -- Kazakhstan to Colombia. Our visitors are referred here from all corners of the web -- from early adopters such as DollsRealm, to a flood of new visitors courtesy of Google. Some of our readers visit the site more often than I do!

Our visitors have given us excellent feedback, challenging questions, and some kinky ideas that we've added to our play.

One exciting change, which we reported right here, was the discovery by our friends K and c that they too can achieve deep hypnosis, powerful effects and wide-awake illusions. (The other day, c's body was so convinced that e and I were fisting her holes, yanking her nipples and licking her clit -- we were just chatting in IM -- that she squirted all over and fainted onto the floor.)

The second exciting change is that we've now 'met', interviewed and become friends with the two subconscious minds behind all these effects. Yes, we know just how bizarre that sounds, especially coming from four grownups with science/technical backgrounds. But read the interviews, see what you think.

Partly because of all the changes and news, the 'Our Story' archives (in the right column) has grown very deep. Some wild stuff is hidden in there. Click open January and February, we'll bet there's something there of interest to you.

Where are we going next with all this? Who knows? Come back often, and we'll all find out.


Semega said...

Happy anniversary!

L.E. said...

This blog is a very interesting find...I came via Dollsrealm.

I note that she has mentioned trance as an escape from things like laundry and dishes.Have you tried developing a "housework robot" persona for her so she can do the chores as an entity not bothered by them,and then return to herself to find those things done with no memory of having done them?

I'll email on some other ideas...

HypnoMaster D said...

Now that is one hell of a great idea, and we installed it right away. After e has tried it out a couple times, we'll give you a full report.