Friday, June 1, 2007

Why Me?

Here are some thoughts from hypnoslave c ...

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about why others are unable to achieve the hypnotic effects that are now a regular occurrence for me. Am I alone? What is so special about myself and e, K and D? Others seem to be unable to give their subs the same living experiences that I have. It’s a thought that has been troubling me -- even though, when K and I began, I myself had reservations as to how far this would go.

I feel the need to explain my own levels of submission and my own drive in the relationship.

I have been with K since I was 13 years old and he was 15. We’ve grown up together, explored the lifestyle together, developed our own kinks together and all in all have remained completely devoted to one another. Why am I telling you this? So you can appreciate that for K I would do anything. By that I mean that for him I am willing to do anything he asks of me, without the slightest hesitation or care for myself.

Fair enough, there would be a conscious thought, “Why the hell does he want me to do this….?” But I would still do it. I believe it is this deep level of submission that has allowed me to travel so far down this road with both K and D as guides. Without a sub who shows utter devotion and ultimate submission to their Dom/me, I feel there is only so far that hypnotism can be used in games and play.

The big issue here is trust. Just how much does your sub truly trust you? Would s/he bear excruciating pain just to see you smile? Would s/he do exactly as you commanded even if it meant complete humiliation for themselves just to see the look of love in your eyes? I would. I trust that K will not hurt me permanently, and I trust him to allow humiliations to occur in a safe place.

Maybe that is it. K and D make me feel safe … make me feel secure. I know that these two men would never do anything to harm me, and therefore I trust them completely.

So those are my thoughts. Feel free to comment, because I’m always intrigued to hear what you guys are thinking and how your own experiments are going.


Semega said...

Thanks for the insight! I wonder if in addition to trust, you have a certain level on creative imagination that helps in fleshing out the vivid reality of the suggestions? Are you artistic/creative in other areas of your life?

Anonymous said...

Trust is definitely a key word - when you start letting someone alter your memories and perceptions, you're trusting them with your sense of reality. And, of course, if you'd do something for someone without being hypnotised, then you'll also do it for them hypnotised.

c said...

thanks for you comments guys...

Semega - i'm quite musically creative and i also have to come up with a lot of different ideas for my job so i guess i have quite an active imagination...i'm sure it helps ;p

Anonymous - Trust is the most important word, its more that i can be who ever and what ever i want and as K is quite possessive i get to experience many men at once without anyone being there (although at the time im convinced they are!) Jack Sparrow is quite a skilled lover!