Thursday, March 15, 2007

Taking Trips

With all the impressive effects available to the creative hypnotist, it's easy to overlook one of the nicest things you can do for your hypnoslave: Send her on a little vacation.

Just 10 minutes elsewhere, utterly elsewhere, will do wonders for the soul, especially since these trips require no packing, no passports, no travel time at all. They are simply the essence of the trip, served up with a few words.

So far, e has found herself

* on her favorite rollercoaster ride (sitting alongside her brother, an unexpected feature),

* sledding on a snowy mountaintop.

* face down on a massage table.

* on a yacht in mid-ocean.

* tied naked against a tree, in a thick forest.

* on a warm, sandy beach.

That last is her favorite destination; she has a number of beaches she prefers, particularly one on Oahu.

I find it works best to specify as little as possible about the destination. Her own mind (or maybe it's her subconscious, I'll have to ask sometime) fills in all the missing details from memory.

I've sometimes resorted to showing her some photographs first, and then placing her in the scene. Those are especially useful for complicated BDSM scenes that I'd like her to experience. She has a good memory for those sorts of details.

But occasionally I don't specify anything at all, and simply tell her to spend 10 minutes at a "random somewhere." So far, these rolls of the dice have never come up losers. She's never landed in an industrial swamp for 10 minutes. Still, we try to reserve this command for when she's in a good, confident mood.

One variant, when time is short, is to tell her subconscious to compress the 10 minute experience into 1 minute of real time. So far, that hasn't harmed the experience. When I ask e afterward how long her trip lasted, she usually estimates pretty close to the intended time..

I know many hypnotists use this sort of illusion when their subject is in trance. But I rarely plan that far ahead. So I'm much more likely to use the general post-hypnotic trigger I've installed, and while she's awake tell her on the spur of the moment to fly away somewhere.

She always comes back with a smile on her face.

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