Monday, March 19, 2007

Changing Her Mind

I’ve asked our friend c to bring us up to date on her experiences with hypnosis and mind control. Things have been moving pretty quickly for her; she’s been discovering in the space of just a couple of weeks many of the things that e has learned much more gradually.

A lot of changes have happened for me over the past month or so. It was D who talked me and my husband K into trying hypnosis. I was afraid to try, mainly because I tend to be self-conscious. And in my eyes it was impossible: I have always thought of myself as being very much in control of my body and my mind.

The first time K tried the technique it was like I had left my body, I have never felt more relaxed. To come back to find needles in my nipples was scary, and yet it was erotic to know K did that to me without my knowledge. I have an immense fear of needles, and K has never used them in an area that I can see before.

I was not able to put my thoughts into words, but he informs me the fear in my eyes was a thrill he won’t forget. This really impressed me, and for the first time I thought, maybe they are onto something here.

Since then, we have tried many different things that have been well-documented here, including the conversations with both my and e’s subconsciouses. (I refer to my subconscious as ‘Megan’, as that is apparently the name that I gave her many years ago.)

To tell you the truth, reading those conversation excerpts, and recently the whole conversation, scared me. To know there was this person inside me (K says she’s aggressive, assertive and “permanently PMSing”) is quite something to get my head around.

What both K and D were asking me to do was accept all this without proof. When all this info was first revealed to me in this blog, I recall thinking, “How can all this be true?” The next day, however, I had proof myself that Megan was in fact there and eager to prove her existence.

I appreciate once again that between the “6” of us we are asking you to go on faith and take what we document to be true. This next bit is going to push that faith a little further, but bear with me please.

During an IM conference among us last week, Megan decided to make her presence felt in the strangest of ways. While in conversation I found myself compelled to type words and questions that I would never ask or type. The compulsion to type was so intense that for the smallest amount of time I gave in and just typed. What is weird is there was no conscious thought and the words on the screen were as complete a surprise to me as they were to D and e.

This was terrifying for me… I had lost control of myself and I was quite distressed. Through conscious thought I got control and stayed away from the keyboard, but it played on my mind all day. What was this thing inside me? Why did I give it control? What else can it do?

That night, I was informed that Megan was upset that she had distressed me. She assured both K and D that she wouldn’t push me like that again…at least the person inside me considers my feelings.

That brief scare hasn’t slowed us down. D is able to create illusions so powerful that I can orgasm and squirt without touching myself. And my pussy and ass are able to open up to fists that are not there.

K has used Megan mostly to heighten our fun. In fact, D appeared in our house while I was doing the laundry with K -- I was convinced he’d flown out to visit and been invited to our house. The experience of two men, especially one of them being D, was so amazing and intense. It was only when D disappeared into thin air that I realized it was an illusion.

e has visited me in my dreams, with some very wet mornings as a result. And D has been able to remove my clothes, tie ropes around my breasts and pull on them -- all with the click of a few buttons on his keyboard and an IM screen. The mind truly is a powerful thing.

This whole experience has been such a weird and wonderful discovery. It has changed my perspective on who we are inside. We probably all have this hidden person inside, waiting to get out. I am excited that I have come to know mine through her conversations with K and D -- and even more excited to see what will happen next.


Mind's Eye said...

You have my utmost appreciation for sharing via this blog. Your experiences are validating thought processes and beliefs that I have held for years. Each new post brings new insights, and many smiles to me each day. I thank you.

I would pry just a bit, if it is permissable. Now that e and c are somewhat aware of their subconscious, has there been contemplation of direct dialogue or interaction between the conscious and subconscious selves?

K said...

Direct conversation between c and Megan is something i would not recommend, i get the feeling that these 2 personalities would not get on just for the fact Megan has the competitive edge...Megan claims to push c sexually as you may have read previously during the interview blogs. The interaction that c mentioned earlier during the conference was as far as i would like to see Megan push her, c got really distressed about it...

HypnoMaster D said...

It's a good question, and the subject has definitely come up. I think e and her subconscious (whom by the way I have now named marion) would get along if they met on the street. But both have said they're not ready to communicate directly with each other inside one head. There's way too much cultural baggage associated with that sort of behavior. And it's far more than e ever signed up for when we started in on hypnosis for very different reasons.